Have you always felt like a square peg in a world of round ones? How many times have you had a gut feeling about something, and it turned out to be true? The phone rings, and you often know who it is before you look at the caller ID.  Do you chalk it up as a series of coincidences, or is there more to it? Maybe you have a special gift from the psychic realm. Have you ever considered that you could be clairvoyant?

Understanding Psychic Gifts

Clairvoyance is a French word that means to see clearly. People who claim to be clairvoyant have misty glimpses into the future, also called premonitions. They claim to see people, places, and events in the past and the ability to foretell the future.

Occult experts label psychic gifts in a bundle called Extra Sensory Perception, or ESP. According to them, some people have a heightened awareness that can affect one or more of their five senses. For this reason, ESP is often called the sixth sense.

In addition to clairvoyance, you may have clairaudience, which means you hear clearly into another realm. If you are psychically empathetic, you may tune into smells and tastes from the past, called clairscent and clairgustance. A heightened sense of touch is known as clairtangency.

A person can have one or all these clairsenses, but the most common is clairvoyance. Perhaps you have the gift of mediumship and can channel your energy into the spirit realm for answers about the future. If you do have a special gift, you are among millions of people who have claimed to have one in the past and present.

For the spiritually intuitive, feelings about others and situations go beyond what they seem. As you explain things, you may often use the words feel and see rather than think. It’s not that you aren’t intellectual. Instead, it means that your brain and spirit are in sync.


Am I Clairvoyant? (20 Questions That Reveal Your Gift)

If you want to probe further into your psychic abilities, there are simple ways to confirm them. Instead of hiding your special gift, perhaps it’s time to embrace it. Here are twenty things that reveal you could be clairvoyant.

1. Have You Always Felt Different?

Clairvoyant people usually say that they never fit into their family or community as a youth. Maybe it’s because they could see and hear things other people couldn’t. If you’ve always felt like an outsider and someone born out of your time, you might have the gift of clairvoyance.

2. Do You Have an Affinity for Animals and Nature?

Are you most comfortable when you are surrounded by your loving pets or in the great outdoors? Can you look into an animal’s eyes and feel a psychic bond? In many ancient and modern cultures, animals are deemed to have a unique connection to the spirit world.

3. Do You Have Vivid Dreams That Often Come True?

Perhaps family and friends have always called you a dreamer. If you have clairvoyance, you often have vivid dreams and can recall them with ease. Some of your dreams may be so lucid, and you may feel like you are awake.

While some dreams can be the result of creative imagination or overeating at night, others may be too realistic to disregard. Furthermore, many of your dreams often become a reality. It’s a hallmark of clairvoyance.

4. Do You Often Experience Déjà vu?

You visit a town that you’ve never been in, and the whole layout seems strangely familiar. Have you ever been introduced to a new person and felt you have always known her? The French call it déjà vu, a feeling that you’ve been somewhere or known someone in the past.

5. Have You Seen Spirits of The Departed?

If you are clairvoyant, you may have had your share of supernatural visitors. Some of these spirits may be dearly departed loved ones or people that you’ve never met. Often, these spirits convey messages to you from beyond the grave.

deceased loved one

6. Do You Often Hear Disembodied Voices?

Clairvoyance is usually accompanied by clairaudience, and you may hear voices that other people can’t. If these voices are menacing and encouraging you to harm yourself or others, you may be battling mental illness and need medical attention. However, clairvoyants can see and hear people who have passed and usually have positive interactions.

7. Do You Have a Paranormal Pedigree?

Psychic gifts are usually passed from one generation to the next. As you talked to your parents, grandparents, and other loved ones over the years, did they ever share stories about their psychic abilities? You can claim your rightful heritage of clairvoyance.

8. Are There Energy Surges When You Walk into a Room?

Clairvoyance and other psychic gifts are energy forces, just like electricity. If you are psychically charged, it may affect appliances and lightbulbs when you enter a room. It’s a sure sign that you’re in tune with your clairvoyance and other psychic abilities.

9. Have You Always been a Daydreamer?

You’ve admitted that you are a lucid dreamer at night, but do you also have vivid daydreams? Some people call them visions or premonitions. Do you often see events playing like a movie even before they happen? You may be experiencing a second sight.

10. Have You Always Had an Affinity for the Paranormal?

You’ve heard of the law of attraction, that like calls to like. Maybe the reason you’ve always been drawn to the paranormal phenomenon and psychic abilities is that you are gifted. Your clairvoyant nature resonates with the supernatural world around you.

11. Did You Have Imaginary Friends as a Child?

Children often create imaginary friends as their creativity blossoms. Sometimes, their make-believe playmates are products of loneliness. However, the kids whom only you could see as a child may not have been imagination, but the spirits of departed children.

12. Do You Have a Unique Eye for Beauty?

If you have clairvoyance, your natural eyes are usually as keen as your spiritual ones. Supernaturally gifted people often excel in the arts and have an exceptional appreciation for all things beautiful. You may feel most comfortable when you are surrounded by the splendor that mirrors those in your mind.

13. Are You Drawn to Certain People?

As a spiritual empath, you have probably been attracted to certain people through the years without understanding why. In your psychic eyes, maybe you identify with a person because of her psychic abilities, or you have a warning about her. Either way, your clairvoyance is a life-long magnet for these things.

psychic power

14. Do You Often See Strange Flashes of Light?

Before you claim this as a spiritual sign, be sure that a medical condition isn’t the reason. However, those with clairvoyance often see brief flashes of light or strange orbs floating around the corner of their eyes. If you experience this, you may have a heightened sense of a presence in the room.

15. Do You Often Feel Like Someone is Watching You?

As unnerving as it sounds, clairvoyants often sense that others from another dimension are watching them. You may sense this too, as well as chills going up and down your spine and getting goosebumps. Perhaps the spirit world is trying to communicate with you.

16. Are You a Psychic Sensory Gage?

Those who are spiritually sensitive are often blasted by sensory impulses as soon as they enter a spiritually charged room. You may feel temperature changes or feel an unexplained heaviness in your soul. Light flashes or orbs usually accompany these impulses.

17. Do You Have a Keen Sense of Direction?

Maybe one of the reasons that women often have a better sense of direction than men is because they are more apt to be clairvoyantly gifted. Your sixth sense often guides you with confidence in places you’ve never been to. You may instinctively know directions without technical guidance.

18. Are You Often A Good Judge of Character?

While we all can be fooled sometimes by a clever chameleon, you may often size people up accurately. Have you ever met someone who seems genuine and pleasant, but your inner voice sends up red flags? Your clairvoyance could be warning you to stay away.

19. Do You Think You Have a Spiritual Gift?

If you are clairvoyantly gifted, some of the things you have shared with people over the years rang true to them. Do you ever have an overwhelming urge to share a warning about a friend with him, and not know why? Perhaps you’ve been told more than once that your foresight was right on target.

20. Do You Believe You’ve Lived Before?

Many people with psychic abilities attribute them to past lives. If you have lived before, maybe your mind remembers details and stores them in your collective memory banks. Your visions could be in part from the scenes and experiences from another incarnation.

Final Thoughts on Embracing Your Clairvoyant Gifts

Just by wondering if you have clairvoyance suggests you already know the answer. Of course, you do, because it’s your destined gift. If you can answer yes to some or all these questions, you may consider ways to enhance your gifts to help others on their paths.