We are at a crossroads in a spiritual movement. We are desperately trying to make sense of the ever-changing world. People have grown tired of shopping, eating out, purchasing expensive homes and cars, or traveling to fill the void inside. Therefore, we find that the desire to experience a positive shift in vibrational energy is on a rise these days. People are actually enriching their lives while being on a faithful quest with spiritual perception.

We are taking better care of ourselves while trying to connect with a higher vibrational energy within our physical body. There is a divide between religion and spirituality. When asked what he believed in, Albert Einstein responded, “My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind.”

Here are 7 ways to experience a positive vibrational shift:

1. Reconnect with your soul.

Within our busy lives, we forget what’s important. We forget the dreams from childhood. We forget to nourish our souls while creating more of what brings us joy. The first step to increase your spiritual awareness is to unlock all the passion and desires that you have been putting away for another time. There is no assurance of tomorrow. You do yourself a great injustice when you keep putting your soul on hold. You are required to love you before anyone else.

You hold the secrets to your future by tapping into your dreams. Speak to your inner child. You can reach these moments of awareness through writing, music, painting and any other form of creating. Your imagination is a direct source to consciousness. When you connect to yourself in a loving and playful manner, your vibrational energy expands and evolves.

2. Connect with nature.


Naturalist and author, John Muir, expresses it beautifully when he wrote, “The clearest way in the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” Being in nature allows for connection to the self, to the world, and to the expansion of space and time. If you want to increase your spiritual awareness, spend time alone outdoors. Go for walks, hikes, and study the greatness of this earth. Trees, the ocean, mountains, valleys and rivers show us how things move without expectation or pretenses. In nature, everything moves at its own rhythm. There is a invaluable quality to the way seasons change and nature reacts. There is an incredible presence of awe-stricken greatness.

3. Laugh often.

Laughter heals us. When we are in a moment of joy, our biological composition changes. Hormones are released. We are elevated to a state of higher consciousness. Laughter brings us into a deeper awareness of our own greatness. UCLA professor of cognitive neuroscience, Sophie Scott, has explained the psychology behind laughter. She starts off by explaining “how during states of high emotional arousal (whether joy or pain) we often use non-verbal sounds to communicate our feelings.”

When neuroscientists look into our brains while we laugh, they find a lot of neural activity that suggests our brains “get ready to laugh whenever we hear it. This suggests that laughing may be something that is supposed to be shared between individuals.” Laughter opens us up to raise our awareness in a physiological, emotional and spiritual way.

4. Meditation, contemplation and prayer.

Whenever we spend time alone in meditation, contemplation or prayer, we are connecting to something outside of ourselves. We get out of our own way. It is during these channels of communication and solace that we find inner peace. In a state of harmony, grace and assurance are birthed. Meditation allows for the mind to release the chit-chatter so we can listen. Prayer asks the questions that we long for answers. Contemplation is the union of the two. Making time for these personal moments increases your spiritual awareness and expands your soul’s yearning for tranquility.

5. Get plenty of sleep.

It is important to have a sleep routine so that your body can relax every day. Your body requires 6 to 8 hours a night of peaceful sleep to regenerate. When you have a restful night, you can function accordingly with your day. You can also feel at ease with your thoughts. Our thoughts need rest, and sleep allows for this to happen. We have become a society addicted to our every thoughts. A good night of restful sleep helps adjust our thoughts and emotions. Spiritual awareness arrives when we are in tune with our thoughts, rather than manipulating them. Our dreams are also messages from consciousness. Dreams can be doors into other spiritual connections.

6. Embrace humanity.

Whenever we leave our own drama and help another, we enter into a state of spiritual awareness. We shift our perceptions and allow for something greater than ourselves to take over. Helping another soul is an instant form of connection with divinity. Compassion, kindness, empathy and love raise our vibrational frequency. Selfless acts of humanity help us identify with grace. Spiritual richness comes from acceptance and allowing humanity to join together. Strangers become friends, because we see divinity looking through their eyes.

7. Become aware of your awareness.

We place expectations in everything we do, even in trying to reach a higher spiritual awareness. When you become mindful of your thoughts and actions, you start to see the world in a different manner. You start to not care about rationalizing everything. Spiritual awareness has no need for control. The analytical mind drops off, and you accept things as they are, not as you want them to be. You begin to live by synchronicity and serendipity. You recognize space as present. Your awareness increases with the level of conscious shifting. It happens slowly, but being mindful of your breath and thoughts helps reduce stress and anxiety. You recognize that fear is an illusion of control.

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The greatest reward of choosing to live a life of spiritual connection is allowing and accepting things without the need to push and pull them to fit the ego. Your mind, body and spirit live in harmony. We are still human. We will still be exploring the deepest corners of the mind and emotions, but it becomes easier to navigate this world when we are aware of something greater than ourselves.

“To begin to understand your Soul as an integral part of yourself and begin to connect with your Soul as a part of your full being and your true nature, is the beginning of wisdom and the portal to true joy.” ~ Genevieve Gerard