7 Ways to Find Your Flow and Flourish

7 Ways to Find Your Flow and Flourish

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Contrary to what you hear on the mainstream news these days, life isn’t meant to be a constant tooth-and-nail fight to the finish. Humans came here to thrive, not struggle. If we tap into the right energy, we will get swept up by the natural flow of the universal and discover that life seems so simple once we stop resisting.

If you feel unhappy or confused about life, consider the following strategies for learning how to “find your flow” and tap into your own personal superpowers!

7 Ways to Find Your Flow and Flourish:

1. Visualize what you want your life to look like.

Before anything begins to manifest in the physical realm, you must first envision what your dream life would consist of. The idea that the reality we see every day begins as vibrational energy held at the same frequency for an extended period of time before it exists physically has been coined “The Law of Attraction.” This elusive concept seems foreign to many people, but it becomes easier to understand if you break it down in laymen’s terms.

Basically, what you repeatedly think becomes what you repeatedly do, and all of this determines what reality you see every day. To live a life you really want, you must align your thoughts and actions with the reality you seek. The energy you put out into the world comes back to you, so make sure you pay attention to your thoughts; you’re subconsciously creating your reality at this very moment with your mind!

2. Buy a vision board and write down your goals.

Ask yourself these five questions:

  • What do I want to do with my life?
  • Can I identify my unique talents?
  • What makes me happy?
  • How can I get from where I am now to where I want to be?
  • How much money do I need to live how I want to?

vision board

Write down your answers to these questions, and keep the board somewhere clearly visible to you. In particular, pay attention to your answer to #4. Your response to this will determine the answers to all of the other questions because where you want to be likely includes more money, happiness, and a fulfilling career already.

Now, you just need to create actionable goals with a clear timeline, work on your goals every day, and see your life vision transform into manifestation!

3. Follow the lead of the Universe

In the book “Into the Wind” by Jake Ducey, he travels the world with $8,000 and no plan other than to follow the flow, help others, and find himself. He accomplished all three of these things, but he allowed himself to be carried by the powerful jet stream of the universe and didn’t ever doubt where it was taking him or what plans it had for him in the future. He surrendered to the natural order of the world and tested the power of the human spirit in the process. You can do exactly what he did in your own special way, but you must believe that you came here for a purpose.

follow the flow

The source-of-all, Spirit, God, or whatever you prefer to call it, can co-create your reality if you choose to open yourself up to infinite possibilities.

4. Limit your technology use.

Phones and computers offer great resources for learning new concepts, but spending time without it will help your creativity flourish. Technology tends to stifle inner growth because it becomes addicting after a while, and takes away our power to think and create independently. Think about it – how many times do you check emails, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter each day? Probably more than you can count, if you’re like most people.

limit your technology use

Instead of mindlessly scrolling through the social networks, use that time to cultivate your passions and work on yourself. Your life will become much more meaningful and gratifying to you once you dig deep and use your passions to create a life you truly love.

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