How do you know if you’re meant to be? When you’re dating someone you have strong feelings for, you can’t help but question if this is the person for you. It’s not uncommon for people to fall for the wrong individual and end up having a lifetime of regrets.

Is there a way to know if the person who’s taking your eye is the one for you? Well, there are all sorts of theories on the matter, but you can’t just trust what your heart tells you. You must use your mind in these situations as your heart gets caught up in the sensations you feel.

Twenty Signs You Are Meant To Be

There are some signs that the person you’re with is perfect for you. Here are twenty indications that the one who has stolen your heart is your soul mate.

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1. You Understand and Support One Another

You know that no matter what you say or do, this individual understands and supports you. Even if your idea seems crazy and off-balance, they’re willing to listen to you. They get you on a level that few do, and they embrace your crazy as well as your sanity.

2. The Communication Is Good When a Relationship Is Meant to Be

You could sit and talk for hours to this person as you have excellent communication. You can’t wait to tell them about your day, gossip from your friends, and everything else. The two of you have great conversations at dinner time, before bed, and many times throughout the day.

3. You Set Goals and Dream Together

You’re both heading in the same direction, so you love to dream together. You have big goals for the future, but the plans all include each other. You can’t picture tomorrow without one another being there.

4. You Trust Each Other Completely When a Relationship Is Meant to Be

The level of trust that exists between you and your partner is incredible. It doesn’t matter what’s going on; you know that you can tell them. You have no problem sharing your deepest and darkest secrets, as you know they won’t tell a soul.

5. Lazy Days Still Feel Like Bliss

You’re so comfortable with one another that lying around watching TV in your pajamas is okay. You don’t need big adventures and to spend a ton of money to have quality time. You go together like a sock and shoe, and just being still is enough for you both.

6. You Build One Another up, Not Tear Each Other Down

You would never think of calling them a name or tearing them down, and they feel the same way about you. When you speak to each other, you try to build self-esteem and not destroy it. You know that when all the chips are down, and things aren’t going well, they will always be the ones in your corner cheering you on.

7. It’s All About the Little Things

While the big things are great, you love how they know all the little things about you. They know how you take your coffee, your favorite candy bar, fruit, cuisine, and what makes you tick. They’ve taken time to get to learn as much as they can about you, and all these little things seem significant.

8. You Don’t Like Being Apart When a Relationship is Meant to Be

One way that you know you’re meant to be is that you can’t stand being apart from one another. Even going to work away from them for eight hours seems unbearable. You’re truly best friends and enjoy time together.

9. They’re Always on Your Mind

You think about them constantly, and they feel about you too. You get random texts throughout the day or emails that remind you of how important you’re in their life. Your mind daydreams about the house with the white picket fence and children.

10. You Share Everything

There are no secrets between the two of you, as you share everything. You can’t wait to call them when something happens to you. Whether the issue is big or small, you know they’re always there to listen and support you.

There are no surprises as you know absolutely everything about each other, which brings you comfort.

meant to be

11. You’re Happy Together

You can honestly say that you’re happy. You feel the inner peace that comes from being with them. They make you a better person, and you do the same in return. You’re so connected that you live in pure bliss most days.

Sure, life is challenging, but the challenges are always better when you have an amazing support system.

12. There’s No Lies or Deception

You and your partner don’t lie to one another, and there’s not a deceptive bone in their body. So you feel sure that what they tell you is the truth that you never second guess anything.

You feel like you can stand up for this person when the world is against them, as you have no doubts in your mind that what they say is 100 percent authentic.

13. Your Vulnerabilities Are Well Known

Many people put up walls in a relationship, but there are no walls with you and your partner. You feel free to expose your vulnerabilities and to let your guard down. They know about previous traumas, things that hurt you deeply, and you feel safe in their arms.

14. There Are Very Few Arguments

While it’s normal to disagree, you certainly don’t argue with one another. You’ve both learned how to master friendly disagreements without escalating the situation. You have a system worked out to banter about issues without taking it to an extreme.

Additionally, you know the importance of resolving issues sooner rather than later. You wouldn’t dare go to bed angry or sleep apart.

15. Your Family and Friends Like Them

Another sign that your relationship is meant to be is that your friends and family like them. Your family might even consider them part of the pack by now. Unlike some individuals who want to avoid meeting your inner circle, your partner has embraced them with open arms.

If these people are important to you, then your partner must get to know them too. Remember, in-laws will be a part of you for the rest of your life, so you need to make sure it won’t be a bumpy road that will make you miserable.

16. You’re Connected Spiritually

While you’ve mastered connecting on a physical and emotional level, you’re also connected spiritually. You have a similar belief pattern that enhances your relationship. According to Chopra, many people divorce or go separate ways because their spiritual beliefs don’t align.

An agnostic or atheist person might not mesh well with someone who’s a devoted Christian. If your spiritual visions don’t align, they might become a source of contention. However, you both come from similar backgrounds and have a shared vision for spirituality; it is another sign you’re meant to be.

17. Your Gut Instincts Tell You It’s Right

Your gut instincts or your intuitive nature is a good gauge of how well things are going. You will get an ache in the pit of your stomach when things aren’t quite right. However, you have nothing but good feelings about your partner, and there are no reservations or hesitations.

18. You Laugh Together When It’s Meant to Be

You have a lot of fun together. While you know life isn’t all about fun and games, it’s enjoyable being by their side. They’re the kind of person that makes going to the grocery store entertaining, and you need their levity in your life.

19. They’re Eager To Commit

Unlike some folks who have significant issues with commitment, they can’t wait to pledge their love and devotion to you. They were calling you their boyfriend or girlfriend right away. There are no commitment phobias here as they let you know where you stand in their life.

20. You’re Attracted to Them

While you can’t always judge a book by its cover, there does need to be some physical attraction. You’re head over heels for this person, and their looks are just the icing on the cake. According to Madeleine A. Fugère, Ph.D. from Psychology Today, physical attraction is important because it can inhibit romance if it’s not.

Fortunately for most of us, people don’t look for supermodels but find themselves attracted to others for wit or intellect–not just beauty.

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Final Thoughts on Being In a Relationship That I Meant to Be

Most folks are looking for a sign or some divine inspiration to point them in the direction of finding their soul mate. Matters of the heart are some of the most asked questions. However, when someone is meant to be, it’s a feeling that engulfs you and brings you comfort.

If you find yourself constantly questioning if things are right, you might want to reexamine the relationship. As the old saying goes, when it’s right, you know it. There’s no reason to guess things second or have uncertain feelings in the pit of your stomach.

If you find the one your heart longs for, then run to them with open arms and embrace the gift you’ve been given.