7 Signs of A Psychic Attack

7 Signs of A Psychic Attack

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People who experience a psychic attack are often afraid to come forward. That’s because they fear nobody will believe them. However, some victims know that there is nothing physically wrong with them and that are feeling one or more of these seven signs of attack.

Unfortunately, there are some malicious people with the knowledge of how to psychically attack others. So let’s look at some ways that you can defend yourself from a psychic attack.

7 Signs of A Psychic Attack (And How You Can Defend Yourself)

Beliefs about the psychic attack can be found in many cultures, from Russia to China, from India to those who study the Jewish tradition of Kabbalah. One Chinese study of colorectal cancer and the risk factors associated with it concluded that psychic attack was a factor that should be considered as a potential cause of poor health in patients.

A psychic attack is used to harm another person by manipulating and controlling them, by sending negative energy toward them. This mental manipulation occurs without your knowledge. Furthermore, it can cause physical symptoms similar to an illness, It can also cause a depressed mood, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts.

If you have concerns about feeling any of these symptoms, seek a medical professional to rule out a physical illness, but also seek a psychological consultation to rule out mental problems as well. Once you know that these are not factors in your condition, seek to safely remove yourself from the person you suspect of psychic attack.


1. Exhaustion followed by deep sleep

Dion Fortune, renowned psychic and author of Psychic Self-Defense says that she was attacked by a woman who used the power of thought manipulation to plant false ideas in her mind and convince her give false testimony against a former coworker. After the woman told Dion what her version of the truth was, she says ‘to my intense surprise I found myself agreeing with her in a series of entirely baseless charges against the character of a man I had no reason to believe to be otherwise than perfectly straight. The same exhaustion and the same dead sleep descended upon me immediately after this interview.’

2. Questioning your sanity

Negative thoughts that did not come from yourself can make you question your sanity following a psychic attack. Knowing yourself well enough to recognize a foreign or intrusive thought that is unusual is key to recognizing this sign of a psychic attack.

3. Frightening dreams of being attacked

A violent nightmare may be a sign of a psychic attack. Examples of these types of frightening dreams are a feeling of heaviness on your chest, trouble breathing, or an intense fear of being held down or choked.

4. Feelings of hypnosis

Psychic suggestion is one method of manipulation that is similar to hypnosis and it is a sign of a psychic attack. Do you feel trapped in a trance state not achieved through meditation? Indeed, it may be a sign of forced hypnosis or a psychic attack on you.

Although the psychic attack is not rooted in a specific spirituality, followers of occult magic know how to use psychic attacks as black magic. Thus, wearing a cross or blessed religious item on your person can help you defend yourself from these attacks.

5. Extreme fears that are unrealistic

A rational explanation may not be evident to you when you feel frozen by fear. This is a similar feeling to a panic attack, but it can last much longer. Rapid breathing, fast heartbeat, sweating, and nervousness are all symptoms of anxiety, but not being able to leave your home for days due to intense fear is a sign of a psychic attack.


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