Do you ever have feelings of Deja Vu, as you’ve experienced certain events before? Do you ever have a “feeling” that things are going to happen before actually experiencing them? Have you experienced a dream that has come true? Or do you happen to think or say something at the same time as someone else? Then you are using what is known as your “sixth sense.”

Your sixth sense can help you navigate your way through life—to better relationships, improved health and well being, and even success in your career. It can help you to realize your full potential and lead a life that you were always destined to live.

What is the sixth sense?

Your sixth sense is an inner sense of guidance. So use those intuitive promptings that urge you to take specific steps in life that lead you in a “right and true” direction for you. It is a cumulative power of all your other senses—sight, sound, taste, touch, smell. Indeed, these senses culminate to form a stronger sense of inner knowing.

We are all born with inherent tendencies; the degree to which we develop them will make an impact on our lives and the lives of those around us as we seek to build these inner knowings that lead us, quite often, to bigger and better things.

We experience higher levels of intuition when keen insight, subconscious nudges, and senses bring us to a conclusion that would otherwise not be reached using the five senses. When trying to understand your extra sense, it is essential to keep in mind that everyone has it, it has its basis in science, and it is not to be feared.

You have most likely already used this sense to navigate your way through life; it is just as powerful and beneficial as the rest of your senses, if not more! Your intuition will lead you to magical places if you allow the power inside of you to be expressed through you, and these places can definitely be more exciting than if you were to approach the world through your five-sense lens.

As you develop your powers of intuition, they add a whole new dimension to life and living, empowering us with confidence and infusing us with passion.

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Can you develop your sixth sense?

This psychic ability is not only innate. It can be developed. In fact, you are probably already using your natural skills to predict specific outcomes in your life.

Stories abound of people who get a “bad feeling” about a flight, so they cancel their trip. Later, the person finds out that the plane they were to be riding on has crashed.

Others have a nudge that they should call to check on a neighbor or loved one. Upon arrival, they find that the person they have had a prompting to call has suffered an illness or injury and needs care.

The more you work with this “power” to develop it, the more you will be guided to those types of experiences that increase your faith in your abilities.

Taking some “natural” steps to exercise your “supernatural” powers could lead you to magical things in your life.

Consider these ways to work with and sharpen your sixth sense:

1. Take time out

We live in a busy, noisy world. The more you can tune into the wisdom of silence within you, the more likely it is that you will hear your inner voice speaking to you. It may not come in words, but pictures, hunches, and feelings; begin to act on the information that is given to you and open yourself up to the process of trusting your intuition.

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2. Listen to your gut

We don’t say “gut feelings” for nothing—-we’ve all had those feelings roiling around in our midsections that tell us to steer clear of danger or to move toward a particular outcome. It may seem illogical at first, but the more you follow this gut feeling, the more likely it is that it will lead you in a real direction for your situation.

3. Follow the signs

The more you open yourself up to the possibility of a sixth sense in yourself and others, the more synchronicities will begin to show up in your life. Do you hear the same song over and over? Does a particular animal or icon catch your eye? Pay attention to the signals the universe is giving you; there may be hidden meaning in these visible clues.

4. Take note of when you experience your sixth sense

At times, your sixth sense may present you with a lightbulb moment. This occurrence may be a flash of inspiration, an answer to a problem, or a burst of awareness that leads you to a new level of understanding. Take notice of the events, and celebrate them as they happen. The more you acknowledge and appreciate your inner wisdom, the more likely you are to see moments like these happening regularly.

5. Guess!

Don’t take your psychic ability too seriously; play with your inner powers, and don’t be afraid to guess once in a while—who knows? You might hit the mark. Try to predict who is calling you, or see how many emails you will encounter when you open up your account. Playing with inconsequential outcomes such as these will increase your faith as you discover that you can be right—most of the time.

6. Pay attention to your dreams and visions

Whether you acknowledge it or not, we all have dreams and inner visions that lead us in a specific direction. Pay attention to the information that you get, and ask what the purpose of this information is and how it is meant to serve you in life. Asking will open up a whole new world of answers, and the ride is exhilarating.

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7. Write it down!

When you first begin to open to the world of intuitive awareness, it can seem very overwhelming and a bit frightening. As you go through your daily experiences, begin to write down those “stories” that seem outlandish or unbelievable. If nothing else, they will be good conversation pieces as you start to share your experience with others. Revisiting your process as you look over past diaries will give you confidence that you chose to follow something valid.

8. Pay attention to your feelings

Have you ever met someone and had an instant “feeling” about them? When walking home on a dark evening, have you ever been tempted to look behind you to see if someone is following you? Those feelings are real, and you should pay attention to them.

If so, your own hunches are attempting to speak to you and guide you in a specific direction. Over time, these feelings will get more reliable and more persistent. So always be grateful for them, for they can lead you to opportunities, help you avoid calamity, and keep you safe from harm.

9. Visualize, and speak your intentions

Your subconscious mind, intuition, and dreams regularly speak to you; you should consider sending messages back to your subconscious!

Visualize an inevitable outcome. Or, tell your subconscious mind what you wish to achieve or accomplish in a situation. Perhaps you can plant a seed that will later bloom into the outcome that you intended.

The more you can develop a path between your conscious intent and your subconscious mind, the more it will go to work for you. Eventually, it will present itself in the form of people, places, and experiences that will move you toward your goals.

10. Stop saying “no”

To open up to your sixth sense completely, you must stop saying “no” to those inner hunches as they come through.

When you ask, be prepared for an answer, and do not brush off that inner voice that is trying to communicate with you. It may not be an answer that you are ready to receive or accept. But the process is not about getting the answer you want every single time. Instead, it’s about letting information come through that may serve a higher purpose to you or to someone else.

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Final thoughts on sharpening your sixth sense to make serious breakthroughs

Like any sense or ability, you must practice with your intuition for it to bloom. Only them can you put it to work for you. As you do, you will eventually be able to call on your abilities at a moment’s notice; you may also wish to incorporate other healing modalities into your training for additional benefits. Practices like yoga, meditation, and tai chi all do their part to sharpen your skill and make the process of “at-will” direction even more accessible.

The more you use your sixth sense abilities, the more sensitive they will become. Enhanced intuition is healing for yourself and for others. Indeed, you will learn to eventually shift your focus in life from one of fear and separation to one of love and gratitude. This change will make your daily walk with intuition even more powerful and impactful.