When you mention the word soulmate, most people automatically think about lovers. However, there are relationships outside of romantic ones that can have attachments that are soul deep. You form a rare bond with a best friend, someone who is always by your side.

This person has your back when the rest of the world turns against you, and they’re not going to leave your side during one of life’s storms. When it comes to your achievements, they are your most powerful support system. Their devotion is unwavering, and they’re cheering you on no matter what you attempt to accomplish in life.

While you’ve had many friends, their friendship is notable because it’s unique and on a whole other level. They’re honest, comfort you in times of need, and are more reliable than any lover you’ve ever had. These types of friendships don’t come around very often, but they last a long time, as they’re special.

When you have someone like this in your life, their love and devotion are bliss. You can’t imagine your life without them. Even better–they feel the same way about you.

Signs of a Soulmate Friend

Do you have a deep friendship with someone you feel worthy of the soulmate title? Here are some common signs that this person is your other half and the one who completes you.

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1. Your Soulmate Is Your Biggest Cheerleader

Everyone needs a person that encourages and supports them. Having a cheering section for whatever endeavors you try is imperative for success. Your friendship is your soulmate because they’re the first person to congratulate you and recognize your achievements.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve accomplished the most minor thing; they never let it go without being celebrated. Without this person whispering words of encouragement continuously to you, you don’t know how you would have made it so far in this life. Their support gives you the courage and strength to keep going when you feel like throwing in the towel.

2. You Can’t Imagine Your Life Without Your Best Friend

Your relationship is so deep that you have your language with each other. You have phrases and looks that only the two of you can decipher. It’s not only the present that you share but also your past that allows you to have such a connection.

The two of you share a history, so this allows you to talk about your memories and adventures together. Many of the greatest moments of your life include them. Moreover, you can’t fathom a life without them in it, and your mind can’t comprehend such an existence.

If friendships were gems, yours would be a ruby. You wouldn’t trade them for any amount of money in this world. When you examine your happiness, you realize that they are one of the main reasons you smile.

3. A Soulmate Will Never Judge You

Sure, you have things you’ve done in your past that you’re not proud of, but your soulmate never judges you. They would never dream of having a judgmental attitude toward you as they understand that no one makes perfect choices.

Are there times when you disagree or even spat with one another? Sure, you spend so much time together that you can’t always get along. However, you both say your peace and move on quickly. You don’t resort to childish games as you genuinely have each other’s best interests.

Your soulmate isn’t afraid to tell you when you need to face some harsh realities. They’ll never be judgmental and rude if they get mad at you. Consequently, they won’t sugarcoat things, as they have no problems telling you when you’ve done wrong.

4. You Miss Your Soulmate Terribly When You’re Apart

You two are inseparable and go together like a sock and shoe. When you’re apart, there’s not a minute that they’re not in your thoughts. You miss them deeply, as it feels like your souls are intertwined.

If you go to a social gathering without them, your mind can’t help but wonder what they’re doing. You wish they were there as parties aren’t nearly as fun without them by your side. One unique thing about your friendship is that you crave their presence continually, and you feel the happiest when they’re by your side.

5. Your Best Friend Is a Part of Your Family

Your friendship crosses traditional lines, and this person feels like family. Ironically, your family accepts them as one of them, and their relatives feel the same about you. When there’s a birthday or holiday celebration, they’re invited just like everyone else in the group.

The bond seems so close that you must remind yourself that you’re not related by blood. They blend seamlessly into your family and even occasionally argue with your siblings. When it comes to their family, you can stop by and visit without them being with you, as you feel like they’re your parents and siblings too.


6. You Are a Tiny Bit Jealous of Their Other Friendships

You can’t help yourself, as you feel jealous of your friend’s other relationships. If someone dares to call them their “best friend,” you would be ready to fight. When someone tries to get closer than you to your soulmate, you feel jealousy and want to push them away.

You don’t want to share this person with anyone else, as their friendship is priceless. You must be careful because jealousy can destroy romantic and platonic relationships alike. Dr. Rhonda Lipscomb, a counselor and life coach in Colorado, states that jealousy often stems from the feeling of losing control.

She further states that this emotion has deep roots in insecurity. The feelings of not being good enough can affect all types of relationships, but they’re undoubtedly common among friends. It’s essential to allow yourself to open the innermost parts of your heart to those who are trustworthy, as it will enable you to develop stronger bonds.

7. Your Bond is Unbreakable

If your friends for any length of time, there will be arguments. It’s impossible not to have some simple misunderstandings when you’re together so much. However, you’re not going to let a disagreement come between you, as you’re both eager to make amends after a fight.

Even if your current love relationship doesn’t last long, you know that the devotion you and your friend have will be there until you’re in your golden years. Yes, lovers may come and go, but your friend is your rock and cornerstone in life.

8. You Call Them First During a Crisis

When you’re in a crisis, there’s just one person that you want to call. You know that they will have the correct answers and be able to calm you down. Through thick and thin, you know they have your back. Even if the crisis is self-inflicted, they will not judge you but offer unwavering support.

9. Your Soulmate Has No Problem Telling You If You’re Wrong

Telling someone, they’re wrong is not something you like to do when you have a close bond. However, your soulmate has no problem putting you in your place. Telling each other necessary truths is essential. Thankfully, you two have mastered it in your relationship.

You love that this person has no hidden agenda when it comes to you, and they only have your best interests at heart. When they come to you and tell you that you’ve done something wrong, you know it’s coming from a place of love, and you need to take heed.

10. They Know Everything About You, Even Your Secrets

Vulnerability is essential in a good relationship, and you certainly have mastered that between you two. They know everything there is to know about you, as you don’t keep secrets from one another. Even if there are things you won’t share with your romantic partner, you have no qualms about sharing them with your friend.

You can be very open and honest in telling them difficult things. The air of comfort that surrounds you two is thick, and you like how your relationship has developed. According to Dr. Lisa Firestone, humans were created for socializing.

Conversely, many people want to develop deep and meaningful relationships but resist being vulnerable to get to those levels. It’s the very act of vulnerability that makes having these connections possible.

She further states that the urge to be closed off often happens in childhood, as children are keen observers. Kids can develop a “critical inner voice” that closes them off from people and doesn’t allow vulnerability to happen. Without this susceptible side, any relationship cannot have intimate interactions.


Final Thoughts on Having a Best Friend Who is Also Your Soulmate

Do you have a friend who ranks high enough to be called your soulmate? If you’ve found such a person in your life, you’ve found a gem.

This person allows you to ask for what you need, will enable you to expose your innermost secrets, and teaches you to slow down and be present. They improve the world; you can’t imagine your life without them.