15 Signs of a Spark Between Two People

15 Signs of a Spark Between Two People

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You’re sitting in a crowded room, you turn, and suddenly your eyes meet another person’s eyes.  You feel an immediate attraction, a connection to that person. Is it real? Many people wonder how to know. So, what are 15 signs of a spark between two people?

15 Signs of a Spark When Two People Feel Mutual Attraction

1. Body language

One of the first signs that there are sparks between two people is often their body language. They may lean in towards one another when they talk or touch arms when they share something. Their expression says,” I want to be close to you,” and “I’m attracted to you.”

They may touch hands, pat one another on the back, or lean on one another’s shoulders to show they are interested. Body language is a good sign. However, it can be deceptive, so keep an eye out for other giveaways as well.


2. Eye contact

Continually looking at one another is a sure sign that sparks are going off between two people. Usually, they can’t take their eyes off of one another. It’s as if they are like two magnets being pulled together by their eyes.

You find yourself looking at the other person’s nose and mouth, their eye color, and their body. Everything about them is interesting to you. It’s fun to watch this happen to two people,  but of course, it’s most fun if you experience it yourself.

3. Smiling

Lots and lots of smiles, you can’t stop laughing at the person when you’re attracted to them. They make you happy to see them, and they feel the same. This behavior is a sure sign of sparks ignited between the two of you. Studies found that when the flashes of romantic love ignite, your brain kicks up the level of dopamine that stimulates your brain’s pleasure center. You feel pleasure and happiness, so you smile. You have a crazy, happy-looking smile that other people notice right away as a sign of sparks flying around.

4. Infatuated

They’ve captured your attention, you’re curious about them, you wonder what they’re like. This is infatuation. It’s often one of the first things you feel when you catch the eyes of that person across the room. It’s a draw and desire to know more. Infatuation isn’t wrong, but by its very definition, it is a short term kind of passion that will go away.

It won’t kill the sparks, but infatuation is often based on the intrigue of not totally knowing someone. So your infatuation will go away,  but you can still be attracted to them as you get to know them.

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5. Stomach flip flops

When there are sparks between you and someone else, you may feel your stomach doing flip flops, or some people call it butterflies. Studies show that every culture has a different way of describing this emotional state. But when you feel this, you feel an attraction to the other person.

Of course, over time, your stomach feelings will change, but it’s usually a sign of sparks between two people.

6. Look forward to being together

You can’t wait to see the person even though you’ve just met. You feel like you’ve known them for years, and you want to know them more. This is a sure sign of a spark if you look forward to being together. You don’t care if you go for a walk, a drive through the country or to a little restaurant down the street, you just want to be together again.

It’s a good sign that you want to be together. This feeling really shouldn’t go away over time the way infatuation does.  In a good solid relationship, a couple enjoys time together and hates to be apart.

7. Chemistry

Chemistry is the tension and attraction you feel towards another person. Of course, physical attraction plays a part in this too. There may be a mix of desire and tension between the two of you. It’s not good to assume this is going to be a good relationship just because of this chemistry you feel. You can feel it with lots of people.

Chemistry should not just be about the person’s body, but also their mind and soul. It can be hard to do,  but try to stay cool and not given to throwing your heart away too quickly, even if you feel chemistry. Stay positive and move slowly.

8. Flirting

When you’re just getting to know someone, and you think there is definitely a chemistry between you, you’ll be flirty. Not too flirty, but just enough to let the other person know that you are interested, you think they’re cute and fun to be with.

It’s okay to flirt, but be sure not to throw yourself at the person. This comes on too strong, and if the other person isn’t feeling it, you won have embarrassed yourself by being too forthcoming.

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9. Work hard to look your best at all times

When you’re attached to someone, you want to put your best face forward. You’ll work hard to dress your best, you’ll fix our hair, shave and smell nice, too. You want the other person to think you’re attractive and sexy.

It’s a natural thing to do when there’s a spark between two people. If the other person isn’t doing this, it could be a sign they aren’t as attracted to you as you thought.

10. Miss each other when you’re not together

You’ve just met and hung out together once. Now you can’t wait to be together again. You already miss the person, their smile, their laugh, the way their eyes twinkle when they look at you. It’s all there-it’s a sure sign the spark has been charged up if you miss each other when apart. Missing each other when you’re apart should last in your relationship.

Even couples who have been together for years experience this when they spend time apart. So, if this spark is there and seems to last over the first days, weeks, or months, that could be a sign of a long-lasting relationship developing.

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