There’s a difference between selfish narcissism and having a healthy love for yourself. How would others feel if you used the ways you love yourself as a pattern for treating them? It’s essential that you love and be as kind to yourself as you’re to others.

Fifty Ways to Love Yourself More

Do you need some more self-confidence and self-love in your life? Then have no fear because here are 50 easy ways to start this much-needed practice today.

ways to love yourself
1. Learn to Say No

Are you a chronic people pleaser who can’t say no to others? If you must always be doing something for them to like you, they aren’t a true friend anyway.

Take charge of your precious time and resources and politely say no to unwanted requests. People will respect you more, and you’ll have more time to do the things love.

2. Revise Your Friend List

A genuine friendship takes effort from both sides. One of the best ways to love yourself is to reserve time for people who have time for you. Life is too short of putting effort into a relationship where the other person couldn’t care less.

Stop calling and texting these fake friends. Rather, talk to those who are eager to catch up with you.

3. Pamper Yourself

If you search for ways to love yourself more, you can’t go wrong with a bit of pampering. You needn’t spend a fortune at a day spa unless you have the extra funds.

You can splurge on exotic bath oils, lotions, and candles and spend a luxurious evening soaking in your bathtub. Light the candles, play music, and relax in heavenly waves of bubbles.

4. Update Your Wardrobe

The clothes you wear make a statement about your individuality. They also make an impact on your moods and self-confidence. Do you still have clothes hanging in your closet that were out of style years ago?

Weed through your closet ruthlessly, and get rid of anything you’ve not worn in the past year. Make piles for donating, selling, recycling, and pitching. One of the best ways to love yourself is to treat you to some classic outfits with colors and styles that complement you the best.

5. Get the “Cure” for the Blues

Are you feeling a little sad and down lately? If you’re looking for better ways to love yourself, here are two easy “cures.” Consider going to a beauty salon for a manicure and pedicure package.

Give your exhausted feet a well-deserved soak while the technician massages them and rubs away any pesky calluses. Choose bright, fun colors for painting your fingernails and toenails. Do you have attractive nails?

Splurge on a dainty French manicure, or try glamour lengths in vivid hues.

6. Go Thrifting

For some people, ways to love yourself wouldn’t be complete without shopping. However, maybe you are one of the many folks who don’t have to hit the mall or an expensive department store to get what you need. Finding gently used treasures in thrift stores may be your thing.

Have a little fun on the weekends and browse through your secondhand shops. You’d be surprised at the gently used name-brand clothes you can find for a fraction of the cost as new. Not only are you saving big bucks, but your upcycling and reusing is a blessing to the environment.

7. Turn off Your Phone

Thanks to modern cell phone technology, you can call people and businesses anywhere. While that’s convenient, it also means that you can’t unplug. It’s frustrating to be on the phone when you’re trying to have dinner or relax.

Do yourself a big favor and put your phone on silent. You can also set it to ring only for specific numbers. If somebody needs to talk to you, they can leave a message, and you can call them back when you can. One of the best ways to love yourself is to unplug.

8. Find a Signature Scent

Have you ever smelled cologne or perfume that instantly made you think of somebody? Perhaps it’s because you’ve been around a person who only wears a particular scent that’s become their trademark. It’s a subtle fragrance that brings that special someone to mind.

Do you have a signature scent? If not, one of the ways to love yourself is to find your ideal fragrance. Sample a few until you find a scent you adore that works well with your body chemistry. When others smell this intoxicating perfume, they will remember you.

9. Write a Love Letter to Yourself

According to an article published by Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, giving yourself positive self-affirmations can help maintain better self-esteem. Why is it that people often find it easier to compliment others than themselves? The Golden Rule would never work if we were as judgmental of others as we are of ourselves.

As a gift to you, try composing a letter as if you were an intimate friend writing to somebody else. Write in the second person and offer yourself genuine praises for your attributes and accomplishments. You can mail it or keep it as part of your private journal.

10. Say It with Flowers

Beautiful flowers have been a living language of love even before recorded history. Whether it’s a stunning arrangement from a florist or a sweet bouquet picked from your garden, flowers are always welcome. Why not gift yourself with a bouquet of your favorite blooms to love yourself?

11. Indulge in Your Favorite Dessert

Perhaps you’ve adopted a healthier lifestyle that includes eating nutritious whole foods and getting some daily exercise. Just because you eat healthy doesn’t mean you can never have an indulgent dessert again. Part of maintaining a good lifestyle includes learning to eat in moderation.

12. Go for a Walk

Spend some time in nature and go for a leisurely walk. It’s a great way to clear your mind and be kind to your body and soul. An article published by Health Capsule says that walking may reduce your risks of diseases like hypertension, cardiac disease, and diabetes. It can also boost your moods, says the article.

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13. Try a New Hairdo

Are you bored with your current hairstyle and want to do something different? One of the best ways to love yourself is to visit your local hair salon. Maybe the stylist can suggest a modern hairdo that will be flattering for your face and style.

14. Throw Yourself an Un-birthday Party

Remember the absurdly unforgettable tea party Alice attended in Wonderland? The occasion was a celebration of the Mad Hatter’s “un-birthday” party. Soon, all the whimsical attendants realized that the day was their un-birthday, too.

As you find better ways to love yourself, consider throwing yourself a party “just because.” Go with decorations, balloons, cake, and anything else you love. Oh, and don’t forget to buy yourself a nice present.

15. Take More Naps

Remember when you were a child and hated when your parents told you it was nap time? As a busy adult, you probably would give anything to have the time to take a long, relaxing afternoon snooze. According to an article published by Progress in Brain Research, regular naps may boost your energy level and cognitive function.

Try to carve out time in your day to get a little shut-eye, even if it’s leaning back in the chair for fifteen to twenty minutes. You can also spoil yourself on weekends and take a refreshing siesta whenever you like. A little rest can also lighten your mood.

16. Read a Good Book

One of the many benefits of reading is that you can transport yourself to any place and any time without leaving your recliner. When’s the last time you read one of your favorite authors or literary genres? If you don’t want to shell out money for a current best seller, borrow it for free at your local library.

17. Have a Healthy Laugh

Humor is a gift that benefits your mind, body, and soul. You know the old quote about the best medicine to take is laughter. Enjoy a few belly laughs and watch one of your favorite comedy shows or movies. You could also go to see a comedy playing on stage as a good choice of ways to love yourself.

18. Spend Time with Your Fur Babies

It’s beautiful to realize that your pets love you unconditionally and live to bring you joy. Notice how spending time with your four-legged friend calms your spirits and diminishes your depression. Take a walk with your pet, play a game, or give them a good belly rub and bask in unconditional love.

19. Turn on the Tunes

Listening to music is an ideal way to love yourself and relax. No matter the artist’s style, your favorite music can make your spirits soar and your heart sing. Make a playlist of some of your all-time favorites and enjoy them whenever you want.

20. Splurge on Bedding

A good night’s sleep is essential if you want to feel your best in the morning. If you’re having problems resting at night, look at your bedding. Maybe it’s time to treat yourself to a new set of soft, luxury sheets. Buy the softest pillows and coziest blankets that your budget will allow as one of the great ways to love yourself.

21. Binge Watch A New Series

Of course, you don’t want to watch mindless television every evening. However, an excellent way to love yourself is to occasionally binge-watch when a new season arrives for your favorite show. Buy some healthy snacks, let voicemail get your calls, and spend the weekend relaxing and watching the entire season.

22. Call a Friend

Life can be so hectic that it’s easy to put a close friendship on the back burner. Take a few minutes of free time and call someone you haven’t chatted with in a while. The phone visit will make them happy, and you will benefit from their laughter and pleasant conversation.

23. Purchase Some Art

Have you ever noticed how some paintings and other works of art bring you instant joy? Show yourself a little kindness and bring beautiful art into your space. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be beautiful and speak to your soul.

24. Try a New Dish

Are you bored with the same food style day after day? Elevate your palate and experiment with cuisines from other countries. You may be surprised that some of these yummy dishes may become your new favorites.

25. Have Game Night

Television doesn’t need to be your only source of entertainment. Why not invest in some classic board games and have a family game night once a week? You could also invite friends over and have a few snacks and an evening of fun competition.

ways to love yourself
26. Write a Happiness List

Take a hint from the iconic song and write down some of your favorite things. They can be tangible or just the feeling that they give. When your moods need to be lifted, read over your list, and find a plethora of reasons to smile.

27. Count Your Blessings

Part of the ways to love yourself is to be more grateful for the things you have. In a society that pushes people to get more and more, you can find joy in the things that money can’t buy. Maybe you could start a gratitude journal to jot down your blessings and events of the day.

28. Have an Ice Cream Cone

Think of how delighted you felt as a child when you heard the jingles of your local ice cream truck pulling through the neighborhood. From the first frozen bite down to the last crunch of the cone, you felt loved and happy. Enjoy those memories and have a few dips of your favorite ice cream and toppings.

29. Meditate

When the cares of the world are wearing you thin, you can always find escape in the sanctuary of your mind. Meditation and mindful breathing can relax your mind and body. It can also help bring clarity to the situations that are affecting your life.

30. Start a Hobby

It’s never too late to learn a skill that you’ve always wanted to try. No matter the hobby, you can take classes, research the Internet, and talk to experienced people to learn more. You may not become another Leonardo Da Vinci or Mozart, but you can still practice becoming a decent painter or pianist.

31. Volunteer

When you help those in need, you also benefit from the feelings of altruism. Consider a cause closest to your heart and find ways that you can help. Most charitable organizations are searching for like-minded volunteers who can make a difference.

32. Plant a Victory Garden

Digging into the warm earth, planting a seed, and caring for it while it grows is something deeply satisfying. You can plant flowers, veggies, shrubs, or anything that you have time and space for. A few houseplants or flowerpots on your porch can beautify your space and make you happy.

33. Clear the Clutter

It’s challenging to love yourself when you are up to your eyeballs in clutter. Show yourself some love and get rid of things you no longer use or want. You’ll have more space for the beautiful items you love, and you’ll spend less time dusting and rearranging your overcrowded shelves.

34. Play with Your Kids

Even as an adult, you’re still a child at heart who loves to play. Relieve a little stress and make memories by playing with your kids. Have board game competitions, play ball in the backyard, or chase fireflies on a balmy summer evening.

35. Be A Cloud Watcher

Revive the wonder of your childhood and lie flat on your back in the park or your yard. You will instantly remember the magic of imagining forms in the clouds as they meander across the blue sky. It will bring a calmness and joy to your spirit that you may have forgotten years ago.

36. Take a Mini Vacation

Just because you don’t have a week or two to travel across the country doesn’t mean you can’t take a vacation. Even a staycation relaxing on the couch can relax the mind. And while the weekends are ideal for taking a little road trip to an exciting destination not far from home, you may be amazed when you discover the sites you’ve never explored in your city or state.

37. Be a Mentor

Do you have a unique talent or skill that you can share? When you become a mentor, your guidance can help create another generation of new talent. It’s the best way to keep valuable skills and talents alive and thriving and one of the best ways to love yourself as you do others.

38. Buy Some Cozy Pajamas

New pajamas may seem simple, but it’s one of the little ways to show yourself some love. Shop in a store or online for some of the softest, coziest pajamas you can buy. Elevate the fun, buy your whole family some new pajamas, and throw an impromptu family slumber party.

39. Sample Some Wine

It’s a myth that the best wines are too expensive for the average person. Many award-winning wines are well within just about any budget. Try new brands and vintages and discover which ones you like the best.

glass of wine
Here is what happens when you drink a daily glass of wine.

40. Start a Collection

There are no limits to the things that some people collect from the common to the bizarre. Have you ever wanted to gather some of your favorite things? Start with a few pieces you love and build on a manageable collection you’ll enjoy for years.

41. Explore Your Spirituality

You needn’t be a religious person to have a spiritual nature. Many people find meaning in their lives when they focus within. Some spiritual practices and traditions may resonate with you. It can also help you release traditions and beliefs that no longer serve you.

42. Write a Poem About Yourself

Don’t worry if you aren’t a skilled writer or can’t find many rhyming words. Poems come from the heart, and they don’t have to rhyme. Ponder some of your best points and try to put them into words.

43. Adopt a Sports Team

Maybe you don’t understand enough about a sport to think you can be a fan. If you’ve always wanted to be part of the sporting crowd, choose a team you can follow. You’ll find new friendships among sports fans and have a blast cheering for your favorite team.

44. Start a Daily Exercise Routine

Whether you are trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle, daily exercise is a must. Talk to your primary healthcare provider or a certified fitness trainer about a regimen that’s best for you. Exercise can help build and tone muscle and benefit your mental health.

45. Do Absolutely Nothing

Some spiritual traditions call this “being present in the moment.” You don’t have to do anything or think about anything. Just sit or lie down, give yourself a few minutes, and “be.” It can help restart your day with more clarity, compassion, and love for yourself.

46. Start a New Tradition

Traditions can include families, groups, or an individual. What are some things that are close to your heart that you can turn into a meaningful habit? As you incorporate these into your life, you may notice ones that have lost their purpose and can be replaced.

47. Try a New Recipe

Watching your favorite cooking shows on TV makes you want to get in the kitchen and whip up a masterpiece? The success of these shows is from showing you and other viewers how to try new recipes with confidence. Watch a play or copy some recipes you’ve wanted to try and surprise yourself with a delicious dish.

48. Enjoy the Birds

Birds are some of the most beautiful creatures on the earth. No wonder countless people enjoy feeding them, watching them fly, and listening to their songs. Put out a couple of birdfeeders on your porch, and they will reward you with endless hours of colorful flight and music.

49. Sing a Song

Your only venue for singing might be your morning shower, but it’s a great way to brighten your spirits. Crank up your favorite tunes and sing along. It’s also fun for singing enthusiasts to go to karaoke events in the area.

50. Practice Forgiveness

Are you holding on to bitterness, thinking it will affect the other person? Instead, it only makes you feel worse and robs you of joy. Forgiveness doesn’t excuse the offender but allows you to walk away from the situation and renew your spirits. Sometimes, quietly forgiving someone and walking away from an offense is the kindest response for your own mental health–and for the person who offended you.

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Final Thoughts on Learning New Ways to Love Yourself

It’s been said that you can’t love anyone until you learn ways to love yourself. Like any skill, it takes practice, patience, and compassion. As you shower yourself with love, it radiates to those around you.