The Aquarius is the universe’s most independent nonconformists because they are unique and creative. Nothing brings the Aquarius down; they become slightly stubborn when they fail to follow their instincts. Ideally, such features make dating a person born of this sign exciting.

Although love is an all-embracing idea, it is a unique experience for everyone. Learning your lover’s love language is essential in building and maintaining a healthy relationship. Unfortunately, people aren’t knowledgeable about their emotions, so they struggle to express them fully. They consequently create disappointments and resentment in relationships.

Loving an Aquarius is accepting a changeable person. The water bearer pours liquid endlessly so is the flexibility and fluidity that you must learn to accept. If you want to date an Aquarius, here is what you need to know before going into it.

10 Things to Never Forget if You’re in Love with an Aquarius

Below is a list of the things you need to know about your partner, per their astological sign:

1. Aquarius Has Emotions that Run Deep Like a Pool of Water

Although temperamental, the Aquarius is very emotional. The Aquarius is perceived as detached individuals because they uniquely feel things. They are always warm in love and strive to please their partners.

  • Easily hurt -Aquarius connect with their lovers in a way that few people understand and this makes them feel insecure
  • Wear their heart on the sleeves- they express their feelings openly and habitually, and they feel bad whenever their partner fails to reciprocate the same.

Quote; sometimes, we love people so much that we have to be numb to it because if we felt how much we love them, it would kill us.

2. Aquarius is An Ideal Lover

The Aquarius is idealistic, and they often set standards about the partner they need. They are the type that never settles for anything; they don’t compromise over the qualities of a perfect mate. You are lucky If an Aquarius chooses you.

The Aquarius has fixed ideas regarding how lovers should treat each other. They feel unique about themselves so they want a lover that can always make them feel so.

They value their affections, and they won’t throw it to anyone. Before accepting a relationship, they confirm whether the partner can love them equally. They begin relationships as friendships to learn more about their future partner.

3. Aquarius Hate Routines and Likes Learning

Aquarius is very unpredictable, and they dislike rules and routines. If you are planning to do the same thing every week, be ready to lose your Aquarius lover. These can be hard if you operate using a calendar. However, you can learn to be spontaneous for the sake of your lover.

For Aquarius, compatibility means adjusting to the unexpected even when you are unwilling. Learn to be very flexible if you are in love with this person; otherwise, the relationship will be brief.

Despite being a water bear, Aquarius’s thirst for knowledge is endless. The Aquarius love learning and exploring so you can hold their interest by teaching them often. Loving them for their brain doubles their love for you; satisfy their cognitive needs to strengthen the relationship.

Although it has a water symbol, Aquarius is an air sign. As a sign of the air, the Aquarius values learning and pursuing intellect. Show your affection by reading or writing poems for your Aquarius lover.

4. Aquarius Need Commitment and Freedom

The Aquarius will need the right to express their feelings and live their lives as they prefer. However, they will still expect you to commit yourself in loving them. Freedom isn’t supposed to separate them from monogamous relationships but rather help the evade feeling controlled.

Aquarius has a strong dislike for clingy partners and loves independent dating personalities. They take things slowly, and sometimes they take things to heart. If you exert pressure on your Aquarius lover, he or she might disappear.

This water bearer symbol likes having options. The Aquarius will love participating in decision making, and he or she must agree with choices before implementation. Otherwise, slight manipulation is a red flag, and your love will reject the dating request.

5. They Open Up to Trustworthy People Only

Aquarius loves listening to friend’s problems and advising them, but they fear to look defenseless in the face of their partners. They will be mentoring many people and be cautious not to disclose their secrets to their partners. They respect their secrets because they are sure that ultimate trust is in their own lives.

Once you win their heart, Aquarius can make you feel special. They rarely end a relationship over petty issues; instead, they solve the main problems and continue loving you. If you need a partner that will stay with you through thick and thin, choose an Aquarius.

Aquarians love their partners profoundly and feel scared annoying them. This water bearer sign takes care of you no matter what comes between your lives. They will support you in everything that you do, and they can give their lives for you.

6. The Water Bearer Sign Hates Fights

Aquarius hates confrontations and the accompanying dramas. They are very tolerant in relationships and rarely blow up. They always have control over their anger, so they easily avoid fights. Often, they communicate their thoughts and solutions via writing to prevent their emotions from being charged.

Indeed, they don’t get mad quickly until you repeatedly upset them. Aquarius mostly use silent treatment when angry to avoid being coldblooded and disrespectful. If extremely angry, the Aquarius will shout and cause a regrettable scene.

They will say all the bad things about the relationship when there is serious disagreement. In such a situation, they will tell how disappointing you are instead of saying they are angry. They will say nasty things about you on your face without caring whether it will hurt you.

7. A Lot of Mood Swings

If you want to pan on staying with Aquarius, you should be willing to tolerate his or her mood swings. Those of this astrological sign are funny and charming when in a good mood. But they can kill you with sarcasm if you annoy them.

Aquarius can swiftly change from sweet and loving to being irritating when you repeat mistakes. The best decision is avoiding fighting them when they are angry. Just let it go, or else they will turn their anger to you and create a disturbance as strong as Mercury Retrograde.

8. Innovative and Creative

Aquarius is very creative in relationships and likes surprising their partner. They come up with ideas concerning the activities you can do together as partners. They use such innovation to communicate their feeling, so it’s your responsibility to listen

This water bearer symbol expresses love through creative ideas. Aquarius rarely demand grand some romance. They will use the available means to make you feel loved.

Aquarius is famous for creating exceptional ideas for dates. Also, they prefer homemade gifts for costly bracelets and jewelry, especially for women. They love thoughtful gifts over flashy ones, so you cannot break a bank for a woman.

aquarius quote

9. Aquarius Make the Best Friends

An Aquarius makes a friend everywhere he or she goes. Many Aquarius are extroverted, and they rejoice in meeting people and making friends. They spread the same joy in finding love.

‘Friends first’ is a joint statement among the Aquarius. They rarely jump from one person to another; they take time to build a lasting relationship. In most cases, such relationships thrive because they are born on shared friendship and shared interests.

The idea of starting as friends and graduating to lovers works for the best interest of this sign. It gives both parties time to check for compatibility and if they decide on dating nothing pulls them back. Aquarius values respect, but you can lose it if you push the relationship ahead of time.

10. Aquarius Value Communication

Make your emotions and intentions clear when dealing with an Aquarius. An Aquarius demands to know what you are thinking about and where you are going. Do not feel shy to communicate your exact feelings and thoughts because an Aquarius won’t judge you.

If you are in a relationship with an Aquarius, stop worrying about your flaws. Your partner loves you for who you are. Nonetheless, he or she will be sad learning that you are dissatisfied with life.

These honest people hate dishonest people, and they rarely forgive the people that hurt them. Do not lie about your feeling and stop crying whenever people annoy you. An Aquarius will ignore solving your problems if he or she feels you are petty, be resilient for your partner.

AquariusFinal Thoughts on Entering into a Relationship with an Aquarius

An Aquarius is a humanitarian at heart; he or she loves both human beings and animals. The water bearers look for someone that can give them unconditional love and the chance to be themselves. He or she needs a soul mate with the desire to make the world an ideal place.

Aquarius hate someone that fences them up. Instead, they prefer a person that is unique and proud of that uniqueness. They love being with someone who follows the crowd won’t but create his or her space in the world.

If you are planning a date with an Aquarius, you should go where there is a crowd. Those born under this sign love partying and dancing, they view such activities as merrier. Alternatively, you can go to a coffee shop and catch up on the recent gossip. Ensure you don’t stay there for long unless the water bearer is comfortable with it. Sign up to learn more about your Aquarius lover as we offer the best guidance about love and compatibility.