10 Signs You’ve Found Your Soul Mate

10 Signs You’ve Found Your Soul Mate


Soul Mate:

n. – a person with whom one has a strong affinity, shared values and tastes, and often a romantic bond:

Fleeting relationships come and go. But there’s nothing quite like being intertwined with that special someone who leaves an everlasting imprint on your soul. Everyone wants to find a soul mate, and many people chase after it endlessly.  But how can you tell which relationships will truly make a soulful impact in your life? And is there only ONE potential soul mate for you out there?

Many people believe that we don’t choose our partners. In fact, they think that destiny puts us together. Whether that’s true or not, it’s important to know if the person you’re in a relationship with truly has the potential to warm your heart forever. To gain a clearer vision when seeking your soul mate, watch for these ten signs.

10 Signs You’ve Found Your Soul Mate

signs of soul mate

1. Your soul mate is loyal

Loyalty is an essential quality of any close relationship, and you should definitely be able to check this off the list when seeking your soul mate.  Having a strong assurance that they will be there for you in all times is a must.

Your soul mate will also be willing to remain by your side, even when you aren’t in a “season of harvest”.  When you finally do connect with the right person, a union is made that goes far beyond any superficial situation.

2. Your soul mate is supportive

Support from your significant other is vital, and a soul mate should be able to provide this at all times, in all situations. Your soul mate will help uplift you, will stay aware of your emotions, and help pick you up when you’re feeling down.

Of all people, the person who touches your soul will know your vulnerabilities, and much like the ancient art of Kintsugi, your soul mate will help fill your cracks and make you stronger than ever before.

3. Your soul mate has similar morals and values

In the “talking” phase of your relationship, you probably talked to your partner about your hobbies, interests, favorite memories from childhood, and what your family is like. Sharing these things with your partner helps them get to know a little bit about you as a person, and likely set the stage for a second date.

Somewhere down the road, you probably wanted to know them on a deeper level and get an idea of their core values and morals. If both of you have very different interests and hobbies, but connect on a deeper, spiritual level, you will have a higher chance of making a lasting connection than two people who have no core values in common. In other words, the way you choose to live your life should match up with how your partner chooses to live theirs. If both of you have the same outlook on how to handle finances, how to raise children, where to live, have similar spiritual practices, and have the same general outlook on life, you will probably be able to maintain the relationship in the long-term.

The main point to take from this is that hobbies and interests change, while core values and beliefs usually don’t. Having these in common is key to making relationships last, according to a study done by researchers at Michigan State University.

4. Your soul mate sparks passion in you

When someone inspires you to bring out your best self and create from your heart, there’s a good chance that they could be a soul mate.  This person will not suppress or distract you from your inner desires, but rather act as a catalyst to help you propel into the life you’ve always dreamed of.

You and your soul mate have the potential to become the best versions of your own selves. Indeed you are giving way for growth that you’ve only imagined. They know the importance of seeing you fully live (not just exist) as your best self, and will take the positive steps necessary to help you see your passion come to life.

5. You communicate comfortably with your soul mate

You can be confident that you may have found a soul mate when your words towards each other are kind and loving (more often than not). Of course, you’ll have your ups and downs. But if kind communication is consistent, you have a winning formula.  You also know that you can tell your partner ANYTHING without judgment or criticism.

Likewise, you can be honest and expect understanding and love. If you feel like you cannot be open and honest, even during a moment of “human error”, that’s a sign of someone who may not match the energy of your soul.

6. Your soul mate knows how to make you feel special

We all have our own version of what we like when it comes to being loved, and your soul mate will learn to hone in on exactly what that is, making sure to love you in this way regularly.  It can be as simple as a cup of coffee in the morning or a love note left on the table.  Whatever makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, your soul mate will always aim to please.

Of course we’re not referring to making someone a slave for love, but rather letting them know what you like and seeing them make conscious efforts to deliver that to you.

7. Your partner truly appreciates your affection


In the right relationship, it’s important to make all the non-physical connections such as comfortable communication, similar interests, etc., but there’s no denying the powerful energy produced when you physically connect with your soul mate.  Just a single touch from that special someone can send chills through your body, and your soul mate is the one type of person who seeks to give, and receive, that feeling from you on a consistent basis.

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