When you want a good man, you must look beyond his physical appearance, no matter how good-looking he is. Identifying the traits of a good man can empower you to make the best choices regarding love. It can help prevent you from settling on someone who isn’t good for you or doesn’t have the values you desire.

Having a happy, healthy romance is only possible when you find what you want in a relationship. What you want might differ from what others want, but finding a good man tops many peoples’ lists. When you find a good man with these traits, don’t ignore the opportunity to see where the romance can lead.

Most people look for men with positive personality traits rather than prioritizing physical attractiveness. While being good-looking might initially attract you to someone, it isn’t what will keep you sticking around and building a relationship.

NOTE: Men aren’t the only ones that show traits of being good people. There are also traits of a good woman that you can watch for, and you can read about those in another article.

Eight Traits Of a Good Man to Never Ignore

Identifying a good man requires looking beyond his outward appearance and recognizing his positive character traits. These traits will let you know if you’re seeing someone you can grow with or if it’s best to move on.

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1 – A Good Man Treats Others with Kindness and Respect

Men who treat others with kindness and respect show they are good to others. It goes beyond how they treat you because how they behave towards others is telling. Consider how he interacts with service employees, co-workers, and strangers.

Kind men express sympathy for other people’s difficult situations. They’ll also offer to help in any way possible to make a difference. He’ll inconvenience himself (within reason) to do what he can for you and other people around him.

A good man will be courteous to those around him, using manners no matter who he interacts with. He’ll be polite and patient, even when he doesn’t receive the service he expected. Rather than becoming angry or having an outburst, he explains his issue calmly.

He builds others up and supports them in reaching their goals. This kind of man finds joy in helping or witnessing someone overcome challenges because he wants everyone to do well.

Being a good listener is another way a man shows kindness and respect to others. You’ll never have to wonder if he’s listening because he looks at you when you speak and responds in ways that show understanding. It shows that he cares and wants to hear what you say and how you feel.

2 – The Best Men Exhibit Trust and Honesty

While a bit of jealousy in a relationship is okay, a good man won’t be unreasonable. He’ll trust that you stay true to your romance and have faith in you when he’s not around. This man will be comfortable with you going out with friends or doing things without him.

Not only does he trust you, but he’s also honest, even about seemingly minor things. He’ll be loyal to you and show integrity when making decisions. You won’t have to question where he’s been or what he was up to because you’ll know you can trust him.

A good man also shows honesty by doing what he says he’ll do. He won’t commit to things if he’s not positive he can accomplish them, so you won’t have to worry about him not fulfilling his commitments.

3 – He’s Self-Aware and Confident

Many men don’t seem to understand their emotions, but a good one is self-aware. He’ll know when he’s mad, sad, scared, happy, or anything else, giving him a better coping capacity. It can prevent destructive impulses to suppress emotions or express them in unhealthy ways.

Self-awareness also encourages confidence, another sign of a good man you shouldn’t ignore. It prevents neediness and insecurity, promoting a healthy relationship that allows you to maintain independence.

A self-aware and confident man knows what he wants and doesn’t expect others to make it happen. He goes after his goals and understands what he deserves. This kind of man won’t settle until he achieves what he wants.

4 – A Good Man Communicates with a Positive Attitude

Communication is essential in a healthy relationship, and a good partner doesn’t hesitate to share information. He’ll tell you what’s happening in his life and doesn’t withhold information to control you. He won’t worry you because he’s secure enough to communicate anything, even if it isn’t ideal.

A good person also shares his feelings, so you don’t have to guess what he wants, needs, or thinks. He won’t expect you to read his mind because he knows it’s best to say what he means.

When you’re in a relationship with a man like this, he makes it clear he wants you in his life by sharing everything. He’ll tell you his ideas, dreams, experiences, and weaknesses. As he communicates these things, he remains positive despite his vulnerability.


5 – The Best Men Let You Make Decisions and Avoids the Urge to Micromanage

A good man doesn’t need to be in control over things, so he’ll share the power with you. He knows you’re capable and makes you feel appreciated by supporting your choices. Someone like this doesn’t need the final say because he values your thoughts and independence.

When you’re working on something, he won’t micromanage, either. He’ll recognize that you don’t need his guidance on everything and won’t tell you what to do. Plus, he gives you credit when you’ve done something great, letting you know he’s proud of you and recognizes your talents.

6 – He Hears You and Responds to Feedback

A good man hears you and validates your emotions. You won’t hear that you’re overreacting or that you should calm down. Instead, he recognizes your feelings and offers support as he responds to feedback.

All relationships have issues, and being able to settle them is essential. He’ll correct the behavior that hurts you or makes you feel bad. Rather than apologizing and reading it, he responds with improvement because he knows he can do better.

Good people are also open-minded regarding your feelings or expectations. They may not have considered how their behavior affects others, and he’s willing to hear other options. You won’t have to prove your worth with an open-minded man because he knows that you deserve the life of your dreams.

7 – A Good Man Puts in Effort and Shows Interest in Your Other Relationships

A good man will put effort into the relationship because he knows it takes work. He’ll be attentive to your needs, plan fun experiences, maintain his appearance, and do what he can to keep the spark alive.

Part of putting in an effort involves showing interest in your friends and family. He’ll prioritize them because he values you and the people who matter most to you. Being courteous and socializing with them shows that he’s willing to do what it takes to have a lasting relationship.

8 – The Best Men Are Mature, Self-Directed, and Ambitious

You won’t want to ignore when a man focuses on essential aspects of life, like supporting himself and being reliable. He makes rational decisions without others pressuring him.

Self-direction can show that he’s ready for long-term commitment and doesn’t need instant gratification. It’s also a good sign that you won’t have to tell him what must get done, and nagging won’t be necessary. He recognizes what to do and begins without reminders.

With maturity and self-direction, he becomes ambitious about achieving his goals. He wants to improve and live a better life and will encourage you to do the same.

How Many of These Traits Should a Good Man Possess

Many traits indicate a good man, and you shouldn’t ignore them when you find someone who exhibits them. They don’t have to maintain every quality, but the more of them you notice, the better. Your partner’s traits can affect your personality, potentially changing you throughout your romance.

You might prioritize honesty and loyalty or think kindness and respect are more important. It comes down to personal preference, so it’s best to determine which qualities are essential to you.

Everyone’s preferences differ, so be honest about which traits top your list. It’ll help you find a long-lasting, healthy relationship with someone you’re compatible with.

Once you’ve decided which traits are essential to your relationship, don’t settle. You might want to be in a relationship, but you must recognize shortcomings and realistically decide whether they meet your desired criteria. Changing a man isn’t ideal, so finding someone who already meets your standards is a better option.

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Final Thoughts on Traits of a Good Man to Never Ignore

Being a good man isn’t about physical appearance or fitness levels. Instead, it’s about being a good person and a reliable partner. Men aren’t perfect, but finding one who portrays the qualities you require can promote a healthy relationship.

When you find someone who fits your criteria, please don’t ignore it. This good man might be the one for you, and it’s worth seeing where it can go.