Your third eye chakra is the sixth of seven chakras that make up your body’s energy centers. These energy centers are all connected to your physical and emotional life, determining whether your mind and body are in unison with your purpose.

You will experience unhappiness and other negative feelings when your chakras become blocked. The third eye chakra guides your spirit using inner knowledge and awareness.

Additionally, your third eye serves as a way to warn you about situations that you wouldn’t otherwise see. Finally, it allows you to understand that everything you experience in life is part of the overall plan.

Twelve Signs That Your Third Eye Chakra Is Blocked

If your third eye chakra is blocked, your perceptions will be off-balance, and the truth will seem out of reach. It also interferes with spiritual awakening. Knowing the signs that your third eye chakra is blocked can help you awaken your chakra and find happiness again.

third eye chakra
1. You Lose Sight of Your Dreams

If you feel disconnected from your dreams or sense that there is no way to reach them, this chakra is likely blocked. Likewise, if you completely forget your goals, it is a good sign of a blockage. A good indication of this happening to you is if you can’t identify your dreams anymore.

This chakra allows for inner visualization and a deep perception of the world. When it is blocked, you can’t experience that inner vision that the senses that come with it.

Sometimes you might notice that you can’t make a plan for reaching your goals. This struggle is another sign of a blockage because you can’t tap into your inner visualization to help guide you. As a result, you will feel like you lack direction and a lack of purpose in life.

Losing sight of your dreams usually occurs when you distrust yourself and your inner voice. As a result, your life perception becomes confused and unrecognizable.

2. You Have Judgmental Thoughts

Judgmental thoughts about the actions or choices of others indicate a blocked chakra. This behavior signifies an inability to embrace uniqueness in the world around you. If you notice that you subconsciously judge others or experience narrow-mindedness, a blocked chakra could be the reason.

3. You Feel Disconnected from Your Intuition or Natural Instincts

Feeling disconnected from your instincts or intuition is a sign of a blockage in your energy center. When there is no blockage, you will experience personal understanding through intuition. Find a way to unblock your chakra and reconnect if you notice a disconnect.

Intuition and instincts allow you to use personal insight and inner guidance to move through life. You will use your wisdom to problem-solve and make decisions. If you experience feeling lost or confused about your life track, you should check your third eye chakra.

4. Your Imagination is Lacking

With a blockage, you will be unable to perceive life and all of its potential. When your chakra awakens, you will create and form ideas and plans.

If you struggle with creative problem-solving, creation, or visualization, it is a sign of lacking imagination. You must find a wake to reawaken your chakra and allow the creativity to flow through you.

5. You Experience Light Sensitivity

Unexplained light sensitivity could indicate a blocked third eye chakra. Your pineal gland is linked to your third eye, causing sensitivity to light when it is blocked. The production of melatonin decreases, interrupting your natural circadian rhythms.

Your body should adjust naturally to the cycles of sunlight, so if it doesn’t, it proves there is a problem. Pay close attention to when the light sensitivity occurs. If it is when there is low or filtered light, it is proof of a blocked chakra.

6. You Consume too Many Processed Foods

You might not realize that the food you eat can be a sign of a blocked chakra, but it is. If you regularly consume processed foods, it indicates a blocked third eye chakra. What you eat affects your energy body, so try consuming whole foods instead.

Avoid foods that contain excessive additives and chemical modification. Switching the foods that you eat can quickly and effectively clear your chakra.

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7. You Feel Disconnected from Others

You might have a blocked chakra if you feel disconnected from other people, including those close to you. For example, the third eye chakra deals with feelings and experiences of oneness and unity. Those feelings can’t come through when it is blocked, and you feel disconnected.

You might notice that you feel less understanding of others and struggle with acceptance. This experience will be the case with even those you love and usually understand well. You will constantly question the validity of the people around you.

When your chakra awakens, you will see the perfect interconnection of everyone’s paths. You will see how everyone can work together and is already connected. Plus, you will see how other people are vital to your growth and development.

When your chakra is blocked, you will feel separate from everyone else. You will experience loneliness and isolation and struggle to develop meaningful connections. However, if you can clear the blockage, you will find a sense of community and belonging again.

8. You Live in Fear

Living in fear is never a good sign, and it is proof of a blocked chakra. Anytime you have an irrational fear that clouds your reasoning, you should find a way to clear the blockage. Some of the things you might fear include:

  • the truth
  • criticism
  • other people’s judgment
  • failure

Your fear might manifest as regret about the past or worry and anxiety about the future. Rather than thinking positively, you think of everything that could go wrong. Plus, you will believe that people are saying bad things about you even when they aren’t.

9. Your Sleeping Habits are Off

When your third eye chakra is blocked, it affects your melatonin production, interfering with your sleep cycle. As a result, you might experience insomnia, nightmares, or constantly feel lethargic. If you notice that your sleeping patterns are abnormal, consider whether your chakra is blocked.

Experiencing insomnia means you can’t get the quality or amount of sleep you need. You don’t wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested. Nightmares sometimes cause your insomnia, but not all the time.

Anytime you experience a dream that gives you overwhelming feelings of fear, it is a nightmare. You might not always remember the details, but you will likely carry the emotion with you after waking up. Nightmares signify fear-based energy within you, indicating a blocked chakra.

10. You are Depressed, Anxious, or Feeling Sad

Unusual depression or anxiety can indicate that your third eye chakra is blocked. A blocked chakra affects the production of serotonin, which affects your brain chemistry, moods, and emotions.

A shift can indicate a blockage if you don’t usually experience these feelings. Finding ways to stimulate the pineal gland can help alleviate these feelings.

11. You Feel Disconnected from Nature and the Universe

When you feel disconnected from nature or the universe as a whole, you likely have a chakra blockage. You might feel like you do not connect with nature and your environment. If this happens to you, you might subconsciously reject all spiritual feelings and ideas.

Other signs of a disconnect from the universe include feeling a lack of purpose and being devoid of ideas. In addition, you might notice a deep sense of longing for something that you can’t identify. Reversing these feelings is possible, but you must find a way to awaken your chakra.

To overcome this blockage, try spending more time in nature. Find a quiet place outdoors to meditate, practice mindfulness, or try new breathing techniques if you can. You will see things clearly, and the truth will appear in your heart and mind.

12. You Are Unable to Recognize the Truth

Anytime you can’t see the obvious truth, it is proof of a blocked third eye chakra. As a result, you will feel confused or disoriented as you try to see past the illusions of your mind.

Sometimes your inability to recognize the truth results from what you watch or listen to advertisements, and things on the internet. Anywhere that you experience programming and illusion, you are at risk of being deceived. However, you will see through these deceptions with an awakened third eye.

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Final Thoughts on Identifying When Your Third Eye Chakra Is Blocked

Recognizing that your third eye chakra is the first step to awakening it and starting fresh. Anytime there are imbalances or blockages, your mental and physical well-being can be affected. So help yourself feel and live better by finding ways to open your chakra.

Once you acknowledge that your third eye chakra is blocked, you can find ways to unblock it. Then, when you have reawakened your chakra, you can experience growth and development again.