Have you always felt like you had a sixth sense, or ESP, about things? Extrasensory perception essentially means you have psychic abilities that allow you to tap into a hidden realm of more profound knowledge about the universe.

For instance, when you get a gut feeling about something, and it turns out to be accurate, this can be classified as ESP. Maybe you had a warning about the future, and you see it play out in real life a few weeks later, for example.

People all over the world claim to have ESP in various ways, whether they can predict the future or use their abilities to talk to people’s deceased relatives. It all comes back to having an inner knowing about things most people can’t see and following one’s intuition for ultimate guidance.

How Your Senses Connect to ESP

According to psychic medium Rebecca Rosen, different types of psychic abilities correspond with our four senses, called clairsenses. Below, she explains how each of our minds holds intuitive psychic gifts that can help us navigate through life.


Clairvoyance means clear seeing.

This ability allows you to see visions of the past, present, and future through your third eye. If you often have premonitions that come real later on in life, you might have clairvoyance.

Clairaudience means clear hearing.

This awareness happens when you hear words or music that seems to pop into your head out of nowhere. Spirit sometimes sends us messages out of the blue when we least expect them, so if you happen to hear a voice out of nowhere, pay close attention. Your clairaudience psychic ability could be telling you something important about your life.

Clairsentience means clear feeling.

Clairsentience means the ability to feel things about yourself or others using your intuition. For instance, “gut” feelings fall into this category because they allow you to know something about a person or event without having direct sensory input. When you feel someone’s energy, you’re using clairsentience. Most people have this ability, but some people are more developed, such as empaths or energy healers.

Clairalience means clear smelling.

This gift is the ability to perceive odors that don’t seem to have a natural source. For instance, if you smell your deceased grandmother’s perfume all of a sudden, it could be a sign that she’s sending you love and warmth from the other side. If you have clairalience, you may find that certain smells seem to enter your field of awareness out of nowhere, connecting you to memories or people in your life.

Clairgustance means clear tasting.

This is the ability to taste something that you aren’t eating or drinking at the time. This experience usually happens when a deceased relative wants to remind us of fond memories where we ate or drank certain things with them. If you have clairgustance, you will find that your taste buds seem to have a life of their own, creating tastes that don’t have a natural source.

Claircognizance means clear knowing.

 This is when we have knowledge of people or events that seems to come from sources outside of our thoughts. Spirit may send you messages about events to warn you and others about them. Prophets have this ability, for instance, but anyone can have ESP about future happenings. If people often turn to you for your predictions, and you seem to have a track record of accurately forecasting events, you might have this psychic ability.

Now that you know about how ESP works through the various senses, we’ll go over some other signs you might have psychic abilities. Most people do, but they just haven’t tapped into them yet.

Here are 12 signs you might have ESP:

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  1. You are very intuitive.

If you can sense someone’s intentions based on their energy or know things before they happen, you probably have some level of ESP. For example, if you suddenly urge to call or text someone and they end up messaging you, you probably have well-developed intuition. Things others may call coincidences, you know have a deeper meaning to them.

  1. You have experienced déjà vu before.

Have you ever felt like you’ve met someone before or been to a specific place at some point in your past? Then you’ve likely experienced déjà vu. This means you’ve had past lives where you’ve met certain people or traveled to various places that will seem very familiar in this life.

  1. You have frequent visions.

Whether in your dreams or in waking hours, you have visions of the past, present, or future. This ESP ability allows you to predict future events using knowledge that seems to come from somewhere outside your mind, but you have an inner knowing that it’s true.

  1. You have gut feelings about people or events.

Similar to the visions, you get a lot of warnings about people or places using your gut feelings. If you can feel people’s vibes and often have an accurate perception of their intentions and overall demeanor, you probably have ESP.

  1. You experience telepathy.

Do you feel like you have a mental connection with people where you can read their thoughts? Perhaps you just know what someone is thinking and can finish their sentences for them. This experience is a clear sign of psychic abilities and means you have developed intuition as well.

  1. You’re a highly sensitive person.

You often feel overwhelmed in large crowds or noisy places. You need a lot of solitude to recharge and connect to your higher self. People who have psychic abilities often do the best working for themselves or in quiet places where they can hear their thoughts. Sensitive people may get made fun of, but they tend to have psychic abilities because of their heightened awareness.

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  1. You have psychometry.

Psychometry, or the psychic ability that allows someone to know a person’s or object’s history just by touching it, is a rare but powerful gift. Psychic mediums who can hear a deceased person’s voice and relay messages to loved ones have this ability. People who can recall details of a person’s life just by holding their hands also have this psychic ability.

  1. You have very vivid dreams.

If you wake up and remember vivid details of your dreams, this is a sign you might have ESP. People who experience lucid dreams usually remember symbols and essential themes related to their current situation. They may have recurring dreams that have deep-rooted meanings about people or events in their lives. People with vivid dreams may also feel they are warnings about the future.

  1. You can just sense when something terrible is about to happen.

Do you have flare-ups of anxiety or depression before something big happens? For instance, before major political events or a global crisis, you might have this gut feeling something will occur soon. Or, you may have trouble sleeping or experience nightmares. All of these point to ESP, because your heightened sense of awareness and intuition allows you to know something before it happens.

  1. You gravitate toward healing careers or hobbies.

Do you like working with energy? For example, people who enjoy massage therapy, reiki, acupuncture, or other healing modalities as careers may have ESP. If you’d instead work with the energies you can’t see instead of working with tangible objects. You probably have psychic abilities.

  1. You can heal.

If you’ve ever laid hands on someone who’s sick or in distress and they instantly feel better, you probably have ESP. This gift is a clear sign of having intuitive gifts because you’re able to heal someone just with intentions and focused awareness.

  1. You can sense the energies of two places at once.

Have you ever been sitting in a cafe somewhere and had a strong premonition about an event happening halfway across the world? If so, this is a sign you might have ESP. People who are highly intuitive and psychically gifted tend to feel the energies of multiple places at once. If you feel as though you’re actually at the destination in your vision, you probably have psychic gifts.

Final Thoughts on the 12 Signs of ESP

Most people have some level of psychic abilities, but not all are aware of them. To sum it up, if you feel like you have an inner “knowing” about something, or have compelling visions of the past or future, you likely have ESP. Also, if you identify as an empath or highly sensitive person, this is another indicator that you probably have psychic gifts.

Those who can tap into the hidden energies that make up this universe have essential knowledge and awareness to bring into this realm. If you’d like to tap into your gifts, learn to meditate and get to know your higher self, as this will help you access your intuition.