Aquarius is a very interesting zodiac sign. Their emotions run as deep as the ocean, and yet they remain detached until you earn their trust. They are as unpredictable as water, so flexibility is key to them.

“Lots of people like rainbows…but the Aquarian is ahead of everybody. He lives on one. What’s more, he’s taken it apart and examined it, piece by piece, color by color, and still believes in it.”-Linda Goodman

12 Things to Never Forget About Aquarians

1. Aquarians need simultaneous commitment and freedom

The Aquarius is not likely to stray from commitments. However, two things that they hate are strict routine and conformity. Spontaneity is key to them.

However, the Aquarian feels an increased desire for stability and security. Uranus has moved into Taurus, so now is the time for a quiet time. It is not about following others’ rules as much as it’s about preserving the Aquarians’ health and well-being.

As a result, they have a very strong dislike for clinginess and prize independence.

2. It is a very creative zodiac sign

Aquarians are often very ahead of their time in their ideas. Even if it seems overwhelming, it is important always to give them a lot of encouragement. Many have faced persecution in the past. The scientist Galileo is one of the most famous.

Among other things, Galileo was among the first to figure out that the earth moves around the sun. At the time, the leaders promoted the opposite idea. Galileo was accused of heresy and placed under house arrest for the rest of his life.

While they are not likely to end up like Galileo, Aquarians are often accused of being know-it-alls. As a result, they tend to build their trust gradually.

3. Aquarians make ideal friends and lovers

Aquarius is a zodiac sign that is all about the heart. Because they take time to trust, they are very loyal to those they care about. Aquarians tend to be social butterflies and love meeting new people.

They very rarely move through people. They prize respect and take time to ensure compatibility. If you get too attached too fast, they will likely withdraw.

Aquarians tend to build their relationships on value similarity and shared interests. They also make excellent employees for companies that are flexible and represent their passions.

4. They will only open up if they trust you

Aquarians love to listen and give advice. They are the least likely to divulge confidence. As a result, many of them make natural counselors, life coaches, and teachers.

They rarely blow a gasket or end a relationship over small things. When they do blow a gasket, they often assign blame instead of using “I” statements. More often than not, however, they tend to pull the silent treatment.

Aquarians always support those they care about and expect you to return the favor. If they see that you’re angry or annoyed, they get nervous. Working out solutions in a cordial manner is key.

5. They prize communication and knowledge of expectations

Aquarians are the least likely to judge. However, they get nervous if they don’t know about your plans or expectations. Don’t hesitate to let them in on your thoughts and plans.

They love to do everything they can to bring a smile on your face. They’re generally very accepting of other people as they are. However, they hate pettiness and lying and are not easily forgiving of hurts.

With Aquarians, you are perfectly safe to show them the best and worst parts of yourself. However, it is important to be subtle about it when you first meet them. Otherwise, you may inadvertently turn them off.

6. They prefer to hang out in groups

Since they are one of the most innovative and social signs, Aquarians tend to prefer hanging out in groups. They tend to be attracted to people who are loud and vibrant. They tend to be extroverted themselves, so groups give them the stimulation that they crave.

If you want to make your Aquarius happy, come up with ways to keep things new and fresh. Group outings are ideal. They are even more ideal if it’s of mutual interest.

If you are in a relationship with one, keeping the spark ignited is key. If you have a crazy idea for your love life, let them know. They just might want to go through with it!

7. They are very non-conventional

If there is one thing that Aquarians tend to hate, it’s being tied down to mainstream expectations. They are natural rebels but usually with a good cause.

As a result, they also tend to have their own unique timelines. It is not unusual for many to even be late to work. When they find something that they like, they will not stop until they see it all the way through.

If time is an issue, the best thing you can do is cordially work it out with them. However, they will likely need practice and patience.

They also tend not to speak up when they are pleased. This sounds ironic, but this is because most Aquarians don’t express themselves deeply. As a result, if they’re not giving you the silent treatment, chances are, you’re probably good.

8. Their intervals of contact can be very back-and-forth

Again, it is very rare for Aquarians to just jump from one person to another. However, they may be hard to get ahold of at times. It is not usually because they’re turned off by you, it’s because they’re completely immersed in something else.

Their poor sense of time management is why they do best in flexible environments. In fact, it’s one reason that entrepreneurship is ideal for them. They tend to do best when they can choose their own hours.

They do appreciate it when you schedule some time with them. That way, they can make spending time with you a priority. It also makes them feel appreciated.

9. They hate confrontation and will avoid it if at all possible

If there is one thing that most Aquarians hate, it’s altercations. In fact, they will communicate by other means if they feel a trigger coming on. Again, more often than not, they will pull the silent treatment.

If they pull the silent treatment on you, it’s best to give them time first. After they’ve had a chance to cool down, then you can try to work things out. However, it is usually best to let them initiate it.

They hate being criticized with a passion. As a result, you should give them even constructive criticism very carefully. Remember that they do not like to be controlled and will withdraw if they feel unsafe.

10. They love to travel

Traveling keeps things fresh. Most Aquarians get bored very fast with one environment. That is why most of them are not homebodies.

Aside from meeting new people, most Aquarians also love to explore new cultures. Traveling abroad tends to be one of their favorite things to do. As a result, they are easily put off by people who don’t like to travel.

Aquarians love adventure. Don’t be surprised if you see at least a few in the extreme sports. You may also run across at least one who travels for much of the year, whether for business or pleasure.

11. Always respect their privacy

Most Aquarians need space and time to do what they need and/or want to do. As a result, they appreciate someone who can make their own schedule outside of their lives. They suffocate if they are with the same people and in the same place every time.

Most people get offended if they feel that their space has been invaded. That tends to go tenfold for the Aquarius. That is one of the only times that they may end a relationship altogether.

As social as they are, Aquarians very highly value their “me time.” If they’re in their zone, it’s best to give them space for both your and their health and well-being. They tend to know how to work the work/life balance best.

12. They value authenticity above all

Aquarians value genuineness over even their independence. They stay far away from anything that’s superficial and gaudy. As a result, things like commercialism and rewards for their own sake make them miserable.

For gifts, Aquarians tend to prefer something self-made over something bought. They love anything that you put your own thoughts into. They also love that you care about them enough to do so.

The last thing that you should ever be around them is petty. Greed and avarice are two of their main turn-offs. Anyone who has a tendency to value money above everything else is not likely to be friends with an Aquarius.

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Final Thoughts On What Not To Forget About Aquarians

Again, Aquarius is a unique sign. Above all, they are non-conventional, authentic, and innovative. They do best in a flexible environment and one in which they can schedule their own times.

Anytime you’re not sure how to help your Aquarius, you can always check their daily horoscope. Here’s one fun fact your Aquarian might appreciate-in India, they still use the old-fashioned horoscope methods in medicine.