25 Surreal Places to Add to Your Travel Bucket List

25 Surreal Places to Add to Your Travel Bucket List

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This world contains so much astounding, unbelievable beauty that it seems overwhelming when you think about seeing it all. While none of us will probably get to witness it all in this lifetime, we have put together a list of surreal places you need to visit.

Because there’s so much to see, our list includes the following diverse spots:

  • Incredible feats of engineering
  • Cascading waterfalls
  • Enchanting forests
  • Soaring mountain
  • Other impressive must-see landmarks

Get ready to be amazed by the photos of the most surreal places you’re about to see:

These destinations are a feast for the eyes!

1. Zhangye Danxia Landform in Gansu, China

surreal places zhangye china

Formed by the erosion of red sandstone, geologists believe that the topography was formed by layered oceanic crusts folding over one another. As a result of the striking variations of the colors, thousands of tourists flock to witness this site each year.


2. Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia

surreal places

This is the world’s largest salt flat at 4,086 square miles and the flattest location on the planet with average altitude variations at only one meter.

3. Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Japan

surreal places

You’ll feel like you’re in another world when you stand amidst the towering stalks of bamboo in this surreal place in Kyoto, Japan.

4. Machu Picchu, Peru

machu picchu

These ancient ruins of an Incan citadel are one of the most famous manmade wonders of the world, located in the midst of a beautiful tropical mountain forest.

5. The Wave, Arizona

surreal places the wave

One of the most popular sights for tourists to Arizona, you can find this unique sandstone rock formation in the Paria Canyon-Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness near the Utah border.

6. Sequoia National Forest, California

sequoia forest ca

People come from all over the world to see 38 groves full of these giant sequoia trees, spread out over a whopping 1,193,315 acres of land.

7. Rice Terraces in Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam

surreal places vietnam

Since this area of Vietnam is about 1000 meters above sea level, growing rice in the traditional way like those in the delta areas do is pretty much out of the question. Instead, farmers improvise by growing rice on the terraced field in the green mountain valleys. Thus, they create a spectacular work of art in the process.

8. The Maldives

surreal places maldives

Made up of hundreds of islands in the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea, The Maldives contains some of the most untouched, beautiful beaches in the entire world.

9. Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

surreal places croatia

One of the oldest national parks in Southeast Europe, the unique arrangement of cascading lakes and stunning waterfalls will leave you speechless

10. Palouse Falls, Washington

Palouse Falls, Washington

This 198-foot waterfall sits within the borders of the Palouse Falls State Park in Washington State and is one of the last remaining markers of the historic glacial floods that carved the striking landscape of the area.

11. Moraine Lake, Canada

moraine lake canada surreal places

Located in Banff National Park, the deep blue shade of the lake contrasts perfectly with the snow-capped mountains in the distance.

12. Niagara Falls, Border Between the United States and Canada

surreal places

The roaring waterfalls that drop into the Niagara River between Ontario and New York release over six million cubic feet of water per minute and attract thousands of spectators from all over the world each year.

13. Sossusvlei, Namibia

Sossusvlei, Namibia

The high sand dunes ranging from pink to orange in color characterize this arid desert in Namibia. It feels like one of the most solitary places you could witness.

14. Northern Lights, Norway

surreal places northern lights

One of the most dazzling astronomical phenomena on Earth, this fascinating display of vibrant colors is actually caused by the collisions of gaseous particles in Earth’s atmosphere and charged particles from the Sun. Simply breathtaking.

15. Mount Roraima, Venezuela

Mount Roraima, Venezuela

When this tepui plateau in South America is surrounded by clouds, it looks like a mysterious floating landmass 8,000 feet in the air.

16. Vatnajokull Glacier Cave, Iceland

Vatnajokull Glacier Cave, Iceland


Sometimes called the Crystal Cave, you can find this wonder of nature in Iceland’s Vatnajökull National Park. Indeed, it’s one of the most eerily stunning places on the planet.

17. Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil

Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil

Comprised of many different waterfalls that cascade over the edge of the Parana Plateau into the Iguazu River, the falls actually form part of the border between Argentina and Brazil.

18. Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

One of the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the construction of these massive pyramids still mystifies scientists today. Moreover, it holds its status as one of the most famous sites in Egypt.

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