A clairvoyant is a person that can see beyond the physical realm into the spiritual one. You can communicate with a world that many doubts exist and receive spiritual guidance from the angels. It’s a unique ability that comes with great responsibility.

Clairvoyance is one of many spiritual gifts, and it should not be confused with other callings. Everyone has the power to open themselves to see and receive messages from beyond. You must commit to open your third eye to see into mystic realms. You may take online classes with a Witchcraft Teacher to open up your spiritual abilities.

Once this gateway opens, you can receive guidance, wisdom, and truth to help you and others.

Start with the Basics of Clairvoyance

If you want to delve into spiritual gifts, then you must start with the basics. Do you have an intuitive nature? It’s always best to have a basis in which you can build. Usually, someone who has callings knows it long before they ever come to terms with it.

Do you have visions, dreams, or see things that you don’t understand? Perhaps, part of your spiritual awakening is to accept what you already know to be true. You must make a conscious choice to open these pathways and allow information to flow.

Many people don’t understand that your spiritual gifts have always been there, but it’s waiting for you to accept them. Your unbelief can block the spiritual world from communicating with you, and it can make you miserable until you come to terms with the callings on your life.

Here are six signs you are on a journey to a spiritual awakening.

Every Person Observes Spirit Differently

Each spiritual ability is unique and is subject to interpretation. Spirit can give you the same dream as another, but you will have a different understanding of it. It doesn’t mean that one person is higher on the spiritual ranks than another; it just means that one sees things differently.

It’s hard to grasp this concept as people think that psychics or mediums might have enhanced skills over clairvoyance. Everyone can open their third eye, but some don’t stop with just one gift as they want all spirt has to offer them.

Don’t ever let someone make you feel inferior to their abilities. You don’t have to bow to anyone who tufts their skills as you have the same power within you. Everyone is born clairvoyant, but few choose to open the door to walk into this realm.

Clearing the Blockages to Clairvoyance

How many times have you heard that a baby can see or perceive into divine realms? When you are born into this world, your third eye opens, and naysayers haven’t poisoned you. Sadly, most children have their gifts blocked or closed for whatever reason.

As you age, you may want to address the blockages to re-open your third eye. Did you know that many children have psychic experiences that they don’t know how to explain? They may not tell anyone because they don’t know how to put things into words, or they’re afraid of rejection.

If you have a child, they may see ghosts walking through your home, spiritual mists wafting about in your hallway, or see an energy field around someone. They don’t know how to label the things they see.

Does your child drawn unique pictures or have an imaginary friend? Many choose to communicate with spirit without telling anyone. They fear they will become an outcast, so they remain silent. These children need to have the power to develop their clairvoyance as they may later want to enhance these callings.

Fear and negativity are the most significant blockages in the spiritual world. Your worries will block your clairvoyance. Even if you have a unique gift, the ability can be turned down or off due to your fears. If your child came to you and said that they saw a ghost in their bedroom, the first thing you would do is downplay their visions.

As a parent, you want your child to rest easy and not be fearful of things that many children dread. However, your child may have seen something, and you downplayed it. Now, you’re an adult, and you want to enhance your abilities, but you are left with the dubious task of clearing the blockages from decades of negativity and fear.

third eye
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Canceling Fears

We’ve established that fear is the biggest block in the path of your spiritual awakening. Religious sectors often used fear tactics and said that psychic gifts are evil and not from God. Thankfully, this statement is not valid. Being intuitive is all part of your spiritual makeup.

Another common fear that people must overcome occurs from a past life. Remember the Salem Witch Trials? People didn’t understand the gifts, so they thought that these enlightened individuals were evil witches. Thus, the people lost their lives because of the fear others carried.

You might have experienced traumatic events in your past that have affected your life today. The fears from things that happen to you in another realm might block your gifts. You may have the fear that you will lose control when you are communicating with, and you won’t be able to stop anything scary that you might see.

Once you learn how to release the fear, then you can open your third eye with ease. How does one release the doubt when it’s been a part of them for so long? Well, the first thing you can do is ask Archangel Michael to help you.

You need help to clear your mind, body, and spirit from all negativity surrounding you. Ask for help to see into the realms of the soul. With each breath you take, you can release the fear and negativity that has held you down for so long.

Affirmations to Increase Vibrations

Fear is not the only reason why you may have your spiritual gift blocked. Did you know that you may have problems opening your third eye based on your diet, lifestyle, and substance use? Think of the spirit world as a biofeedback system.

Anything that lowers your vibrations can decrease your abilities to walk into the gift of clairvoyance. However, you can increase your vibrations by using positive affirmations. Say the following things out loud every day:

  • I will embrace my clairvoyance.
  • It’s safe for me to open my eyes to see the spiritual world physically.
  • I will remember my dreams and visions.
  • I’m a clairvoyant that is highly visual.
  • I will love and approve of myself.

Did you have problems saying those things? If they don’t flow freely from you, then you still have fears or doubts blocking your path. Say these things over and over and till you can reprogram yourself to live profoundly as a clairvoyant.

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Calling on the Angels

You know that you can call on Archangel Michael, but he’s not the only divine being that can help you with the process. Did you know that archangels are generals over the angels and powerful allies to assisting you with your spiritual awakening?

These mighty messengers of the divine are there to assist with your physical and spiritual eyesight. If you are unsure of who you should call on for help, then here is a list of the most commonly used spirit guides:


Raziel is an archangel that is known to supervise both the secrets and mysteries of the universe, and he can help you to develop your psychic abilities.


Haniel is known for her ability to help you become more intuitive and to improve your clairvoyance. She can help with your third eye-opening since she has close connections to the moon’s energy. Ironically, she is also a clairvoyant.


Orion is a great teacher and guides into the spiritual realms, and he is a powerful ally to keep in your corner. He can help you to use the authorities of the universe to raise your vibration levels, which will also cleanse your energy as well as bring abundant blessings into your life.


To delve into the divine, you may need to cleanse your chakras and open your clairvoyance. The archangel Metatron can help you to release all the fears and negativity that holds you back from your spiritual gifts.


Final Thoughts on Developing Your Clairvoyance

We are all spiritual beings, and there is nothing wrong with you wanting to know more about the world we see and the one many cannot. Remember that each person will perceive information from spirit differently. Some will be psychics, while others tend to be more clairvoyant.

You may sense something, while others can see a vision of it. It’s all the same spirit working with you to guide you. Embrace the gifts and powers that you’ve been given and erase fear and negativity from your life. Lastly, remember that you have the archangels standing by ready to help you.