If you’ve met an old soul, then you probably feel like you’ve known them for lifetimes before this one. Old souls have been here before, as another human being or even another life form. Upon meeting them, you will likely feel comforted and humbled by the wisdom they have to share about their experiences.

Many people believe they have come here before, either from past life memories or just an “inner knowing” about what happened to them in the past. You may have met old souls before and just not have realized it, but we should always pay attention to the vibes we get from people because they can help us along our journey.

If you want to know if you’ve met an old soul, look to this guide for the answers you seek.

10 Signs You’ve Met An Old Soul

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A British study on reincarnation beliefs in the journal Sociology says that ‘Belief in reincarnation – coming back time and again in different bodies – characterize Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and many tribal religions, and is not generally regarded as part of the Judaeo-Christian tradition. Numerous surveys, however, find that around 20 per cent of the population of Western countries answer ‘Yes’ to the question ‘Do you believe in reincarnation?’

With that said, at least some people out there believe in the idea of coming back to life, or a rebirth. So, if you happen to believe in the idea of old souls, then you’ll likely resonate with the following ideas. These 11 signs will tell you if you’ve met an old soul.

1. Old souls have many past life memories


If the person you’ve met can tell you numerous stories about their past lives and have a detailed recollection of their experiences, then you’ve likely met an old soul. Old souls have been here before, and have a lot of experiences and wisdom to share with us.

2. They don’t care much about the ‘modern world’

Old souls would rather spend time in nature and connect with Mother Earth. They don’t really have an interest in our modern pleasures and ways of living, so you’ll probably cross paths with them on a hiking trail or doing something else outdoors.

3. Old souls have a high level of self-awareness

You might feel totally at peace around an old soul, as they’ve had plenty of time to work on themselves and their inner peace. Due to all of their life experiences in many different dimensions and spaces, they have learned a lot about consciousness and awareness, and have worked hard at creating the best version of themselves.

4. They feel out of place here

If you get to talking with an old soul, they’ll probably tell you how they feel that they don’t belong here. Many old souls feel displaced and lost, as they have seen the Earth in more peaceful times, and don’t understand how we live now. You might feel a deep connection with this person if you have similar views on how we operate today.

5. They like to spend time alone

Most old souls would rather spend time in solitude than deal with others or risk having their energy depleted by reality. You can find them meditating by a stream or reading a book in a quiet corner of a bookstore; they don’t like a lot of loud noise and chaos.

6. Old souls have great intuition

Old souls have been through a lot, and have perfected their intuitive skills. This inner voice guides them through life, and they use it to make almost all their decisions. If you’ve met an old soul, you’ll notice that they speak slowly and calmly, letting their inner voice guide the conversation. You’ll also notice that they don’t make any hasty decisions, and almost always use their feelings and emotions, rather than logic, to finally come to a conclusion.

7. They are deeply sensitive

Because of all the destruction and chaos on the planet right now, these souls have a high sensitivity to what’s going on. They have a deep connection to Mother Nature and all her inhabitants, and don’t like what they see most of the time. They feel for their brothers and sisters going through tough times, and just want peace on Earth. They wear their hearts on their sleeves, and can’t tolerate any sort of injustice or violence.

8. Old souls think on a higher level

Old souls have no interest in talking about mindless things; they enjoy deep conversations. Therefore, if you’ve met an old soul, you’ll notice that they will skip the small talk and move on to more pressing matters that mean more to them.

9. They don’t fit in with most people

Old souls, because of their great wisdom and insight, don’t get along with the majority of people. They just see the world differently than most, and because of this, can only tolerate a select few people that share their views and appetite for deep conversation.

10. Old souls experience deja vu often

Because they’ve been here many times, an old soul will have lots of past life memories. If you’ve met an old soul, they’ll tell you that a place seems familiar, or they swore they’ve seen someone before.

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