When you finally connect with someone from your soul tribe, you might feel a sense of wholeness and peace wash over you. Someone from your soul tribe will feel comfortable and familiar, like you’ve met them before but can’t recall when or where. Maybe you have a past life connection with them or have been through similar experiences that allow you to relate to them on a deep level. They will have similar energy as you, and the connection will seem natural and effortless.

If you feel drawn to someone for no reason at all, you’ve probably come across someone from your soul tribe. Let’s look at a few other signs that point to meeting someone who you have a soul connection with.

11 Signs You’ve Met Someone From Your Soul Tribe

soul sister

1. You feel understood and at home around them.

We all want to feel understood in life, because it gives us a sense of belonging and connection with others. With someone from your soul tribe, you’ll feel a positive connection with them and conversations will flow naturally. You can feel free to speak your mind and tell them your deep secrets without feeling vulnerable or rejected.

2. You get excited when you see a member of your soul tribe.

They feel like family to you, so you naturally welcome them with open arms and feel happy to catch up with them, especially if you haven’t seen each other in a while. While other relationships might feel draining to you, talking to someone from your soul tribe will feel like a breath of fresh air.

3. They will help balance out your personality.

Where you feel weak, they will give you strength. If you struggle with patience, they will help guide you to becoming more patient. If you have a more shy personality, they will respect that but still help to bring you out of your shell. Someone from your soul tribe won’t want to put you down or compete with you; they just want a genuine connection and feel that around you. You help to bring out the best in one another.

4. Your soul tribe will have similar life experiences as you.

People from your soul family will be able to relate to you easily because you’ve been through similar things in life that have helped to shape you. Maybe you share the experience of a difficult childhood or parents that didn’t really support you, so you can deeply relate on a soul level. Maybe you feel like a black sheep in your family and chose your own path, so naturally you’d want to connect with people who see the world like you do.

5. You have the same visions and desires.

If you feel like you’ve been walking down the path of life alone, don’t worry. Your soul tribe will meet you on your journey and help guide you along the way. Someone from your soul group will see into your core and know exactly what you want to accomplish in life because they can sense your energy. You will have similar plans in life and can help support one another.

6. You feel like you’ve known them for lifetimes already.

Because you have such a strong connection with them, sometimes you don’t even need to talk to understand what’s going on with them. You can sit in silence and not feel awkward, because you just enjoy being in their presence.

7. Your soul tribe will help you move on from painful memories.

Your soul family doesn’t want to see you in pain, so they will do whatever they can to help you move on. They deeply care about you and will support you through both the happy and difficult times in your life, but they won’t let you wallow in self-pity, either. They provide the perfect balance of empathy and tough love to guide you on your journey.

8. You find that you can work together to bring your dreams into reality.

A member of your soul family will want to see you accomplish your goals, and they will probably have similar desires. Therefore, they will gladly work with you to brainstorm and do whatever it takes to manifest your vision.

9. They seem to come into your life at exactly the right time.

Your soul tribe will seem to enter your life when you’re at a crossroads or feel at the end of your rope. If you meet someone who you feel a strong connection with while you’re going through a tough time, don’t take this as a coincidence. Allow them into your life and nurture that connection.


10. Someone from your soul tribe will make you see life in a new light.

If you’ve been down and out lately, talking with someone from your soul tribe will make sure to give you a new perspective. They will balance you out and help to elevate your energy so that you can live to your fullest potential.

11. They help to uplift your soul.

Your soul tribe might introduce you to positive thinking and other healing elements that give you a new lease on life. They want to see you succeed and become the best version of yourself, so they’ll do whatever it takes to ensure you have the right tools to do just that.