If you feel much older than your actual age, you may have an old soul that has probably traveled here many times before this incarnation.

Old souls (find out if you’re an old soul here) make up about 10% of the world’s population – and even though they’re rare, they serve a wonderful purpose here on Earth.  They use the wisdom they’ve attained through many lifetimes to pass down to others, so that we may have a better, happier world.  They see the world differently than most other people and don’t have an interest in most of the agendas pushed by society today.

An old soul simply is more mature, and so they might find it difficult to relate to other people. They don’t want anything to do with materialism, greed, or other egotistical endeavors. They simply want to enjoy life’s natural treasures without anything obstructing their solitude. Old souls have great potential to uplift our planet and allow new ways of thinking to overtake outdated policies and ideals that no longer serve the greater good.  Old souls have a lot of life experience, and because of this, they can pass down that wisdom and knowledge to others.  Because of this, old souls often live a life behind the scenes, because they are very observant people. They would rather watch life happen and recount to others what they’ve learned than live unconsciously.

If you’ve been told that you have great wisdom and possess a strong spirit, you might be an old soul. Here are six things that you’ll likely encounter along your journey here on Earth.

6 Things That Happen If You’re an Old Soul

signs of an old soul

1.  You may find it hard to fit in with others.

Because old souls have very different interests than most people, they find it difficult to make new friends with either people their age or people of other age groups. This means that an old soul will find themselves alone quite often, but they don’t mind. If you have an old soul, you might want to stay in rather than accompany your friends to a wild party or night at the club or bar. You simply don’t see the point in these types of activities, and would rather relish in the silence and comfort of your own company. Old souls usually have an introverted nature, and don’t like noisy or crowded places. They’d rather spend their time tapping into their inner wisdom, and simply enjoying the little things in life.

2. You crave knowledge and wisdom.

The old soul naturally gravitates toward ideas rather than people or places. An old soul doesn’t see the value in living a superficial life full of unnecessary accumulation of possessions and lusting after men or women only to find themselves in a shallow relationship. They get stimulated by intellect and higher knowledge rather than any material objects or skin-deep encounters with others.

3. You don’t get along with people your age.

If you got along with adults as a child more than you did other children, you may very well be an old soul. An old soul doesn’t take interest in the pursuits of people their age, and therefore, gravitates toward older people with great wisdom about life, love, and the universe. However, this can leave them feeling like an outcast, as they find it hard to make friends.

If you’re an old soul, you’re also probably greatly misunderstood.  For example, some people might’ve considered you shy or awkward as a child, but you just didn’t have an interest in making friends with people you couldn’t relate to. In class, you probably wanted to talk to the teacher or counselor rather than your own classmates, as you had more in common with the adults. You have a great maturity about you, so this means that you’ll probably have much older friends throughout your lifetime here.

4. You prefer to spend time alone.

Old souls have learned many lessons through their lifetimes and need to spend time in reflection and contemplation to allow these teachings to sink in.  If you’re an old soul, you probably have a much deeper understanding of yourself and others, because you have spent time learning self-awareness and working on self-development. Also, you are likely more observant than most people around you, because your time spent alone allows you to simply bask in the beauty of the world and realize how blessed we all really are.

5. You understand what really matters in life.

Like a small cog in a big piece of machinery, old souls realize that they have a small, but vital role to play here on Earth.  They see from a higher perspective when dealing with life, and know that they have come here for an important reason. However, they also know how small they are compared with the vastness of the universe, and this humbles them greatly.  So, if you’re an old soul, you know that you have everything you need in life to be happy, and don’t strive for things that will only weigh down your spirit. You take the good with the bad, and know that this duality is necessary for learning and growth.

6. You would rather spend time in nature than in the “modern world.”

The old soul focuses much more on the joys of the natural world than the very temporary happiness that comes from anything derived from man-made objects. Old souls find it hard to deal with modern society most of the time, so they find solace in nature. If you’re an old soul, you might find yourself attracted to off-the-grid living, a nomadic lifestyle, permaculture, gardening, and other similar lifestyles that allow you to be closer to nature.