5 Reasons You Need to Visit Sedona, Arizona: #3 is Epic!

5 Reasons You Need to Visit Sedona, Arizona: #3 is Epic!

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You need to visit Sedona, Arizona in your lifetime

There are numerous stunningly beautiful places on this planet – far too many to name. Of all the places that this writer has been, Sedona, Arizona may just be the most breathtaking. The brilliance of the red rock formations melds with the pristine skyline. Add the orange tint of the rising or setting of the sun. If you get there, you’ll witness something truly magnificent to behold.

Incredible beauty aside, there are other, more spiritual aspects of Sedona that draw visitors. Sometimes called a “Spiritual Disneyland,” Sedona is a favorite travel destination for those who have committed to grow and become more spiritual. Here are some great hotels in Flagstaff AZ you can book for your trip.

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Here are 5 spiritual reasons to visit this stunning desert landscape.

#1 The Chapel of the Holy Cross

The Chapel of the Holy Cross sits between two large pillars of rock. And, the high, beautiful salmon-hued cliffs set a serene tone for the steep drive (or walk) up. Once at the top, you’ll treat yourself with a wonderful view.

Designed by sculptor Marguerite Brunswig Staude, the chapel may be the most memorable site for tourists. The chapel itself is relatively unadorned and straightforward. Visitors find a few benches, tapestries, lit candles, and a floor-to-ceiling window that create a distinctly meditative atmosphere.

The sweeping views and the spiritual draw of the chapel make this site a must-visit.

#2 Red Rock Crossing

For spiritual journey seekers, Red Rock Crossing may be the most idyllic destination in Sedona. Combining a deep, spiritual experience with views of Cathedral Rock that will leave you in awe, this place embodies Sedona like none other.

At the base of Cathedral Rock is Buddha Beach. Native people decreed this location the site of a very powerful vortex. Believers come from all over to meditate, chant, and be one with the energy that the vortex creates. This vortex is feminine in nature. This is because she creates a nurturing and comforting experience. This brings us to number three.

#3 Vortexes

For the uninitiated, a vortex is a funnel shape that forms when either by whirling fluid or a motion of spiral energy converge. Tornados and whirlwinds are two commonly known vortex shapes, although a vortex can be made up of anything that flows, such as electricity, water, or wind. It is believed that subtle energies radiate from the earth in various places throughout Sedona, aiding and strengthening the inner being of those who visit.

There are four main vortex sites in Sedona – Airport Road, Red Rock Crossing/Cathedral Rock, Boynton Canyon and Bell Rock. Each vortex has its own aura which works on the masculine, feminine, or balance side of the individual.

Airport Road Vortex

The masculine vortex, the Airport Road Vortex, is thought to strengthen the self-confidence and decisiveness of individuals who travel there. This vortex is also thought to allow one to access higher mental planes and tap deeper into the creative and artistic aspirations of those who meditate here. If possible, try to schedule a visit here at dusk. You’ll get to take in an absolutely breathtaking sunset.

Red Rock Crossing/Cathedral Rock

The Red Rock Crossing/Cathedral Rock Vortex sites (there are two) strengthen the feminine side. Indeed, they bring about kindness, empathy, and compassion. The Natives of this land often referred to Cathedral Rock as the Sun God. So, perhaps we can attribute the pristine beauty of the sun rising and falling to that being.

Boynton Canyon

Boynton Canyon is a ‘balanced energy’ vortex. Because of this energy, it’s the most sacred of the four vortexes in Sedona. The native Yavapai-Apache would not enter this area without purifying their body and mind through fasting and meditation. The natives believe there to be a strong feminine spirit that lives in this canyon that speaks to those willing to listen.

Bell Rock Vortex

To many, the Bell Rock Vortex has the strongest flow of energy of the four major vortexes. The vortex has led visitors to self-realization, including answers to long-held questions about their purpose and aspirations. Some have had psychic experiences while visiting this powerful site.

Side note: If planning a visit to Sedona, and wish to visit the Vortex sites, make sure to invest a few dollars in a map or join a Vortex tour.

#4 Native American History

The Native Americans continue to pass their vast knowledge of Sedona onto visitors while maintaining the city’s cultural and spiritual authenticity. Visitors find numerous ceremonies and art galleries that display Native American jewelry and pottery. And, you can enjoy traditional music and dance festivals.

It’s the indigenous people’s respect and love of the land that makes Sedona a truly special place to visit. Without their efforts, the deep spiritual bond between men and this beautiful land may not have been preserved.

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