When you practice spirituality where you live, you have everything already set up to your liking, and become accustomed to a structured and consistent spiritual routine. Inside your home, you probably have a regular spiritual routine you follow that helps you feel balanced and connected to yourself and the Universe. You may have an altar, a specific yoga regimen that makes you feel energized, or special crystal grids you use to activate your energy field.

But what happens when you have to go on a trip that takes you away from your spiritual refuge?

You might have to leave your haven for a few days every once and a while, but spirituality doesn’t have to leave you. We hope you find the following tips useful to help you maintain your spirituality away from your usual place of practice.

3 Tips on How to Take Spirituality On The Go

1 – Take Some Sacred Items With You

You might not be able to recreate an exact replica of your sacred space at home, but you can bring a few of your favorite items with you and set one up in historic hotels room or wherever you’re staying. Maybe you connect to your spirituality best with scripture, crystals, Buddha or Ganesh figures, a token, or poster hanging up on your wall. You could easily bring these with you to your destination to keep up a regular spiritual practice on the road.

Candles or incense can also enhance any spiritual practice and are easy to take with you, but hotel rules can make this a bit difficult. Fortunately, you can still bring along a candle wax warmer with your favorite fragrances and just plug it in at the place you’re staying. You don’t have to light anything, and you still get to enjoy your favorite smells that take you to the ultimate place of serenity. Or, you can just take tea light candles with you to instill tranquil energy within you and your surroundings.

2 – Have a Playlist of Your Favorite Calming Music

You can use technology to your advantage and keep a playlist of music that resonates with your soul, so that you can listen to it anytime you feel out of alignment. Sometimes, leaving familiar territory can make us feel out of sorts and anxious. However, deeply relaxing music can bring us back into that place of pure bliss and unity with the divine. You can put it on in the car, in your hotel room, or even pop in your earbuds when you’re strolling around outside.

If you have a playlist, you can access it anytime you please. You could even play the music during your meditation or prayer practice in your hotel room. In fact, music can take your spirituality practice to new heights and allow your soul to move with the rhythm. So don’t forget to bring your favorite tunes with you.

3 – Bring a Drawing Pad or Journal

Many people connect with their higher selves through some form of art, whether they take up drawing, writing, singing, dancing, or any other form of art. A drawing pad or journal doesn’t take up much space in your bag, and you can rely on them any time you feel disconnected. Even if you don’t have a lot of time on your trip to write or draw, you can just jot down a few notes here and there to check in with your highest self or make a quick sketch of whatever comes to mind.

Also, a journal makes for a great way to tell stories about your trip when you come home. You can write down your dreams, new experiences you had, your thoughts about the day, and whatever else you’d like. Writing makes for a great way to reflect and think about what you learned about a situation, or how it made you a better person. Drawing allows your imagination to come to life, bringing your visions into creation.

Whatever you enjoy doing in your spare time, try to bring a piece of that with you when you leave your home. If knitting brings you the same sense of peace and satisfaction, bring along some of your knitting supplies. Spirituality is all about getting into a “flow,” where your body, mind, and soul move effortlessly to the beat of the Universe’s drums. Whatever takes you to this place in your heart, make it a part of your practice, even when you have to leave your home for a while.


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