Every day, your senses provide cues to your brain to remember past experiences, good or bad. What if you suddenly relive events that you know never happened? If you’ve experienced deja vu, you know how curious and unsettling it can be.

The term is French for “already seen.” However, this eerie sensation has nothing to do with actual memories. Don’t worry if you have these sensations because you’re not alone. According to an article published by Penn Medicine, at least two-thirds of the population have signs of deja vu at least once in their life. You’re more apt to experience it if you’ve had higher education or are tired and overstressed.

Fifteen Signs That Reveal Deja Vu

You may have experienced this phenomenon without even knowing it. Here are fifteen signs of Deja vu that you should never ignore.

signs of deja vu
1. You’ve Lived Before

One of the hallmark signs of deja vu is when you see something new, and you feel that you’ve seen it in the past. Perhaps you’re among the many people who experience Deja vecu, which is French for “lived before.” Deja vecu is a more robust version of deja vu because all your senses sharpen.

Each sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch are instantly familiar. In fact, you may be thinking that you’ve been transported to a different place and time. Deja vecu is often considered viable proof for those who believe in reincarnation.

2. You’ve Had the Same Feelings

In her article published by MedicineNet, Dr. Rohini Radhakrishnan explains that humans have at least 27 different emotions. It stands to reason that you’ll repeat these feelings endlessly throughout your lifetime. Experiencing the same emotions from the past isn’t anything remarkable.

Have you ever heard something or saw something happen, and you not only recognize it, but you also remember all the emotions attached to it? You’re encountering Deja sensi, a French phrase for “already felt it.” Are your feelings bottlenecked, or are you displaying signs of deja vu?

3. You Feel a Connection to a Place

Traveling is an ideal way to see the beautiful sites of the world and appreciate different cultures. Whether you’re visiting another state or foreign lands, it’s an experience you’ll never forget. How do you explain it when you’re visiting a place you’ve never been, and it’s all familiar to you?

Deja visite, or “already been here,” can be different for everyone. For some, the feeling may be vaguely familiar. The recognition may be apparent for others and yourself as you navigate a new place like a local. As one of the many signs of deja vu, you might sense that you’ve visited or lived in this place in a former life.

4. You’ve Met Before

Sensitive people often sense an inexplicable connection with strangers. This mysterious recognition, called Deja Rencontre, is one of the most common signs of deja vu. It usually leaves you wondering for days where you met this person in the past.

Let’s say a coworker introduces you to someone who just moved to the area. It’s the first time they’ve ever been in your state, and you’ve never met. Yet, you recognize their face and are instantly comfortable with them, just like an old friend.

Critics may chalk it up to universal facial features and personalities. Proponents of reincarnation often link Deja Rencontre as recognizing people from your former lives. Many believe that you will automatically find the same soulmate in each of your incarnations.

5. You Recognize Something from the Past

Your brain craves the challenge of learning new skills and information. It’s a habit that can boost your mental abilities and memory. Have you ever started to learn something new only to discover that it’s as if you’ve known it forever?

Countless people have reported this same experience called Deja eprouve. For example, you begin taking Russian language lessons, and it’s strangely familiar. You might also catch on quickly to skills you’ve never studied.

6. You’ve Got Strange Foreknowledge of the Future

Many psychic abilities overlap, and they often have French terms. Clairvoyance means that you can “clearly see” things before they happen. It’s closely related to Deja presenti, which is an unexplained foreknowledge of future events.

While clairvoyants usually have visual cues, those who experience Deja presenti know it in their spirit. Either way, you are seeing or feeling events in the future. Both are prominent signs of deja vu and evolved intuition.

7. You’ve Already Said This

Everyone has a pattern of talking and constructing their sentences. You may use the same idioms and other expressions as a habit. It gets bizarre when you respond to a person or event, and it’s a replay of something you remember.

Again, you recognize your statements, although they’ve never happened, at least in this life. It’s called Deja parle, which means you’ve already said it, even though you didn’t. Such phenomena are part of the unexplainable marks of deja vu.

signs of deja vu
8. You’ve Had These Thoughts Before

Your mind is the world’s most powerful computer, and random thoughts constantly bombard you. Sometimes, you harness these thoughts for productive problem-solving. It’s not unusual to have an idea and suddenly realize you’ve already thought of it.

It only becomes Deja pense when you recognize the thoughts from the past but don’t know when. Imagine trying to solve a problem at work and remembering the solution even before you brainstorm. Could it be that you’ve tapped into the Collective Consciousness that’s used these thoughts many times in your eternal past?

9. You Found Something Again

What could be more frustrating than being late for work and you can’t find your car keys? As long as people have possessions, the hunt for lost items will be perpetual. Have you ever sighed in relief when you finally find something you lost, and it’s like a replay in your mind?

For example, you’ve misplaced your grandmother’s wedding ring, and you’ve torn the house upside down trying to find it. When at last you discover it in your desk drawer, your mind whispers that’s where you found it another time. Since that other time didn’t happen, you are experiencing Deja trouve or already seen.

10. You’ve Already Had This Dream

Intuitive people are often vivid dreamers, and you may be one of them. Some of your dreams may seem so real, and it’s like it’s happening. Perhaps you have recurring dreams about actual events or ones imagined.

Although Deja reve means “already dreamed,” it’s not the same as a recurring dream. Instead, it’s a dream you’ve had for the first time, and you recognize each part of it. Did you forget that you had this dream before or remnants of a past life?

11. You’ve Read This Before

If you are an avid reader, you may start a book, and it stirs your memory. You’ve read so many books that it’s easy to forget ones that you have already finished. The same goes for articles in magazines and even online blogs.

Deja lu is picking up a current bestseller, and your sixth sense reveals the characters, plot, and ending. The book could even be written by an author you’ve never read. Perhaps a universal lesson in the story rang true for a past incarnation and a present one.

12. You Recall a Food from a Past Life

Even though you’re a connoisseur of fine global cuisine, there are still innumerable dishes you’ve yet to try. However, you might have one of the more unusual signs of deja vu called Deja goute. As you sample a dish you’ve never heard of, your taste buds suddenly remember the flavors.

13. You Remember News from the Past

Have you ever read the newspaper or seen a news report on tv that you know you’ve heard in the past? You remember this current news in astonishing detail and may even know most of the report verbatim.

If some of the news isn’t new to you, you could be experiencing Deja entendu. It’s the ability to recognize facts before they happen. Many intuitive people also call it claircognizance, meaning to “clearly know.”

14. You’ve Wanted Something Before That’s Similar

Another one of the more unusual signs of deja vu is when you are suddenly aware that you’ve wanted the same thing in the past. It’s called Deja voulu, and it can be a subtle or overwhelming feeling. Deja voulu might provide unique insight into how you lived and what you desired in a past life.

15. You’re Empathetic

When you recognize deja vu as a natural part of your heightened awareness, you may experience it more. Unexplained feelings may make more sense and lead you to ask more questions. You’re comfortable with your sensations and aren’t afraid anymore.

signs of deja vu
Final Thoughts on Deja vu Signs

If you’ve experienced one or several of these classic deja vu signs, you may be preparing for spiritual and mental growth. Whether you believe in reincarnation or premonitions, it’s hard to deny your experiences. Allowing yourself time and compassion can help you understand your connection to the Universe and open your intuitive thinking.