5 Simple Rules for a Happy Life

5 Simple Rules for a Happy Life

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5 Simple Rules for a Happy Life

We all want to be happier. It seems simple, but at times living a happy life is more complicated than it should be. Sometimes it’s because we are looking for external people, things or events to make us happy when true, everlasting happiness comes from within and can be seen in our daily habits. These 5 very simple rules are a great outline for making every day happier and more fulfilling.


Positive thinking starts with living your life with faith over fear. Although they are both completely different, they share something in common – they both create a future that hasn’t happened yet.  Fear is an illusion and keeps your from living your best life. Fear feeds off of your insecurities and is a poisoned extension of worry. You cannot live a happy life full of fear at the same time. When you let go of fear and upgrade to faith, life becomes more rich – filled with miracles and blessings every single ding dang day! 😉 The choice seems easy enough. The choice is yours.


Being persistent is one of the biggest keys to success. If you keep going and going and going eventually you will reach the destination you desire. For a successful, happy life you must not only incorporate positive thinking but positive action. This is where your true passion resides. Your dreams are just desires until you take action. It starts the fun, co-creative process. Most of the time when you talk to people who aren’t happy, they usually are full of regrets – regrets that they did not take action when it was necessary. Let go of the fear of failure, do it and keep going! 🙂


Happiness lies in simplicity. In fact, they are best friends so get used to the two hanging out with you. 😉 So, call off the search party, a happy life may be right in front of you. Happiness can be found in the smallest things that we are blessed with every single day. When we open our eyes to the happiness that is right in front of us, you know those “simple” things that we can sometimes take for granted, we can be happy every day. We live each day in gratitude and find joy in simplicity we can live a happy life. Living a happy life is feeling good during the journey AND when we reach the destination.


Laughter truly is the best medicine, it cures all ills and turns challenges into opportunities. Laughter brings a lightness to life and is a key component in living a happy life. Laugh so hard that your belly hurts. Do it every single day. A recent study suggests that children laugh 300-400 times per day while the average adult laughs only 1happy7 times. I think children are wiser than we think. Let’s all take a lesson from then and make laughter a priority every day.


Speaking of children, they really hold the wisdom of youth in their daily habits. Spend a day with a child and you will learn the secrets of a happy life. They teach us that we should stress less and play, dance, run, sing, laugh, and love more. They have big hearts and know how to have a good time.


So, that’s our list. We want to hear from you… ADD 1 more to the list in the comments. Note: Did you notice that every rule is in a positive tense. That’s because true positive thinking focuses on what we desire to be versus what we do not want to be. When our thoughts and words are in a positive tense consistently, so will be our life. 😉


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