Many of us live with fear and anxiety dictating our daily lives. The more fear we carry, the tighter we hold on to the idea of control. We want to control relationships, situations, and events. As we go through our days, we realize that there is something deeper guiding us, and that control is an illusion. The most beautiful thing you can do to honor your intuition is to accept the messages without judgment. We begin to understand that these little whispers are there for a higher purpose. This inner guidance is an internal GPS that lets you know right from wrong.

Here are 5 ways to strengthen your intuition:

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1. Meditation and Prayer

The moment the mind detaches from the egotistical programming, you witness the space that flourishes and pushes intuition. Meditation changes the brain function by reducing the blood pressure and pain responses. It also awakens other parts of the brain that release hormones to help in depression and anxiety. The act of shutting down the brain and allowing for thoughts to come and go without controlling them is imperative for strengthening your gut reaction. Meditation allows for you to “check in” with the higher self. Making time for meditation and contemplation is important for reaching a higher state of awareness.

2. Visualization

Visual imagery is a form of stress relief. When you envision a happy place or visualize something you want, joy takes over. Bliss moves from a higher frequency in consciousness thus making space for intuition to take over. Visualization has no limitations. Your mind is able to create anything it desires. You can do this through various ways: journaling, painting, collages, writing, music, or any other tool that you can sense. We are moved through our sense of smell, taste, seeing, touching, and hearing. When you feel it through these senses the brain opens up and clears the clutter of negative thoughts.

3. Mantras and Affirmations

Affirmations elevate the state of your thoughts to positive intentions. The repetition of words helps with your intuitive levels. Daily affirmations create goals which provide powerful direction in our subconscious. Simply saying, “I am powerful. I am healthy. I am always balanced and centered.” are ways of stating and setting aspirations. Your mind, body and spirit are always affected by words, those you say to yourself and those you say about others. Making a practice of creating positive thoughts is an excellent exercise for the spirit.

4. Let go of the daily routines

Being spontaneous and breaking monotony helps create a balanced state of awareness. Playfulness and creativity raise you to states of euphoria. Most people have to work. Many have families and endless responsibilities. A break in normal daily activities helps overcome the “rut” of boredom. You get to decide today if you want to take a different road to work, or simply stop at that bookstore on the way back from town. You are responsible for your own joy-making activities. This simple gesture of switching things up helps raise your consciousness.

5. Detect, accept and reject.

You are human. Things will come up with self-doubt and issues of insecurity. When these things come up remember to detect them. Don’t ignore their presence. Sometimes it’s about allowing a release. Secondly, accept whatever it’s trying to move through you. Honor those emotions. You are who you are because of all that has happened to you in the past. Thirdly, reject what is not of importance. The more you disconnect from drama from others (or your own) the easier it is to listen to your inner voice. Sometimes old programming and beliefs come up when you are making a decision. Detect these stories. Accept what you can from them and reject the rest.

The mind is powerful. When we allow it to do its job without demands, judgment, and control it produces magic. Most of us live in rigid states of stress. Shutting down the ego and letting our higher self guide is the best thing you can do in your life for yourself. Your intention is your mind’s hidden potential that is there for everything you want and need. It’s like having your own genie in a bottle. The only way to strengthen intuition is to be guided by your feelings.

Intuition is the highest form of intelligence, transcending all individual abilities and skills.” ~ Sylvia Clare