Every stage in life brings its own set of challenges. At times, it can be hard to find the positive and happy moments in your everyday life. However, by making a commitment to looking for the good in life, you’ll be able to find uplifting moments and positivity everywhere you go. These positivity quotes are perfect for baby boomers!

The Best Positivity Quotes for Baby Boomers

Whether you’re prone to looking on the bright side or you’re having a hard time celebrating life’s little joys, everyone can benefit from a positive pick-me-up. The following 25 quotes will remind you to keep searching for happiness wherever you are and wherever you go:

1. “Act as though every action you make has a significant impact on the world.” —William James

Baby boomers and everyone alike must remember that all decisions they make in life matter. Regardless of what stage in life you are in, keep in mind, there is a purpose in everything you do.

2. “Success isn’t final and failure isn’t fatal. What matters is finding the courage to continue.” —Winston Churchill

We all make mistakes and mess things up, but that’s what humans are supposed to. Instead of focusing on these mistakes, envision about your next steps to continue.

3. “Always keep your head held high. This is the only way to take on the world: by looking hit straight in its eyes.” —Helen Keller

Fear is not a constructive emotion. Whenever these feelings creep into your life, simply raise your head and dare to take on the world one day at a time.

4. “The outcome you achieve when you reach your goals isn’t nearly as important as the person that you become in the process of achieving your goals.” –Zig Ziglar

Achieving your goals changes you. Wherever you find yourself in life, know that every step of the way is a precious moment in the person you are actively becoming.

5. “Believe you can do anything and you’re already well on your way to achieving your goal.” –Theodore Roosevelt

Motivation never ceases to be the driving force in our lives. Every dream and desire must first begin with the confidence that you know you can achieve it. With this level of confidence, there’s nothing that can stand in your way.

6. “Always hold on to your dreams. Hold on tightly and never let them go.” –Carol Burnett

Many baby boomers are tempted to give up on their dreams, accepting that their lives right now are how they’ll always be. However, there’s nothing stopping you from living the life you’ve dreamed of. Hold tightly to your dreams and refuse to let go.

7. “I can’t decide which way the wind will blow but I can change the direction my sails are to make sure I will always reach the destination I hope to go.” –Jimmy Dean

Uncertainty is a part of life. Instead of trying to control the hand life deals you, try your best to shift how you respond to each and every situation.

8. “Whatever you’re going through, keep looking for the light. Even if you’re walking in the dark, there’s always some light towards the end of every tunnel.” –Demi Lovato

Everything always has a silver lining to it, you only need to look. Even in the most difficult of situations, there’s always some bit of hope.

9. “It’s one’s attitude at the start of a challenging task that determines exactly what the outcome will be.” –William James

Life is certainly not short on hardships. When it comes to overcoming these difficult challenges, remember to always approach them with positivity in mind. Eventually, you’ll get through these hard times and find yourself in a better situation.

10. “Life is quite similar to riding a bike. To stay balanced, one must keep moving.” –Albert Einstein”

There will be times in life when you want to quit. These are the moments that feel impossibly overwhelming and draining. In these moments, don’t give in to the desire to give up. Instead, do all you can to keep moving forward. Though you may fall, you won’t quit.

11. “Don’t give up on doing what you truly want to do. Where you feel inspiration and love, nothing can go wrong.” –Ella Fitzgerald

Though everyone has dreams of their own, few have the confidence to keep pursuing them. Give into what you love and what inspires you–this is your life’s great work and what you’re truly meant to do.

12. “Start limiting your use of ‘Never’ and Always.’” –Amy Poehler

“Always” and “never” are two words that are so definitive, they should only be used sparingly. Every day presents a new opportunity, so be sure to leave room for “Maybe” in your life.

13. “The word ‘Impossible’ tells us everything we need to know: ‘I’m Possible!’”–Audrey Hepburn

Make time for positivity every day by reminding yourself that nothing is truly impossible. As long as you have the will to continue, you are capable of doing anything.

14. “You will never be too old to make another goal or to have another dream.” –C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis wants everybody from newborns to baby boomers to know that there will never be a time in life when our age will prevent us from achieving the dreams we long to pursue. Every dream and every goal you’ve ever had is still possible.

15. “Be the rainbow that shines the light in another person’s cloud.” —Maya Angelou

These types of positivity quotes remind us that when others have bad days, we should be the rays of sunshine in their lives.

16. “Happiness can’t be found. You must make your own version of happiness.” –Camilla Eyring Kimball

There’s no route to happiness. The recipe to what makes you happy lies within, so you must do all you can to find it.

17. “Inspiration starts within. Your inspiration starts with positivity–when you’re positive about life and yourself, good things will happen.” –Deep Roy

Your inspiration in life must start in the deepest parts of yourself. Being positive will guarantee that you seek out and you attract good things in life.

18. “The true value of the most beautiful moments are often never realized until these moments become a memory. ” –Dr. Seuss

All of us have a limited amount of time on earth. To truly feel our deepest sense of joy, we all must dig into life and really live each moment to the fullest.

19. “The most wasted days are the ones without laughter.” –E.E. Cummings

E.E. Cummings’ positivity quotes remind us to laugh in the face of anything and everything. Regardless of what we may be feeling, as long as we can find the humor in every situation, no day is wasted.

20. “You must do everything you think you can’t do.” –Eleanor Roosevelt

If something scares you or makes you hesitate, do it anyway. The more enthusiasm with which you pursue everything that you’re afraid to do, the faster you’ll get through it.

Moreover, once you’ve achieved what you didn’t believe was possible, you’ll have even more confidence in your ability to do more than you could have ever imagined.

21. “Life isn’t defined by the place that you’re from. It’s about every place you’re going that matters.” –Ella Fitzgerald

Focusing on the future means that you can’t let the disparaging thoughts of your past hold you back. While you may have had moments you’re not proud of, these don’t need to follow you into the future.

22. “You’ll never be too old to achieve everything that you might have achieved. ” –George Eliot

Even as we get older, life always gives us new opportunities with which we have the ability to do anything we want. If you haven’t yet begun living your dream life, don’t give up hope.

23. “Stay close to everything that makes you feel happy to be alive.” –Hafez

Hafez’ quote for baby boomers is a reminder to eliminate everything from your life that isn’t positive and uplifting. If something makes you happy to be alive, keep pursuing that.

24. “Happiness sneaks through the doors you didn’t realize you left open.” –John Barrymore

Happiness often finds us at the most spontaneous of times. Positivity quotes like this remind us to always be open to the unexpected arrival of happiness whenever it decides to strike.

25. “We all must be open to letting go of the lives we’ve planned so we can live the lives that await us.” –Joseph Campbell

Life has a way of surprising us. Don’t get to bogged down in your plans that you never live the life you’re meant to lead. While it’s important to have solid plans for your life, don’t forget to take each day as it comes.

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Enjoy These Positivity Quotes

Happiness isn’t something that happens by accident. By cultivating a positive attitude and a generally upbeat outlook on life, you’ll be able to feel and spread happiness more often.

These 25 positivity quotes show us all how we can improve each one of our lives and start living the lives we’ve always wanted. Regardless of where you are in life, keep these words of wisdom in mind. By looking within, you’ll find the happiness and joy you’ve been searching for.