Believe it or not, you came here to do more than slave away at a corporate job and pay bills. You manifested here, in these times, to live your greatness and bring this Earth back into alignment in only the way you can. We all have a unique purpose here, but you must put in the leg work to uncover it and never give up your true calling no matter what obstacles you face. No matter if you woke up one day and had an epiphany about your highest purpose, or if you discovered it gradually over time, these signs might help reinforce your belief that you have, indeed, realized your true life purpose.

Here are 10 signs you’ve discovered your Life Purpose

1. You can confidently answer the question “Why am I here?”

We have all wondered this since we were kids, but sometimes the answer doesn’t reveal itself so easily. It could take years for you to find the answer, but when you do, it will resonate with you so deeply that you won’t have any doubts about its sincerity. When you can look at yourself as a spiritual being who came here to save this planet somehow, you will probably be able to answer this question.

2. You could care less how much money you will make by following your passion.

Even if you earn less by leaving your job and doing what you really love, it doesn’t bother you. You know that a life lived in contradiction to what your soul longs for would be a disservice to you and all of humanity. You see money as a tool to provide for yourself and your fellow humans, but you don’t care how much of it you accumulate as long as you have enough for the basic necessities.  A full heart matters much more to you than a full bank account.

3. People with the same life purpose as you start coming into your life.

As you continue to find out more about what you came here to do, you will likely attract others who can either help you on your mission or maybe even collaborate with you. Like minds tend to gravitate toward each other, and this becomes especially true as you begin to trust in your life’s work. You might get into a conversation with someone at your favorite coffee shop you want to start a band like you do, or start up a sustainable community farm with you.

If you want to become an author, you might stumble upon an ad for a local writing workshop and meet people who share your vision. Amazing synchronicities happen when you surrender to your highest purpose in life.

4. Life will seem to get a little easier, and new doors will open for you.

Many people constantly struggle through life, eventually giving into the belief that “maybe this is just how things are supposed to be.” However, once you unlock the doors that concealed your destiny, you will find that even more doors begin to open for you. One step you take reveals more steps on the staircase, and the path you need to take becomes clearer to you.

The universe truly wants to help you, but you must help yourself before source energy can step in and help direct your destiny.

5. Your health will improve dramatically.

Most of us know that soul-sucking jobs that we have to drag ourselves out of bed for each morning will take a toll on our mental and physical well-being. But, did you know that overworking (especially at a job you have zero interest in) can actually kill you? In Japan, they call this karoshi, or “death by overwork.” Japanese officials estimate that at least 10,000 employees suffer this terrible fate each year, and many researchers have attributed overworking to many health problems in the U.S., as well.

Job stress and unhappiness in the workplace has arguably become one of the most prevalent epidemics in our modern world, but once you devote your time to something more meaningful, you will likely notice a huge improvement in your health.

6. You will feel oddly peaceful, even in the face of adversity.

Even if everything around you fell to pieces, you would find solace in the fact that you know why you came here. You would rejoice in your ability to finally express your true self, and everything you once stressed out about would seem trivial. If you get a flat tire driving somewhere, or a $100 bill flies out the window, or if you can’t find your other shoe one day, you will be able to laugh at life’s little tests without batting an eye or losing your temper. You can finally rest knowing that you could lose everything, but no force on Earth can take away your purpose.

7. You will fall asleep easier at night.

A lot of us lose sleep because we have too much on our minds and feel restless in our daily lives. However, when you discover your purpose, you might just find yourself drifting off into dreamland a lot quicker each night. This happens because you finally feel fulfilled with life, and have found something permanent to fill the void with.

8. Your relationships will improve.

Without even knowing it, many people use relationships as a source of relief from their stresses and unhappiness with life. While your close friends and family should offer you open ears and arms when you really need them, you will find that when you live your dreams, all of the old problems seem to dissolve.

You can now go to your friends and family and share your joys and laughter, rather than complaints and pain. Your infectious happiness will spread to others, and that will uplift the hearts of everyone who crosses your path.

9. You find yourself comfortable with taking more risks.

Eventually, you’ll find out that you can’t get from where you are now to where you want to be if you don’t take that leap of faith and try. As you discover your inner calling, you will feel so enthralled with the direction your life is going that you actually want to put yourself in uncomfortable situations often.

Where you once felt paralyzed by fear, you now feel motivated by it.

10. You feel excited about life again.

By the time you’ve reached your early twenties, you might feel dead inside…but that’s because you haven’t been living your truth. While it’s true that most people just exist, and not really live, all of us could actually thrive and jump out of bed every morning eager to start the day by listening to our hearts. Once you finally give in to that voice in your head telling you to just go for it and follow your dreams, you will feel exuberant about life once more.

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