You may have heard the term “old soul” in the well-known English nursery rhyme, Old King Cole. Today, they characterize an old soul as someone with more experience and knowledge than most people their age. You may wonder if your partner is an old soul because they seem mature and grounded uniquely. Here are ten signs your partner is an old soul.

Signs You Are in a Romantic Relationship With an Old Soul

These behaviors and habits might indicate that you love someone with an old soul.

1 – An old soul is an authentic person

Your partner could be an old soul if they are incredibly authentic and honest in how they relate to you and others. They don’t like to pretend or hide things from you. The idea of being genuine is desirable. Inauthentic individuals conceal their true identities and act one way in public while acting differently in private. Authentic people are viewed as morally superior beings. Research says there is a connection between authenticity and higher levels of self-esteem and psychological well-being. So, if your partner is authentic in the way they live and act, good chance they are an old soul.

old soul

2 – Not materialistic

Old souls aren’t enamored by wealth or materialism. They are content with very little. As their partner, you may find it frustrating if you want to buy a new sofa, but your old soul partner is very content with the old beat-up one. They may enjoy thrift store shopping more than buying new things. They’re hard workers, but money isn’t that important to them, and things don’t bring them happiness.

3 – Simple person

If your partner is an old soul, they’ll be simple in their preferences. You won’t need to buy them a fancy gift for their birthday. Instead, they will be happy to take a long walk around a lake with you. They may love visiting an old book store or playing a board game with you instead of going to a party on the weekends. Their simplicity may be refreshing to you. They seem to have a calming effect on everyone around them.

4 – An old soul likes to be alone

Does your partner love being alone? Old souls are selective about who they’re with and what they do with their time. They will enjoy their own company most of all because they find things to do that are meaningful to them. For an old soul, spending time alone enhances their creativity and helps them relax. They may enjoy reading a book, drawing, watching a show, or writing in a journal when they’re alone. As their partner, you must respect their need for alone time. Their desire to be alone has nothing to do with you, but it’s something they need.

5 – Wise beyond their years

If your partner is an old soul, they will often quote ancient writings or sayings from books they read. If you have a problem, they’ll be ready to give you some good advice. They are empathetic about what you’re going through. Their compassion and ability to provide wise advice make them more discerning than they should be for their age. It may surprise you at the influence your old soul partner has with co-workers or neighbors. These individuals will come knocking on your door asking for advice and help from your partner. If your partner displays wisdom in this way, good chance, they are an old soul.

6 – Spiritual life is important to an old soul

An old soul believes that people are mind, body, and soul. They believe in God or a supernatural being who oversees the world. If your partner is an old soul, they will feel essential to pursue spiritual growth. They may enjoy talking to you about spiritual things and sharing excerpts of the spiritual books they’re reading. Your old soul partner may pray, meditate or sing worship songs around the house. They’ll talk about what they believe with others. Curiosity about what other people believe will motivate them to ask questions without being offended when they think differently.

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7 – Good listener

A good listener focuses on you and what you’re saying. They don’t interrupt you but hear you out entirely before they respond. If your partner is an old soul, they will be a good listener. They’ll be slow to speak but quick to listen. When they answer you, they’ll take a few minutes to think before they answer. Your friends may envy you for being in a relationship with someone who is such a good listener.

8 – An old soul is content at home

If your partner is an old soul, good chance, they’ll be content to stay at home rather than go out on the weekends. Old souls enjoy the quiet and comfort of home. While most of your peers are out partying, an old soul will love sitting on the patio enjoying a glass of wine and looking at the stars. If you’re not ready for this kind of lifestyle, you may need to rethink your relationship. Having an old soul as a partner will be a quieter, calmer life than you prefer.

9 – Don’t care about trends

Old souls aren’t into the latest trends. They know about the newest smartphone or computer, but they don’t feel the need to buy one. They’re content with their old phone and slow working computer. You probably need to urge your old soul partner to buy new clothes because they’ll wear them until they’re frayed and faded. Old souls have strong convictions about buying used clothing or books. They’re conscientious about conserving the planet’s resources. Living with an old soul may require that you change your beliefs or learn to accept their convictions while you live differently.

10 – Others often seek advice from an old soul

If your partner is an old soul, they’ll have people coming to them for advice. People will admire how your partner takes the time to listen to them. They’ll seek wisdom on parenting, real estate, or spiritual things. It may surprise you how much your partner knows. It may tempt you to have people wanting your partner’s attention all the time. You may feel you need to schedule an appointment with them because they’re so available to others. It’s all part of being in a relationship with an old soul.

What are the challenges of being in a relationship with an old soul?

  • They like to hang out with older people: Old souls enjoy the company of older folks because they have a lot in common. They want to talk about similar things, and their view of life is often more similar to an older person. On the other hand, you may prefer to be with your peers and do things that people your age do. If you’re not ready to hang out with older people all the time, then this will be challenging for you.
  • They don’t value things: Old souls aren’t materialistic. This can be good, but if you enjoy the finer things in life, you’re going to find it challenging to live with an old soul. They won’t like the fancy restaurants you like or enjoy buying new clothes as you do. Old souls are content with very little. You may find it challenging to live with a person who opposes the things you enjoy.
  • They can be intense: Living with an old soul could be hard for you if you like to keep things upbeat. Old souls are prone to reflect on the past and on the problems of the world that need fixing. Your partner won’t want to go out dancing or partying. They rather sit at home and read poetry. If that’s not for you, then it could be a problematic relationship.
  • Your friends may not “get” your partner: Your old soul partner may be of a relational “black sheep.” Your friends may find it hard to relate to your partner, who talks about profound truths. While your partner prefers to delve deep into world issues, your friends may want to have fun. You may find yourself in the middle of trying to help your friends and your partner get along.
  • They may not want to spend time with you: Because your partner is an old soul, they will enjoy lots of time alone. Sometimes you want to be with them, but they prefer to be alone rather than be with you. It’s not rejection, but it can feel like it. If you’re not prepared for this, it can be a point of contention in your relationship. It’s one challenge to consider when you live with an old soul.

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Final Thoughts on Being in a Relationship with an Old Soul

An old soul is a unique person who displays the qualities of someone who has lived for a long time. They’re known for their wisdom, knowledge, and calm demeanor. These folks are content with very little, simple in their desires, and share their wisdom in a winsome way. As their partner, you may feel blessed and sometimes not so blessed because of their preferences. You may tire of doing things by yourself because your old soul partner needs to be alone. If you think your partner could be an old soul, there are positives and negatives you’ll need to consider in your relationship.