The Aquarius is an extremely creative, intelligent, and analytical soul. This person is amiable and likable, making them someone sure to become a fast friend to just about anyone. Aquarians are perpetually curious and like to know the inner workings of both people and things alike.

To an Aquarian, everything is a challenge, and they have a great sense of compassion, empathy, and humor. They are often well-liked among everyone, from friends to acquaintances to coworkers because of all the positive qualities he possesses.

Understanding The Mind of an Aquarius Woman

Aquarian women always have their own minds. They think outside the box and prefer to play by their own rules no matter what the situation. She stands out from the crowd and tends to follow her heart. At the same time, her Aquarius nature is carefree, daring, and spontaneous. Often, she holds onto a few interests and finds new ones that are exciting and thrilling. As someone who quickly grows bored, this is one strong woman who is always seeking new adventures and new people.

Her relationships often fall victim to this trait, which is something that can lead to problems. She has a long list of acquaintances and very few close, long-lasting friendships. Her love life is often similar, but there may be some exceptions.

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Know First: Aquarius is Often Commitment-Phobic

The typical Aquarian woman is difficult to pin down, which means she might have difficulty committing to one man. As a person who is always growing bored and looking for new experiences, she may begin to look elsewhere before committing for a lifetime.

As a result, a man who enters into a romantic relationship with an Aquarian woman may feel as though he is on a constant rollercoaster. It’s fair to expect a revolving circle of friends, adventures galore, and, unfortunately, plenty of arguments as well.

A man who is involved with an Aquarius woman may also go through a confusing array of emotions. One minute, he might feel as though he is his woman’s whole world, sun, and moon at once. And then, in the next, he may feel unimportant and as if he is merely an afterthought. It’s not uncommon for this woman to lose interest quickly in their significant other and end up hurting them.

She has shifting mood swings that can be confusing for her love interest. Indeed, she’ll seem up and happy one day and then dark and depressed the very next day. Aquarians’ hearts can be complicated to win over ultimately. Still, if you are lucky enough to find yourself loving an Aquarius, you will have a woman who is forever faithful and loyal.

Overall, there are ten traits that an Aquarian will exhibit when genuinely in love. If you are dating an Aquarius woman, these are the signs to look out for, and that should make you feel fortunate to  have found true love.

10 Traits of an Aquarius Woman in Love

1 – She Can Be a Lot of Fun

Although Aquarian women can often be all thumbs when it comes to effectively communicating their feelings in verbal ways, they can show their love in other ways. For example, she has a wonderful sense of humor and can be very funny and exciting. Plus, she will often go out of her way to make you laugh.

2 – She’ll Try to Speak to You More

The Aquarius woman is more into intellectual conversations and relies on her intelligence often. However, if she is in love with you, she will speak to you even more. Not only will she communicate more often, but she will talk with you about pretty much everything under the sun.

So if she genuinely loves you, she’ll find it easier to speak openly with you and will go out of her way to do just that.

3 – She Will Plan Adventurous Trips

The water-bearer woman is not typical when it comes to revealing her love. She may not be one for romantic dinners at candlelight or a stroll on the beach under a fantastic sunset.

However, she is an adventurous spirit who will enjoy planning incredible trips with you. She wants to make sure you have a fun, exciting time you will never forget and wants to be your best friend as well as your lover. She truly believes that being in love means having fun together.

4 – An Aquarius Will Take Care of Her Finances

Aquarian women are wise with their money and will not freely spend no matter how deeply invested he is in you. She keeps records of her spending and is careful. If she doesn’t buy you the flashiest gifts, you might feel offended. However, she will show you her love in other, more critical ways. She is a smart investor and will assure you that when you’re with her, you will have financial security.

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5 – You Need Some Patience to Know if She Loves You

The Aquarius woman is never one who immediately reveals her true feelings to you. You will have to be with her for a long time and have a great deal of patience before she eventually reveals her love for you. This is one woman who never quickly reveals her true feelings until she feels completely comfortable.

6 – An Aquarius in Love is Kind, Sensitive, and Caring

Aquarians are often perceived as emotionally distant and even cold. They are the type who can have seemingly endless acquaintances but very few actual friends. She is never one who quickly reveals her true feelings toward anyone.

However, when she is genuinely in love, she can show that he is compassionate and caring. When she begins to show sincere concern for you and what you like and don’t like, it is a sure sign that she is in love with you.

7 – He Is Better at Expressing Himself in Writing

Loving an Aquarius means you can expect plenty of written messages of love from your woman. Generally, she is better at expressing himself through writing. When you are in a relationship with a woman who is the sign of the water bearer, you can expect to receive many text messages, letters, emails, or even instant messages, letting you know just how she feels.

This signal is a sure sign of their sincere love for you. While she finds it difficult to express her true feelings verbally, she has no trouble conveying just how she feels in written form.


8 – He is Vulnerable When He’s In love

An Aquarian woman typically seems to be very strong and in control of herself at all times. However, when she is in love, it’s a whole different ballgame. When she is truly in love with you, she can appear quite vulnerable.

So if she has already said those three little words, she needs constant reassuring that you reciprocate her feelings both verbally and physically.

9 – He Will Spend More Time with You

An Aquarian woman is usually a flirt by nature, which can make it difficult to discern whether she is serious about you or whether she’s merely casually flirtatious. However, when you are with her, it’s easier to tell if those feelings are genuine.

Of course, if she is genuinely in love with you, she will want to spend as much time as possible with you and will invite you to go out places, including her home, and visit you at home often. You should take this as a sure sign that she is in love with you.

10 – She Will Share Her Deepest Thoughts with You

An Aquarian woman is willing to open up and share their innermost thoughts with you when she is madly in love. In some rare instances, she may even show her deepest emotions and cry in front of you. This is proof that she has deep feelings for you and loves you.

As a whole, an Aquarius woman is often complex when it comes to relationships. She is vulnerable about many issues and can often take things too personally. If she feels hurt by you, she can become cold and detached. Her shifting emotions can hurt the man involved with her unintentionally.

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Final Thoughts on Traits That Reveal an Aquarius is in Love

The water bearer has many talents and is steadfast in her convictions, believing that she is always right. She dislikes superficiality and prejudice and prefers to be content. Although she is often viewed as being distant and unavailable, she will always be there for others and give everything to her real friends. Especially, she’ll give her all to the man she loves.

Loving an Aquarius woman is easier than it sounds thanks to her caring, loyal, and dependable nature. Once you are in her heart, you are there to stay.