Everything seems perfect when you’re first starting your relationship. There are no arguments, and you’re already planning your future. Sadly, matters of the heart are tricky, and you may wonder if the lady you’re with is your dream woman or soulmate.

Sure, she spends time with you, returns your phone calls, and makes date night a priority, but does she truly love you? Do you see her as the person you will spend the rest of your life with by your side?

Fifteen Signs That Indicate a Dream Woman

You love spending time together, you’ve met her friends and family members, and she’s declared her undying love to you. Still, if you’re wondering if the lady who stole your heart is the one, you may be with her forever. Sometimes there are clear indications, and other times there are some signs that aren’t obvious. Here are fifteen clues that she’s the one.

Note: We acknowledge that women are also searching for the ideal partner, and we share the signs of a dream man in a companion article. Why two articles? Because the behaviors of males and females–which can sometimes overlap–also display some differences.

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1. Your Dream Woman Is Vulnerable With You

There’s no one alive who doesn’t have a few skeletons in their closet, as everyone makes mistakes. However, she feels so safe with you and your relationship that she can tell you anything. There are no secrets between you because you’re both free to talk openly without judgment.

Brigham Young University did a special piece on vulnerability in relationships. They demonstrated that many people close themselves off for fear of being hurt or rejected again. However, they further state that you can’t develop the deep, meaningful relationships you desire without it.

2. A Soulmate Wants Your Opinion

It’s nice to be valued and to have someone care what you think about situations. When a lady asks you to give input into her life, it’s likely because she sees you in her future. The decisions she makes affect you too. She may be looking for you to pop the question.

3. She Laughs at Your Jokes

If you’re a jokester, you probably have a few people who give you strange looks when you tell a joke. You know that feeling that the whole world is staring at you, and no one is laughing? However, your dream woman laughs with you and gets you on a level no one else does.

4. A Dream Woman Says “We” Instead of “I”

When your lady starts thinking that you’re her future, she will use the word “we” rather than “I.” Though she might not say she wants you forever, she can use verbiage indicating her thoughts.

Using the term “we” indicates she wants a long-term commitment. She sees you as a team and can’t imagine her tomorrow without you.

5. Your Soulmate Sees Her Money as Yours

She’s becoming so comfortable with the idea that you’re connected that she sees your money as joined. She’s a dream woman when she shares her finances with you and sneaks in little hits about future savings.

6. You Like to Do Things Together

The old saying that opposites attract is true to a certain point. How can you enjoy spending time together if you don’t like to do the same things? If she’s your dream woman, she will watch football with you, and you’ll watch reality TV with her. You learn about give and take because you want to be together. You enjoy each other’s company no matter what you’re doing.

7. A Dream Woman Pampers You

It doesn’t matter your age; everyone loves to be pampered. She goes out of her way to do the little things that make you feel special. She’s the girl that will make your favorite meal because you had a bad day.

She won’t hesitate to show up at your job to hug you when the world seems to be spinning out of control. She goes above and beyond the call of duty, and you love her for it.

8. A Soulmate Can Handle Your Mood Swings

Some people might be frightened off by their partners when they see them at their worst. However, you know she’s your dream woman when she doesn’t run the other way when you have some challenging moments. Everyone has good and bad days, and it’s learning about those bad days and how to deal with each other’s breakdowns that count.

A relationship where you know everything about the other person, the good, bad, and the ugly, has a real chance of being something that lasts.

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9. A Soulmate Calls You Pet Names

Pet names mean that there’s comfort with one another, and she feels things with you are on another level. When you use terms of endearment like honey, sweetie, or babe, you’re telling this person they have a special place in your heart, and using their birth name won’t do.

10. Your Dream Woman Trusts You

Your dream woman isn’t looking over your shoulder whenever a call or text comes to your phone. She knows that you only have eyes for her. She doesn’t call to check up on you, and she doesn’t play detective with your every move.

Living with a jealous person who has no faith or trust in you is horrible, and it will ruin your relationship as quickly as infidelity. Elisabetta Franzoso is a life coach and counselor who often sees people in her office with trust issues. She speaks about how she suffered abuse and neglect as a child, leading to significant issues.

A true soulmate calls trust the bedrock of your relationship and states that when it’s broken, it comes with baggage. You must learn to unpack your luggage and address the underlying issues to fix this problem. When you put the work into it, change and growth happen.

11. She’s Eager to Call You Her Boyfriend

Guys have a big issue with getting stuck in the friend zone. It’s not a very exciting place to be, as it leaves you in limbo. Thankfully, she was eager to call you her boyfriend from the start, and she has no problems putting the appropriate labels on your association.

12. A Soulmate Changes Her Spending Habits

Some women change their spending habits when they start thinking of their future. If she’s having visions of walking down the aisle as a bride and buying the house with the white picket fence, chances are that she will save money. If you notice that she’s skipping that expensive latte or avoiding the mall, it indicates that she’s got something bigger she’s investing in.

13. She Loves Your Family

Bringing home a partner to meet your parents is a big step. You want everyone to like her and for her to enjoy them in return. You have no worries because your partner consciously tries to get along with your family.

She comes to your parents’ get-togethers and loves to talk and laugh with the whole family. When you’ve found someone who loves your family as you do, you’ve found a treasure you should hold onto. A dream woman might get upset with your family, but she respects you, which makes her hold her tongue.

14. A Dream Woman Believes in You

You want someone who gets all your visions and encourages you when looking for your soul mate. A lady who loves you wants what’s best for you, and she wants to help you accomplish your goals. She will be the biggest cheerleader to push you on to victory, and she’s the first to want to celebrate all the little milestones, no matter how small they may be.

15. Her Friends Are All Married or in Successful Relationships

When considering if you’ve met your soulmate, looking at her friends is always good. If all her friends are married and settling down, there’s a good chance she wants the same thing. Remember that birds of a feather tend to flock together, so she might be old school and want a relationship that lasts for the long haul.


Final Thoughts on Finding Your Dream Woman

Finding the right person to spend your life with takes work. Perhaps you want love, marriage, and a couple of kids running around your home. It takes finding a dream woman to make all these beautiful things happen.

Even if you don’t want all those things, you can find the person and situation best for you. So, does the woman you’re dating fit into the category of a dream woman, or is it time to go fishing to find another fish that better suits your future?