Guys try so hard when they’re trying to attract the attention of a female. You will bring out all the cheesy one-liners and try to woo her your way. However, these efforts often fail because you say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Whether you want to get the girl or you’ve already got her, you’ll learn that there are certain words of love a woman longs to hear.

Most women will appreciate any accolade from their man, and they seem to work like a charm. You must remember that compliments are only effective when genuine and from the heart. A woman can easily spot someone using insincere flattery to get her attention, and she also knows when someone isn’t being truthful.

You can’t just tell her she’s beautiful, but you must have confidence and mean what you say. Part of this is made more believable when you have the right tone. Your lady wants you to reciprocate her love, and while she may know how you feel in her heart, she longs for you to say it.

If you want brownie points, you should pay close attention to the details, like a new hairstyle, perfume, or an outfit that looks fantastic. She needs you to be her cheerleader and to appreciate all the success she’s had in her professional life. When you applaud her efforts, she will carve out a special place for you in her heart.

NOTE: We acknowledge that men also crave kind words from a partner. However, their desires differ slightly from women’s, so we address gentlemen in a separate article.

Ten Things Your Woman Wants You to Say

It’s easy to put your foot in your mouth and say all the wrong things. You long to tell her she’s the most amazing person you’ve ever met, but it never comes out the way you intend. There are certain words or phrases that a woman needs for her esteem and to solidify the relationship.

You will learn to say what makes her feel special if you want a strong bond. Here are some phrases you should become familiar with to make sure your lady knows how much she means to you.


1. “I’m Sorry.”

The male ego is often bruised easily, and nothing will hurt more than admitting you’re wrong. However, a lady needs to know that you have humility and aren’t too arrogant to admit when you’ve done or said something inappropriate.

If you resort to measures like beating around the bush and telling lies, you will only push her further away from you. Thankfully, telling the truth, admitting fault, and being vulnerable, will bring you closer together.

2. “I Want You to Meet My…”

When you ask your woman to meet your family or friends, you tell her a lot without even knowing. While this gesture seems simple, it’s significant to her. You’re telling her you’re proud of her and want the world to know you’re together.

Additionally, taking her home to meet the parents means that the relationship is going to the next level, and you might be close to making a long-term commitment. You’re saying she’s an essential part of your life, which should bring you closer.

It also means that you have no secrets to hide as you’re allowing her to meet people that could expose the good, bad, and ugly about your past and present. When you take a girl to meet your family, she will hear stories from your childhood and all the rotten things you’ve ever done. However, it’s another step in getting to know one another on a different level.

3. “I Need You.”

If you want to see her eye sparkle, try telling her that you need her. She looks at you as a strong man who has it all together, and when you humble yourself enough to say this to her, she’ll melt. When you tell a woman that you need them by your side to make it in life, it lets her know how important she is to you.

4. “You’re My Best Friend.”

When you tell a woman she is your best friend, it is a significant compliment. Above all your guy friends and the other people you trust, you put her at the top. You’re showing her that your trust level is immense, and you know that you can share your innermost secrets with her and feel safe.

You’re telling her how much she’s valued and appreciated as a friend and lover. What woman doesn’t want their man to say these things to her?

5. “You’re Gorgeous.”

There’s power in your words. According to the Daily Mail, the GEMS Wellington Academy studied how plants would respond to being praised or bullied. The classroom in Dubai had two plants. Both plants received the same food, water, and light, so there were no differences in the growing conditions.

The only thing different was the way the students spoke to them. The plant was bullied and told how small and unattractive it was, and it nearly died after 30 days. However, the plant that was praised thrived.

If words could destroy a plant in a month, how much more could your words hurt a human? Telling your woman that she’s gorgeous is something she needs to hear from you. She needs these positive reinforcements for her esteem and her overall value in your eyes.


6. “I Love You.”

Telling a lady that you love her are three words she longs to hear. Sometimes, ladies are the first to say they love you, and it might be a shock to hear her say it. However, she needs you to tell her you feel the same way.

When you say something like “Thanks” or “That’s nice to hear,” she will feel rejected after she says she loves you. If you love her, tell her how you feel. When you’ve been in a relationship for any length, many guys assume she knows that you love her as you’re there with her.

However, that’s not good enough for a lady, especially those whose love language is words of affirmation. She needs you to say, “I love you” frequently.

7. “I Miss You.”

A lady likes to hear that you’re on her mind when you’re not together. Telling her that you miss her allows you to show your vulnerability, as most men aren’t always good at articulating their feelings. You’re letting her glimpse into your heart and mind for a moment.

Vocalizing how you feel when you’re apart showing that you’re developing a deeper connection. She will love that you throw out the age-old concept of a manly man and show your more sensitive side.

8. “I am So Proud of You.”

There are a couple of ways that you can spin telling her how proud you are of her. First, you can tell her you’re pleased you’re her man. Second, you can tell her how proud you are of her accomplishments.

Maybe she’s a great single mom, and you want to encourage her. Another thing is you can admire her accomplishments professionally. If she does a lot of charity work and has a heart for giving, you should tell her how that makes you feel so proud.

Anytime you compliment her about how special she is, it will make her feel like a million bucks.

9. “I Can’t Imagine Being with Anyone Else.”

When you tell her that there’s no one else for you, you’re saying she’s your future. You may be ready to pop the big question and want to ensure she’s ready. Some ladies feel insecure in relationships, especially if they’ve been hurt.

However, telling her there’s no one else for you will do something to her esteem. She knows that other girls could always turn your head with their beauty or money, but you’re validating that no one in this universe compares to her.

10. “We’re In This Together.”

Life is hard, and there are times when you’re surrounded by people and still feel alone. A woman tends to be an emotional creature by nature, so she needs your support when her world is chaotic. Tell her you’ll be a shoulder to cry on and never leave her side. She needs to know these things when everything is crumbling around her.


Final Thoughts on Things a Woman Loves to Hear From You

Proverbs 25:11 states that a word spoken in love is like apples of gold in pictures of silver. So, this reminds you that saying the right words to someone is essential. When you tell your lady how much she means to you, how wonderful she looks, and how much you love her, you’re doing more for her than you can imagine.

Saying these things to someone that means so much to you solidifies their place in your heart and life. It might send chills down her spine when you tell her all the sweet things she longs to hear. It’s also telling her not to give up on you or the relationship, as every couple goes through rough patches.

You’re vulnerable when you tell her things like “I was wrong” or “I’m sorry.” She needs to see your vulnerability, which will encourage her to open up to you. Remember that your words can’t just be something you say because you’re trying to get on her good side, as she will know if you’re putting your heart and soul behind them.

As you’ve often heard, your actions speak much louder than your words, so make sure the words you speak come from the heart. If you want a good relationship that will last the test of time, tell your woman things that boost her esteem.