Do you feel really and truly stuck?

Life has a tendency to throw us all curveballs from time to time. It may arrive in the form of work, finances, relationships, health, or another area. Indeed, we will all experience difficulties that attempt to derail us from living the lives we desire. The important thing to remember is that it is in how you approach these difficulties that determines the ultimate outcome and the lessons learned.

“Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman, before which all difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into air.” – John Quincy Adams

Here are 11 things to remember when you find yourself stuck in an undesirable situation:

1. Maintain focus

When you find yourself suddenly knocked out of your comfort zone, it can be easy to become distracted and forget your true purpose. Do your best to not let that happen. When difficult circumstances arise, keep your mind keenly fixed on your goals and on accomplishing what you desire in your life. Audibly reaffirm your vision and allow it to continue on its course to you. Remaining focused while disregarding internal or external distractions that arise as you move towards your purpose is very important, and can either lead you to, or away from the goals you desire.

2. Be accountable for your happiness

Relying on others for your happiness or blaming others for the lack thereof will never be a fruitful practice. Understand that your strength stems from your ability to take responsibility for your own happiness. While we all benefit from the good will of others from time to time, only you can make the decision and take the actions necessary to be truly happy and content with your life.

3. Forgive yourself

We are all fallible human beings who face our own unique set of difficulties and adverse situations. Everyone makes mistakes along the way. Some have even made serious mistakes, and find it hard to forgive themselves and move on. When you hold back from forgiving, you hold yourself back from becoming the person you envision. No matter the gravity or the number of your mistakes, you must always make a conscious decision to forgive yourself. (Read 5 reasons why forgiveness is a gift you truly give yourself)

4. Be true to yourself

Another aspect of being human is that most of us want the respect and affection of others. As a result, most of us worry far too much about what others think and don’t think. The fact is we are all different, with our own unique personalities and minds. Some of us are quiet and studious, others are outgoing and gregarious. Some of us love the company of people; others want to just be alone. The point is that we will never please everyone nor should we attempt to. Be true to yourself and the way you live your life.

“Be the best version of you.  There are far too many people out there trying to copy the best of others. Your true excellence is found in your own unique gifts.”
-Kristen Butler

5. Pursue your passions

Most people have something they truly love to do, yet many others are spending our working lives doing something we don’t. According to a Gallup’s 2013 State of the American Workplace study, 70% of Americans describe themselves as “disengaged” from their work. In other words, they dread their jobs. It’s not easy to switch career paths and pursue your dreams, especially if others rely on you, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

If you have a calling to do something that makes you happy, then pursue your passion. If nothing else, spend your free time doing the things you love.

6. Avoid negativity

Take a close look at your family, friends, and acquaintances – are there people in your inner circle that exude negativity? At work, are there co-workers who constantly complain and make your time at work more difficult? If so, these are the very same people that could be negatively affecting your mindset. While you can (and should) be compassionate and positive towards them, you do not have to subject yourself to their negativity by remaining in their presence.

If necessary, have a short, respectful conversation with them and voice your concerns. (Read how to deal with negative people)

7. Remain grateful

Despite your difficult circumstances, odds are there is plenty to be grateful for – food, a job, a roof over your head, or a loving family. Remember, there are plenty of people in the world that are living much more difficult lives than we can imagine yet still remain grateful. Think of the things that you do have and not just the things you don’t.

Make it a practice to spend some time each day to contemplate the good in your life.  A great idea is to start a ‘Like List’! (Click here to take the Like-List Challenge)

8. Remember that yesterday is just that

It’s impossible to have a good day today if you are still thinking and worrying about yesterday. Whatever you encountered or experienced yesterday doesn’t matter…it’s a new day. The beautiful thing about life is that we don’t know what’s coming next, and it could be something wonderful. If not, hey there’s always tomorrow!

9. Be present

To be present simply means accepting situations as they arise while maintaining your self-control. If you look closely at all of the problems facing your life, you will notice that many of the problems originate within your own mind. While there are certainly external factors – a hectic job, a full schedule, problems at home, and other difficulties – it is how our mind deals with these external forces that often causes the problem.

Handle the present moment as it comes, good or bad, without thinking about the past or the future. Whatever you are doing, whether it’s at work or at home, do only that one thing and don’t worry about what’s coming next.

10. Enjoy yourself

Remember to enjoy your life and to soak in each joyful moment. Life is too short to worry about difficulties, distractions, and what “may” happen to you. Whatever brings you joy – your family, friends, recreation, exercise, or something else– do those things. When you are at work, be at work. When you are on your time, do the things that you most enjoy.

enjoy yourself when stuck

11. Remember your strength

When we feel stuck, we have a tendency to feel weakened. Remember that you are far stronger than you often give yourself credit for. Sometimes, being stuck can further build on the inner strength that you already possess. Some of history’s greatest achievements were accomplished by individuals who felt stuck or limited in some respect. What made the difference was their mindset and the ability to persevere through the difficult times…you are no different. Remember the great strength that you already possess and anything will seem possible.

We hope this helps you on your journey to being dislodged from your stuck situation.  Feel free to add your own tips in the discussion below!