While being in a relationship means being a couple, you must remember that each person has individuality. When you respect one another, you realize that the person on the other side has thoughts and feelings that don’t always align with your views. What are the signs that your partner is respectful of your relationship?

Respecting one another means treating each other differently, as you value what they bring to your life. Respect is often expected, but many people don’t know how to describe it in words. Have you ever been to court?

Going to court for any matter is always a big deal. The judge demands respect because the position they hold over you is one of power. The legal official can send you to jail, give you a huge fine, or rule against you if you don’t show the regard they’re warranted.

You wouldn’t dare rush into the court and start shouting curse words and telling the judge off, as you know you would be held in contempt. Using the same analogy, you can see the level of respect that someone you love should be given. While they’re not going to send you to jail or rule against you, they deserve kind words, your consideration, and to be treated with admiration.

After all, they are the person who stole your heart, and it’s not a matter that you should take lightly. They should shine as bright in your eyes as the stars in the sky, and you should treat them as such.

NOTE: We acknowledge that respect goes both ways, and we cover the signs of a man who respects a relationship in a separate article.

Twelve Indications of Respect from Your Partner

When you’re in love with a woman, how do you know if she values your relationship and respects you as you should? Here are some signs that she prioritizes you and what you have gone through together and that she loves you as a partner.


1. She’s Honest and Takes Responsibility for Her Actions

There’s nothing worse than being in a relationship with someone who acts childish. As a kid, remember when your parents asked you if you did something, and you blamed your siblings? While playing such blame games may work as a child, it can be quite destructive as an adult.

When your woman respects you, she will be upfront, honest, and take responsibility for her actions. Even if she’s in the wrong, she wouldn’t want to point fingers or skirt the truth when she knows it’s better to take accountability.

2. She Prioritizes You If She Has Respect for Your Relationship

Things that are a priority in your life are those that you put above all else. For instance, your job, bills, taxes, and other obligations are the primary concerns. When a woman respects you, she puts you in the top position in her life.

She values you, and she’s concerned about your well-being. If you’re sick, she won’t hesitate to call off work to stay home and care for you. She goes above and beyond to ensure your needs are fulfilled and you’re loved.

3. She Talks About Her Feeling

Being vulnerable is something that’s not required, but it can help to depend on the connection you have with one another. It shows trust and security between you and your partner.

When a woman feels safe, she has no problem opening up about past regrets, future dreams, and things that have hurt her. She knows she can trust you with her heart, so she’s an open book.

4. She Discusses Issues in a Private, Respectful Manner

Have you ever been in a restaurant and heard a couple arguing? It’s perfectly normal to have disagreements in a relationship, but what you do during these times of conflict matters the most. A respectful lady knows that you handle your issues in private.

She would never get you in public and cause a scene, nor would she yell and call names. Even though she may be agitated, she’s not going to stoop to childish levels to get her point across. She’s more focused on resolving the issues than getting the upper hand.

A study posted on Research Gate shows how happy couples argue differs from those with constant conflict. The study evaluated couples in their relationship’s beginning, middle, and advanced states. They found that the people in the advanced state had learned effective conflict resolution, which is why they were likely together for the long haul.

5. She Considers Your Needs When She Has Respect For You

A mother will often go without the things she needs so that her children can have the best. However, in a relationship, respectful women use the same stance regarding their man. She will skip that massage at the spa if it means that she can buy you that particular item you want.

Conversely, if there’s something you want or need, she will give up things to ensure you have it. She respects and loves you, so she wants to make you happy.

6. She Will Respect Your Values and Beliefs

Each person is raised with values and beliefs from their childhood. Even if you don’t completely agree with how you were brought up, you still have some of those values ingrained in you. Marrying someone from a different culture or religion is prevalent these days, and it’s not always a recipe for disaster.

A study by Pew Research found that religiously mixed marriages don’t have any higher divorce rates than those with similar views. Religion aside, your views on life and things that are important to you are also something that your partner needs to understand. She will appreciate and never condemn you for your beliefs if she respects you.


7. She Never Infringes on Your Boundaries

You have boundaries because they’re essential to keeping you safe. She wouldn’t think of crossing those or diminishing their significance. It doesn’t matter what she thinks about these issues, as they mean something to you.

A respectful lady that accepts your limitations and doesn’t try to force you to bend or break is a gem.

8. She Doesn’t Engage in Pointless Arguments

Some people love to argue as they tend to be indifferent. However, a lady that respects you isn’t going to argue just for the sake of hearing herself speak. She knows how to openly discuss issues without becoming accusatory or diminishing you or your stance.

9. A Respectful Woman Defends You

It’s only natural to have riffs when you’re in a relationship. She may get upset, not understand, and have words with you. However, she would never let anyone else say a bad thing about you or paint you in a negative light.

She will defend you with her whole being, as her respect for you means she won’t let anyone else say anything unkind in her presence. She loves and adores you and won’t hear bad words about you.

10. She Never Takes Out Her Frustrations on You

Everyone has frustrating days. Sometimes you want to shut the door and want everyone to leave you alone. The amazing thing about a woman that respects you is she’s not going to let her tired and irritable state influence how she treats you.

She might tell you she needs space, but she will not use you as her verbal punching bag. Giving her some time to recharge her batteries and gather her thoughts is essential, but she isn’t going to turn on you when the storms of life are blowing out of control.

11. She’s Reliable and Accountable

Respect means calling if she’s running late for a date. It means she’s accountable when she overspends and causes a financial crisis. Being reliable means a lot to a relationship; you must know you can count on her to do what she says.

Accountability and reliability run together, and when she displays both these attributes, it shows what a respectful partner you’ve found in her.

12. She Sees Your Side Too

There’s nothing worse than having a partner who only sees their side of things. A saying often goes with this kind of person, “it’s their way or the highway.” Thankfully, when you have someone who respects you, she’s open-minded enough to see your side.

She’s honest enough with herself and you to know that she doesn’t know everything, as there’s always another side and view to consider.


Final Thoughts on How Your Woman Shows Respect for You and Your Relationship

When something is essential to your partner, it’s also important to you. A woman may not feel the same as you do about fashion, cars, sports, or 101 other things, but she shows interest because she knows it means so much to you. She is respectful about these things because she loves and cares about you and the joy they bring you.

A disrespectful partner makes you an afterthought and never considers your thoughts or feelings. However, this lady is willing to invest the time and energy it takes to show her love and devotion toward you. When you find someone who respects you and cares deeply, she’s worth investing your time and energy in making things work.