Do you feel older than you really are? You could be an old soul.

About 10% of the world’s population is made up of them. And, if you aren’t an old soul yourself, you’ve most likely met one.  An old soul emanates warmth and enlightenment, using their wisdom and patience to teach the lessons that were passed down through the ages.  They present themselves as special types of people in our world. They see through ancient eyes and understand through an ancient heart.

An old soul’s outlook on life is far different and more mature than many others. They are vital to the evolution of our collective consciousness.  Old souls have experienced lifetime after lifetime, and have refined their inner wisdom through their dealings with Karma.  As a result, the old soul lives life internally, following a solitary path while illuminating a path for others at the same time.

If you’ve been told that you’re wise beyond your years, you may be an old soul, but if you’re not sure whether your soul is “old” or not, these 10 signs will tell you:

10 Signs You May be an Old Soul

“You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.” – Swami Vivekananda

1.  You travel an independent path.

Because old souls are disinterested in the pursuits and interests of people in their age groups, they find it difficult to make friends with people they can’t relate to. This can turn into a potential problem, as an old soul may find themselves alone often. But, many old souls see the true value of their own company. This introverted nature doesn’t really come from a social preference or temperament – it’s simply a sign of having an old soul.

2. You thirst for knowledge, wisdom, and truth.

The old soul is naturally attracted to intellect, wisdom, and philosophy.   To an old soul, frivolous, superficial lifestyles have little or no meaning or value. That’s because their own path toward enlightenment comes through wisdom, happiness, and truth.

3. You are spiritually inclined.

The old soul has been finely tuned into their intuition and greater guides.  This can have the effect of creating heightened senses both spiritually and emotionally as they realize their place in life.  An old soul prefers this life however, knowing that it is most fulfilling for them to pursue love, enlightenment, and peace.

4. You didn’t “fit in” with children your age.

If you got along with adults as a child more than you did other children, you may very well be an old soul. An old soul isn’t as absorbed in the interests of others in their age group and therefore find it more difficult to make friends with them, which can sometimes be problematic for them because they can feel like an outsider.

Others often misunderstand these folks.  For instance, adults may have just considered you to be shy or awkward with other children your age. However, your inquisitive, mature, and intelligent nature attracted you toward people older than you that display more intelligence and wisdom than those in your age group.

And if you are a parent of a child who responds better when around adults, you may come to realize that they too are an old soul.

5. You reflect often on your inner thoughts and feelings.

Old souls have learned many lessons through their spirit cycle that they often take time to reflect on their actions and the actions of people around them.  This ability serves as a great teacher in their life, and in turn, makes them clearly perceptive of their surroundings.

“The soul is placed in the body like a rough diamond, and must be polished, or the luster of it will never appear” – Daniel Defoe

6. You see the bigger picture.

Like a small cog in a big machine, old souls realize that they are a small, but integral part of life.  They see from a higher perspective when approaching life, realizing that they are one with all that is as they aim to align themselves, and their actions, with that of the highest good.  As troubles confront the old soul, they simply see each as a passing cloud that will only reveal the sun once more.  This helps lead them through life with a placid nature.

7. You act as a voice for humankind.

Old souls often act as a representative for mankind through their own creative expression.  They depict the mental activities of society through the liberal arts, giving a voice to the thoughts of culture as a whole.  Throughout history, many sages have connected us through a depiction of their visualization in the most creative ways.

The old soul finds fulfillment in this self-expression. Their creativity, knowledge, and intuitive nature make an impact on those they meet and ripple through humankind.

8. You understand that life is short.

An old soul always finds itself being reminded of mortality, that this physical realm is only temporary. They make the most of each moment. Although this can drive the old soul into withdrawal, they receive clarity from inner solitude and increasing detachment. They feel the inner desire to be a prophetic voice teaching others to respect and value their time.

9. You aren’t materialistic.

The old soul focuses more on the beauty and value that life naturally provides rather than the short-lived joys of material possessions.  They respect Mother Earth and strive to get by with only what they need for fulfillment. For them, what nature provides is far more valuable than any social status, the latest trends, or any unearthly matter.

10. You just “feel” old.

As you quietly walk your path seeking fulfillment, you may find yourself having little energy compared to the younger souls around you.  Much like a person who is old in age, your old soul has already experienced a lot and is not excited by the trivial things in life. To an old soul, relaxing in a calm, quiet setting is about as good as it gets.

Are you an old soul? 

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