There isn’t a person alive who doesn’t long for a deep connection with another human being. It’s in our DNA to want to share our life with another person. We want to be seen and valued for who we are, warts and all. That’s why the ongoing discussion about finding a soul mate is never ending; in the movies, in books, and in our own psyche.

The larger question is: how do we find the perfect soul mate. Huffington Post reminds us that there are seven billion people in the world, so how will we recognize them when we finally meet? Is there only one soul mate for each of us? People worry that if they don’t meet that one perfect person they will never feel whole.

Signs You’ve Met Your Soul Mate

1. Your connection to the perfect soul mate is much more than physical. 

The intimacy you share is not all about lust. It is about so much more. You are connected at your core from a deeper place. While the sex is going to be good, the connection is spiritual and goes well beyond sex. In fact, many people believe that your soul mate can be a friend instead of a romantic liaison.

2. You have no doubts about being committed to your soul mate for life. 

While your past dating life may have been plagued with doubt about whether it was true love or simply infatuation, there is no doubt in your mind that you have finally found the perfect soul mate when you finally meet. The difference between this relationship and others is almost impossible to describe.

3. You feel like you can finally let your guard down around them. 

Feeling safe enough in someone’s presence to be authentic and show them who you really are is one of the most powerful soul mate signs. It’s hard to be vulnerable. It feels risky with most other people, but that’s what makes soul mates different.

4. When you are around them you feel a sense of calm and peace. 

There is nothing like feeling fully loved and accepted for who you are. This type of connection is spiritual and leads to a place of peace. The anxiety that we feel in life is associated with uncertainty and a feeling that life is out of control.

5. You never attack one another, screaming and threatening to leave. 

One of the major soul mate signs relates to having a compassion and sensitivity for one another that won’t allow this type of mean-spirited behavior.

6. You are capable of giving in because you want to make your partner happy. 

When you truly love someone in a deep and meaningful way, you are capable of putting them first and leaving your ego out of the equation.

7. The connection was instant. 

When you met, it was like you had known them all your life. A feeling of familiarity was instant. This type of feeling about another person has fueled a lot of speculation with believers in reincarnation. One theory floating around is that soul mates actually carry some of each other’s soul inside of them from a past life.

8. You bring out the best in one another. 

We’ve all met couples who seem to argue all the time and who bring out the worst in one another. Soul mates are just the opposite. They bring out the best in each other because they want to make their beloved proud. They see the good things inside and encourage their partner to flourish.

soul mate

9. You share the same values and want the same things out of life. 

Some of the reasons couples struggle is because they have different value systems and are on different paths to their future. The only way to connect at a deep level is to share values and to want the same things out of your journey. It is impossible to truly connect if you don’t agree on the “big things.” We’re not talking about decorating ideas or what type of car you want, but rather what you believe is your purpose in life.

10. You feel like you truly know them. 

You can look at your soul mate and know what they are feeling. This type of intuitive understanding of another person is rare and should be cherished.


It is not surprising that people are searching far and wide for promised soul mates. Life can be lonely unless you feel loved and understood. As society continues to hide behind electronic devices instead of spending time with each other “in the flesh,” it is easy to understand the allure of that “special someone” who wants nothing more than to be with you and love you, always.