Long-term relationships require a lot of work, time, and commitment, but if two people really love each other, then they can withstand the test of time. Los Angeles based artist Amanda Oleander wanted to capture the intimate moments behind closed doors that no one gets to see, because no relationship can truly grow without these precious moments. She draws inspiration from her own relationship with Joey Rudman, who she’s been dating for almost three years.

Currently, Amanda works on comics daily and has three large paintings in the making as well. If you love her work, please share it and look forward to more to come!

These illustrations show the truth about long-term relationships:

1. Little moments like these make precious memories in long-term relationships.


2. “I love life with you.”

Long-term relationships are a beautiful thing, and should be greatly cherished.

3. “Cuddling before bed after a long day is such a treat.”

4. Cuddling + cookies = the ultimate comforting combo in long-term relationships.


Spend less time trying to change someone and more time trying to love and understand them. – Kristen Butler

5. It’s always a fun day when you get to go to the beach with your love.

6. Cuddling is such a sweet thing, but that long hair can really get in the way!

7. Sometimes you just can’t hide how you feel about your guy/gal.


8. “I am the luckiest.”

Being in long-term relationships with those you love makes you truly honor and appreciate unconditional, pure love that much more.

9. “When your love comes home and surprises you with your favorite food = night completely made.”

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