By now, you may have realized that you came here on a mission greater than anyone ever told you about growing up. Thus, you are trying hard to become your best self.

Some event or person may have woken you up out of a deep slumber, and now you see the world through new eyes. It may feel like you’ve stripped away your camouflaged skin to reveal your true colors – if you need some more clarity about whether you have begun to embody your best self, consider the following guidance.

20 Signs You’re Becoming Your Higher Self

1. You feel moved by some grand mission here on Earth.

You have awakened to your soul’s calling; you may have recently quit your job or even moved to a new city in order to facilitate your newfound calling. The old paradigm doesn’t resonate with you anymore, and you have released these outdated thoughts to accommodate your soul’s desires.

2. You feel physically and mentally lighter.

You might feel alive for the first time in years, because you have begun to accept your most genuine nature. During this time, you may even miraculously recover from chronic ailments, or be drawn to healthier, more nutritious foods to match your new vibration.

3. Things begin to manifest at lightning speed.

What you truly desire seems to come into your life almost effortlessly, and in much less time than before. The universe sends you assuring signs regularly, whether through songs playing frequently on the radio, meeting the right people at the opportune time, or even in your dreams. Your intentions have been made clear to the universe, and now it’s responding to your energy.

4. You attract exactly who you need to meet.

Some people call this your “Soul Family” or “Soul Tribe,” because you meet them and feel like you’ve known them for lifetimes before. In this life, they appear at various stages to help you along your path and reconnect with you to give you comfort and guidance.

5. You feel totally comfortable in your skin.

You don’t have to think about who you are, because you’re simply BEING it. What you act, think, and say form a perfect harmony, and you don’t feel the need to fight your inner self anymore. You let it shine proudly, and people notice.

6. You don’t try to repress any emotions, but instead, honor them.

You no longer feel that your thoughts and feelings own you; you simply observe them and allow them to move effortlessly through you. You realize that people experience many different feelings depending on their moods and situations they encounter, and nurture every emotion that washes over you.

higher self

7. You no longer seek love or attention outside yourself.

You know that you embody love in the flesh, and realize that love will come to you only when you find it within first. You practice self-love and self-care, and you’ve learned to accept yourself as you are at this moment.

8. You’ve given up the victim mentality.

Since we have all come here on Earth due to past life karma, you know that blaming anyone or anything outside yourself will only perpetuate bad karma. You accept all responsibility for your own happiness and choices in life.

9. You feel the interconnectedness of all life.

You see yourself in your fellow humans, lions, tigers, bears, dandelions, trees, and rivers. You know it’s all energy expressed in different forms, and you have learned to honor and respect all life on Earth.

10. You know how to balance your own energy.

As you continue to evolve, you may notice that you can attune your energy to the frequency you wish to emit. You have learned to remove any unwanted energies within your body, and may even assist others with balancing their energies as well.

11. You have tamed egoistic desires.

You no longer care to run the rat race of consuming and spending just to inflate your false self and impress others. You know what brings real meaning in life, and feel very detached from material possessions.

12. You don’t care what people think about you.

Now that you feel so confident in your own skin, you don’t need to rely on other’s opinions to bolster your ego. You don’t need anyone’s approval to be you, and you realize that people spread hatred only when they themselves feel insecure. You offer love to them instead of stooping down to their vibrational level.

13. You only listen to your own heart.

You appreciate the opinion of others, but know that only you can make necessary decisions about your life. Only you know what’s best for you, so you don’t let others lead you astray.

14. Fear doesn’t hold you back anymore.

You no longer let fear motivate your decisions, and instead feel driven by love and excitement. You realize that fear is only an illusion, and trust your highest self to guide you in the right direction.

15. You don’t idolize leaders.

You have become your own guru, and know that only you hold the answers which you seek. You may have learned from these leaders, but see the same potential within yourself to teach and be taught.

16. You speak your truth, even if it isn’t popular.

You know that the real truth has been buried beneath piles of lies for years now, and feel obligated to share the knowledge you’ve gained. People may laugh or dismiss your words as ludicrous conspiracies, but you press on without faltering. You have a duty to awaken the masses, and stand firmly in your beliefs.

17. You form better, deeper relationships.

As your relationship with yourself improves, so do all the other ones in your life. Communication gets easier, and you spend more time laughing and hugging with friends and family than you did before.

18. You have a newfound passion for life.

Maybe you once felt like a zombie, aimlessly walking through a dismal existence. Now, you feel vibrant, excited, and moved to live your best life with every breath you take.

19. You spread happiness and love to others.

Instead of putting people down to appease your ego, you lift others up so they will feel better about themselves. This does not hurt your ego, but it nourishes your soul. You have helped yourself, so you now know how to help others.

20. Abundance greets you in all areas of life.

You suddenly find ways of making money that you never saw before, which allows you to buy healthier foods and live a higher quality of life. The universe has rewarded you for living your truth, and this financial freedom enhances your own life as well as the lives of everyone around you.

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