Finding a good woman isn’t always an easy task. You want someone who completes you and is your other half; if you’ve already found this person, you’re lucky. You can grow and have a fulfilling life when you have the right person by your side.

Successful relationships require two people to pull together in the same direction. She needs to be there for you even when you’re at your worst, and you do the same in return. She’s your life, world, and future, all wrapped in a beautiful package. So, finding this soul mate is imperative for your happiness and fulfillment.

NOTE: If you want to read about the signs that reveal a good man, please see our separate article that specifically addresses male behaviors.

Fifteen Things That a Good Woman Would Display

Perhaps you’re dating someone and wonder if she’s the one for you. You may still be dating around trying to find that kind lady who makes your heart skip a beat. Here are fifteen indications of a good woman. Once you find her, you should hold on tight and never let her go.

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1. A Good Woman Doesn’t Try to Change You

Many people start into relationships with the hopes that they can change the other person. Thankfully, a good woman knows and accepts you at face value. She isn’t trying to transform you into a version of what she thinks is perfect, as she loves you just the way you are.

The ironic thing about love is that you grow and change without even trying. When you’re with someone good, they make you want to be the best version of yourself.

2. She Doesn’t Play Games

There’s nothing worse than someone who plays games with your heart. Thankfully, a good woman wouldn’t dream of doing this to you. She knows that relationships can be challenging. However, she isn’t going to lead you on and have you chase her around if her heart isn’t in it.

It’s long been thought that men were more eager to play games. However, a study published by Wiley Online Library found that this generalization is false. After crunching the numbers, they found that women play as many games as men. So, it’s essential to find someone who is kind and considerate and isn’t going to leave you with emotional baggage.

3. She Doesn’t Run When It Gets Challenging

It’s easy to check out at the first sign of trouble, as some people don’t have the time or energy to fix things when they’re broken. Could this be why the divorce rate in this country is so high? According to OECD Family Database, America has the sixth highest rate of divorce in the world, which was about 45% in 2021.

Thankfully, the good lady doesn’t give up so easily. She’s the kind who will try everything in her power to fix things before she throws in the towel.

4. A Good Woman Celebrates You

Women who are proud of their men have no problem showing it. She’s there for every award banquet, work event, and anything else that’s important to you. When you get a raise or a promotion you’ve longed for, she’s throwing a party in your honor.

She doesn’t miss a birthday or any chance to celebrate anything and everything about you. She is totally in love, and she’s the person who keeps track of things like your first kiss and the first time you went on a date.

5. She Has Realistic Expectations

A good woman doesn’t expect you to buy her the sun, moon, and stars, but she will settle for an evening of stargazing with you. She has realistic expectations for you and the relationship. She strives to make your life easier and not more chaotic.

Unlike some women, she isn’t going to put demands on you that make your life more challenging, as her team-player instincts want to make things easier on you. You work superbly together, and she’s someone you want beside you through life.

6. A Good Woman Is a Team Player

While you want an independent woman, she should also be a team player. She isn’t selfish and never puts her needs above everyone else, as she wants to cooperate to finish the task.

She values the people around her because she knows that without them, she couldn’t do it alone. When it comes to relationships, a good woman knows that it’s 50/50, so she lets you have your say and listens.

7. She’s Honest

Honesty is one of those foundational building blocks that can cripple your union if it’s missing. You don’t have to second-guess what she’s telling you, as you know it’s the truth.

She will level with you about the good or bad things. However, she wouldn’t dream of lying to you about anything. She’s also honest about matters of the heart, so you feel like you can be vulnerable with her.


8. She’s Present

Having a relationship with someone who isn’t present can be a challenge. Some women spend more time on their phones or working than they do with their partners. Relationships require a lot of work, and she’s willing to put the time in to make your connection great.

She’s the kind who will turn off her phone at dinner because you’re the most important thing to her. She has no problems being present now, as her time with you is precious.

9. A Good Woman Is Faithful

She only has eyes for you, and another man could never divert her attention. She’s faithful to a fault and wouldn’t dream of having an affair. She looks at you like she’s won the lottery and you’re the man she’s longed to find. She wouldn’t do anything that might make you leave because you mean so much to her.

10. She’s Independent

Women who have a sense of independence aren’t needy and clingy. She’s a woman who can make it with or without you. She needs you but doesn’t have to be by your side 24×7.

She has a life and career that’s fulfilling outside of your relationship but for her, being with you is the icing on the cake.

11. She’s Never Jealous

Some women are so jealous that their man can’t even talk to a female, and when you’re in a relationship with someone like that, it makes life miserable. However, a good woman is secure within herself.

She knows you have female friends and doesn’t feel threatened by these connections. She’s likely to befriend them and develop her relationships as she knows these people mean a lot to you.

12. She’s Charitable

Finding someone who cares about others more than herself is a treasure indeed. She sees the world as broken and wants to do her part to help. She’s the kind who will donate food to the homeless, and she wouldn’t be against working at a local soup kitchen during the holidays, either. She’s very giving and charitable, making her even more attractive to the world around her.

13. A Good Woman Defends You

While she might get upset with you and have her say, she won’t let anyone else. She will defend and support you even when you’re in the wrong. She will protect your honor by standing up to family, friends, or coworkers.

She’s not someone you want to get riled, as she has no issue putting someone in their place. A sweet and gentle woman like her also has a fierce tiger inside that will come out when least expected.

14. She’s Kind to Your Family and Friends

A good woman knows that the people in your life are essential to you, so she goes out of her way to love them too. While relationships and in-laws are often challenging, she tries to make you happy. She’s not quick to anger or cut people off like some women, as she wants to do everything possible not to add unnecessary stress to your life.

15. She Tells You the Way It Is

Some people like to beat around the bush rather than be forthcoming with their words. However, a good woman loves and respects you enough to tell you how it is. If you’ve done something to upset her, she won’t mince words to let you know.

She will talk to you about the good and bad things because she knows that if she doesn’t get them out in the open, they will fester and turn into resentment.

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Final Thoughts on Finding a Good Woman

Wouldn’t it be nice if the right lady fell from the sky like an angel? Sadly, these things only happen in fairy tales. The world is full of good women ready to find the right man but finding them is often challenging. Relationships are like an old home that’s been abandoned.

They often look rough and like a significant undertaking in the beginning. However, when both people are full of goodness, the bones and structure are worth putting in the work. With a little effort, this kind of relationship can sparkle and flourish.