Mercury retrograde gives us an opportunity to slow down, go deep within, and do some internal processing. Things can seem to go haywire during Mercury retrograde, but this tests our patience and teaches us valuable lessons in the process. Communication may not seem as clear or concise, technology might break down, and we just feel frustrated and a bit out of sorts. However, this Mercury retrograde in particular was a powerful one for inner reflection, healing, and positive change.

Here are three things you need to know as Mercury retrograde comes to an end:

1. This is a time for exciting new developments.

Since January 5th, Mercury has been retrograding in Capricorn, which means you might have thoughts of a new career path, different hobbies, or just totally restructuring your life and the way you approach it. The recent full moon helped facilitate these aspirations towards newfound career goals and life paths, as the Leo full moon governs our creative expression, and requires us to put our hearts into whatever passion we choose. As far as the opposing sign, Aquarius, you might have also noticed a shift in your interests.

Maybe you have a desire to learn more about a particular subject, such as science, or maybe you just want to dive right into any intellectual conversation. Leo governs our hearts and feelings, but Aquarius governs our minds. You will likely notice developments in both your mind and heart as we exit Mercury retrograde, so prepare yourself for exciting changes!

2. Consider your personal goals and career choices carefully.

You will also likely notice that your thoughts about your career and personal goals will change during this time. Don’t be surprised if your career path changes drastically, as this particular Mercury retrograde challenges us to release the old and bring in the new. Mercury retrograde, along with a full moon, bring with it intense energy. Not to mention, Mercury is conjunct Pluto and and square Uranus, so these energies might bring about a sudden need for independence and freedom, which could signify a shift in your life goals.

Even if you have been stuck in the same job for years, now is the time to consider if it’s truly the right choice for you. Also, reassess your goals outside of work. You might find a new hobby or project to work on, while also tackling all the other goals you had previously set for yourself. Don’t hold back; now that we have begun to exit the retrograde, it’s time to unveil everything we have been hiding and truly awaken to our highest selves.

3. Expect a total transformation and rebirth of the self during mercury retrograde.

You will likely have the desire to go deep within, rip out old wounds, and center yourself for the days to come. What passions do you have that you haven’t yet chased? What dreams have been sitting inside your mind, unfollowed? Use this time to deepen your connection with yourself, and figure out what you truly want and who you are in this vast universe. You can decide who you will be, never forget that. No one can define you but yourself, so allow yourself the opportunity to grow as the universe continues to expand.

However, don’t put too much pressure on yourself, either. Everything will unfold as it should, so don’t force or fight anything. Just go with the flow, while also remembering to follow your heart no matter what. During the retrograde, you might’ve felt a bit sluggish, off center, and imbalanced. However, don’t allow this energy to carry over into this week.

The Mercury retrograde gave us an opportunity for deep reflection, but as we exit, we can use what we’ve learned to better our lives and truly shape them into what we have always imagined. If you want to learn a new skill, now’s your chance! If you want to volunteer somewhere, or start up a business, or practice yoga, or learn how to draw, don’t stop yourself!

Always listen to your heart, because it will never lead you down the wrong path.