An old soul travels through many dimensions and places in time, taking lessons with them as they go from place to place, and passing down this wisdom to those willing to listen. Many people have identified as an old soul, and children can certainly fit into this category as well. Parents get to experience one of the greatest joys in life, that of raising a little human being and getting to watch him or her grow, play, laugh, and learn.

Children normally have a playful, carefree nature, but what if your child displays unusual characteristics for someone his or her age? How should you react or deal with the situation? Truthfully, no two children have the same personality traits anyway, so don’t let this alarm you. Maybe your child would rather spend time alone than with others, and maybe they find it hard to fit in with people of their age group. Maybe they just seem more ‘mature’ for their age, and have a complex, intuitive, and contemplative personality.

Your child is complicated, difficult, a bit distant, and hard to read. They seem to have skipped childhood altogether, and have mentally entered adulthood long before they even arrived here in their human form.

If this sounds like your child, you definitely have an old soul on your hands. Maybe you felt like an old soul as a kid as well, which would give your child a higher likelihood of being an old soul as well. If you would like more about old souls and figure out how to understand your child better, read on for more information.

6 Signs Your Child Is An Old Soul

old soul

1. They live in their own world.

You try to get their attention, but their mind is elsewhere. You try to get them to focus on an activity, but they flit from one thing to another. They do things on their own terms, and would rather be left alone in their own quiet world. If your child prefers to spend time by themselves and create from their imagination, they are probably an old soul.

2. They have an intense personality.

Other kids their age might enjoy doing lighthearted activities, like hopscotch or playing sports, but your child prefers to sit on the sidelines and just observe. Other children have a loud, outgoing personality, but your child is more introverted, quiet, and pensive.

Your child seems to take things more seriously than other kids, always delving deeply into their emotions to try and figure out the world in a way that works for them.

3. They don’t fit in with other kids.

They might try to follow the crowd, but they stand out like a sore thumb. The other kids might bully or pick on your child, as they don’t understand his or her personality and perspective. Your child just seems more mature, and can’t be concerned with petty gossip, small-talk, and useless conversation. They’d much rather avoid the other children than pretend to be someone else just for the sake of fitting in.

4. They make and follow their own rules.

Old souls don’t just blindly follow authority; they question everything and go over the logic in their own minds before they comply. In school, they likely cause “trouble” just because they speak up more than the other kids, and would rather follow their own path if something doesn’t make sense to them. Old souls have a great wisdom about life, so they don’t understand all the complex rules and laws we have created here. They see things as having simple solutions but struggle to comprehend a world so unjust and cruel.

Basically, they follow rules if they make sense to them, and might be given the label of a “troublemaker” at home or in school because of their demeanor.

5. They like spending time alone.

Old souls have heightened sensitivity to their inner world and the world around them, so they would rather spend time alone to avoid the uncomfortable feelings they get from too much noise. Old souls have an amazing connection to the natural world, and would much rather spend their time immersed in nature than in the ‘modern world.’

old soul

6. They are extremely curious.

An old soul will ask tons of questions until they get the necessary answers. They don’t just accept things where and what, and all the other questions and answers in between. They have tons of interests and live to gain understanding and wisdom.

“Sometimes, out of the blue, a witty interjection, or incisive question will arise from your child if they are an Old Soul.  The best way to describe your child’s wisdom beyond years is that they sound like a “little old man or woman” unexpectedly giving advice and counsel.” – Aletheia Luna

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