A woman who thinks you’re ‘The One’ will give you more than just her heart. Indeed, she will give you a future full of love and joy. Could you really be The One she chooses above all others? Read on to learn the 5 signs that you will be the most important person in her life forever.

Your relationship changes when you realize that you have met your perfect match. You may notice that the wonderful woman in your life has been acting differently toward you lately, and that could indeed be because she has chosen you to be ‘The One.’

5 Signs She Thinks You’re “The One”

When a woman makes her choice of her ideal partner, ‘The One,’ she is making a decision to eliminate other potential partners from her partnership options. As the ones who are traditionally pursued for romance, women tend to have a large pool of potential romantic partners. A woman could choose nearly anyone for her mate.

But a woman who is looking for ‘The One’ wants more than just fun in bed. . .

Women have long been exposed to the romantic ideals of the happy Hollywood movie ending and love at first sight. These movies actually do, in fact, influence how we look for ‘The One.’ In a study of women who watched romantic comedies, the women ‘reported stronger endorsement of romantic ideal beliefs than those who did not watch.’

So yes, those sappy romantic movies do have an influence on what we are looking for in ‘The One.’ But women are also aware that Prince Charming is not real and that idealistic expectations for ‘The One’ are not based in the reality of the available dating pool. Read on to learn about the romantic gestures from romantic comedy movies that women look for in their ideal mates.

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1. She thinks you’re ‘The One’ if she has said that you’d make a good parent

Women tend to look for qualities in their mates that will make them a good parent, even if they have no plans to raise children. Women particularly value status and resources when they are looking for ‘The One.’ This is again because someone who is in an upper class family will be likely to be financially secure and able to provide for her and her children.

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Even if you aren’t endowed with status or resources, she might still think you’re ‘The One’ if you’re kind to children, show compassion toward animals, and she’ll give you bonus points if you’ve ever rushed to aid an elderly person.

2. She thinks you’re ‘The One’ if you let her win arguments sometimes

Conflict is bound to happen in any relationship. But if you are able to compromise and let her have her way sometimes, she will be satisfied. To make her truly happy, let her win most arguments or at least concede that she was right.

3. She thinks you’re ‘The One’ if she knows you won’t break her trust

Trust, honesty, and integrity are values that a woman is looking for in ‘The One.’ If she is seriously considering you as her mate, you must have proven yourself to be trustworthy.

A woman has a sense about whom she can trust with her heart, but she may have also tested you. She definitely wants to know what you do when she isn’t around, and if you’ve ever made a move on any other potential romantic rivals. She may ask her friends to check on you and report back any flirtatious or other activity.

4. She thinks you’re ‘The One’ if you are excellent at creating intimacy

Notice that we didn’t say that being good in bed as a sign that she thinks you might be ‘the One.’ Women crave intimacy, deep connection, and being loved. If you do a great job of asking her about herself, touching her gently, listening, and you are also a great kisser who knows just how to please her, she definitely thinks you might be ‘The One.’

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5. She thinks you’re ‘The One’ if you support her goals

Your woman has a dream and she wants to see it happen. You can either support her in achieving her dreams, or you can prevent her from doing it. In order to be ‘The One’ she chooses, you need to know the intimate details of her vision. Besides that, you must support her with words and actions to make it a reality.

A woman has every right to change her mind, of course, and we sometimes do. In fact, according to one study, what we say we want in an ideal partner does not necessarily determine what we actually select in ‘The One’ that we end up with. Researchers say ‘Just because participants claim to value particular qualities in a mate does not mean that they will preferentially pursue partners who possess such qualities.’

And that female changeability is just part of what has you wondering if she thinks you’re right for her.