Getting rid of stuff might seem scary, but think about our needs vs. wants for a second. What is it that humans really need, anyway? Basically, as long as we have food, water, shelter, and clothing, we pretty much have it made. Anything additional is put into the “want” category, and most people fall into the trap of accumulating things just because they can. However, freeing yourself from this constant state of lack allows you to spend your time chasing other interests besides shopping and engaging in consumerism.

Minimalism is on the rise as more people search for meaning in their lives. Possessions can be taken away, but experiences and inner peace cannot. Many minimalists report feeling much happier and freer after getting rid of clutter in their homes. Also, the objects they do keep tend to serve an important function rather than just collect dust in a corner.

Below, we will share stories from different minimalists on Reddit to show you just how life-changing the practice of giving up your stuff can be.

11 people explain how getting rid of stuff changed their life:

getting rid of stuff

1. Improving relationships and sleep

“I have better relationships because I can connect with friends and family more rather than compete with them. Lastly, I got rid of my bed so I now sleep on the floor which improves my posture and reduces the amount of stiffness in my body.”

2. Finding your inner voice

“It’s helped me to silence the voice of the aspirational life and listen more to the voice of my life right now. I’m more intentional and focused on what I want rather than what I perceive I should want/have/need.”

3. Doing more things you love

“Instead of spending time cleaning, I can spend time doing what I love (practicing music) and what I don’t love (studying math).”

4. Having more time

“I spend less time shopping overall. My weekends are totally free to do whatever I want now to experience new things, instead of buying clothes at the mall. My apartment is a lot tidier and easier to clean as well since I have less stuff.”

5. Less anxiety

“It’s improved my anxiety that everything needs to be perfect. With such little items in my life I can just worry and focus on what’s in front of me. It’s a great comfort.”

More benefits of getting rid of stuff:

6. Finding more meaning in things you already own

“It took away the stress of spending money, making me more focused on the things that I have.”

7. Saving money on Amazon

‘I now pay $0/month for my Amazon Prime credit card vs the usual $200-300/month I used to rack up on it.”

getting rid of stuff

8. Decluttering email

“I stopped worrying about “missing out” on deals and sales for clothes and like items. I unsubscribed to almost all marketing emails and after buying my most recent pair of shoes I told myself I was done buying any new clothing until a situation changed (an essential item broke, I moved to a location with a different office environment or significantly different climate, etc).”

9. Sense of purpose

“Minimalism to me means freedom. I feel like it has provided me a greater purpose, and I am ever thankful to the person who introduced it to me almost 2 years ago.”

10. Dissolving of ego

“I stopped being snobby. I couldn’t be seen in an average car growing up. Now I have the most ghetto ex-cop car in the city and I love it more than any luxury car you throw at me.”

11. More money for important things

“Saved enough money to pay cash for graduate school, I graduate next week. Also paid off my car last week, officially, dare I say it? Debt-free.”

emotional baggage

Final thoughts on getting rid of stuff you don’t need

getting rid of stuff

Do you practice minimalism? How has it changed your life? Share with us in the comments below!