Are you an empath? Are you trying to understand the signs of an empath?

Perhaps you’ve heard the term but don’t know quite what it means. According to the National Library of Medicine, an empath is a person with a hardwired capacity that some consider a multidimensional phenomenon.

When someone is empathetic, they can feel the internal circumstances of others. It’s a state of being extraordinarily heightened or in tune with emotions, and it causes the individual to take on the feelings of those around them. Being an empath falls into the category of a psychic gift, as it’s a realm of intuition that falls well beyond the typical realms of sympathy.

It’s often believed that empaths are also introverted people, but it’s not always the case. The theory behind this is that when you’re constantly taking on the emotions and feelings of others, it’s only natural that you would need some time to recharge your batteries. It can be very draining going into the supermarket and feeling all the sensations from the emotional stance of the hundreds around you.

Some empaths are so overwhelmed by large crowds that occur in public places that they avoid these areas. The feelings would be like someone who has sensory processing disorders. All the emotions hurling at them can be overpowering, and they find it difficult to enjoy themselves in these situations.

Twelve Common Signs of an Empath

signs of an empath
Many believe that empaths came to the world to help increase vibrations, heal the sick, and generally help humanity in all ways. These folks feel deeply, and they’re in tune with those around them, as well as nature.

Since everything is energy, it’s only natural vibrating on a higher plane makes someone more sensitive. Here are 12 signs of an empath that might resonate with you.

1. An Empath Feels Everything on a Higher Level

The empath has the unique ability to absorb the feelings of others, which also includes their pain and suffering. Since you feel everything much higher than most, you have difficulty distinguishing between pain or just a negative emotion. You can walk into a room and pick up the vibrations of others, which lets you feel their energies and emotions.

2. Nature Recharges Empathic People

One of the signs of an empath is that they love to spend time in nature. Being alone in the great outdoors helps them to recharge their batteries. Many of these folks love the incredible energy that Mother Nature gives off, and they find it very comforting after picking up such negativity so often.

If you want to spend time alone in nature and crave it like a glass of water, it’s a possibility that you’re an empath.

3. Empaths Are Told To Stop Being Sensitive

Were you always the child who was told to stop being so sensitive? Empaths wear their emotions on their sleeves, and they tend to take life very seriously. You may remember your parents telling you to stop being so dramatic when you were in public.

It’s not that you were acting up when you were in large crowds; it’s that you didn’t know how to process all the sensations you were feeling correctly. According to The Spirit Science, empaths’ brains function pretty differently than the average person, so it’s believed that sensory processing type issues exist. Things like strange smells, clothes that itch, socks that don’t feel just right, and bright lights can be unbearable.

4. An Empath Avoids Crowds and Public Places

While going to the mall may be enjoyable for many, an empath prefers smaller stores or shopping online. They find that being around so many people can be very overwhelming. If you haven’t embraced being an empath yet, you may feel like you have a panic attack in public places, and it could be mistaken for social anxiety disorder.

One of the signs of an empath is feeling dizzy, sick to your stomach, and anxious when you’re in large crowds. The issue is that you’re picking up so many emotions from others that you’re becoming lost in the overwhelming negativity.

5. Empaths See Through People

Empaths make great detectives because they can see right through people. They know whether someone has good intentions towards them. They can easily pick up dishonesty, and someone who is very surface and fake can’t fool the keen empathetic person.

6. Cruelty or Tragedy Is Unbearable To Watch on TV

Some folks enjoy gory slasher movies or those that depict violence, but the empathetic person steers clear of such programming. They can’t stand watching anything where others are being hurt. One of the signs of an empath is that watching anything, even make-believe, where others are being mistreated is appalling.

signs of an empath
7. Routines Are Suffocating for Empathetic People

While most people thrive from a routine, the empath finds them stifling. When there’s any control over them, it feels like being in prison. Since having freedom is essential to the empath, you will often find them working for themselves rather than others.

It’s not that they have an issue with authority; it’s that they feel suffocated. Empaths need freedom in their life and work, and they cannot do things that they don’t enjoy. In fact, since their emotions are on such a different level, they may feel sick if they’re doing something they don’t like.

The empath needs to allow their intuition to flow freely, and they don’t feel comfortable when anything gets in the way.

8. Empaths Are Sensitive to Sounds

Do any loud noises tend to pierce you deeply? One of the signs of an empath is that they’re disturbed by sounds, loud noises, and even chemicals. Another interesting note is that they can’t handle overly processed foods or those with many additives.

Even food has energy levels, so the empath must be very careful about what they put in their mouth. Many empaths are vegans, and they don’t like processed or fast food. Eating a hamburger might be a pleasant experience to some, but the empath can feel the animal’s suffering. It’s hard to enjoy a sandwich when it’s tied with so many negative emotions.

9. An Amazing Listener

The empaths listen and connect with others. People love talking to these folks, so they have no issue coming to them with their problems. Since the empath can put themselves into the shoes of other folks, they understand on a deeper level.

10. Put Others Before Yourself

A career as a nurse or doctor might be challenging for you if you’re an empath. You want to help those who are suffering, but you constantly put the needs of others before yourself.

Continuously doing this can be very draining on your resources. It would help if you learned to put yourself first, or you won’t be able to help others.

11. Prefer To Make Friends With the Underdog

Do you find yourself attracted to the underdog or the person who seems to march to the beat of their own drum? You resonate with these folks because you see much of yourself in them. You feel drawn to those who dare to be different.

12. If You Are an Empath, You’re Probably Creative and Feel Like You Don’t Always Fit In

One of the exciting signs of an empath is that they have a natural creative edge. They’re often engaged in art, dancing, music, writing, and even fashion designing. These people often have difficulty fitting into a traditional workplace, so they forge their way using their creative side.

No matter where the empath goes, they tend to stand out. They don’t care about being famous, as they would instead follow a different path that fits them.

signs of an empath
Final Thoughts on Signs of an Empath

Do you resonate with any of these signs of an empath? Perhaps you see some of these things in your spouse or child. The key is to stop fighting the special gift you’ve been given and learn how to work with it.

Grounding is vital to the empathetic person, and meditation can help with that process. If you’re starting to recognize your abilities, you might want to check out Judith Orloff’s book entitled The Empath’s Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People. Since there are different empaths, you need to identify which type you are and learn how to protect yourself.

Once you learn how to manage the gift you’ve been given correctly, you can help so many who are hurting. Sadly, the world tells people, especially men, that you need to be tough and not show emotions. However, being emotional is a part of living.

Emotional blockages can cause significant pain, and empathetic people are great at helping those who have suppressed their emotions for years. Think of empathy as a gift and something that should be shared with the world. However, the first step is learning how to manage the gift you’ve been given as well as protecting yourself.