Meeting your dream man and settling down is probably one of your life’s goals. Finding the perfect person requires dating and working through all the duds to find Mr. Right. Experiencing a failed relationship or two is challenging, but it all pays off when you find the one that’s your other half.

Fifteen Signs He’s Your Dream Man

How do you know if the man you’re with is a keeper? There may be insane chemistry, and your heart may beat out of your chest when he’s near. You must pay attention to those subtle clues, as they tell you everything you need to know. Here are some signs that this man could be husband material. Please see our accompanying article if you are curious about the signs indicating you have found your dream woman.

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1. Your Values Align With Those of Your Dream Man

When you think about your dream man, you want them to have similar values to yours. Things like raising children, spirituality, and your political affiliations can be deal breakers.

You don’t have to agree on everything, as that’s impossible, but you must have values that line up. When it comes to things you don’t see similarly, they understand and respect your view.

2. You Feel Comfortable Being Vulnerable

There are some folks that you must hold back the tears and emotional displays around them. However, your dream man loves you and welcomes your vulnerability.

Even if you’re freaking out because everything in your world is going wrong, he will be the shoulder to cry on rather than a voice of judgment.

3. The Chemistry With Your Dream Man Is Electrifying

When he touches your hand, you tingle inside. You get butterflies when you know you will see him, and his kiss makes you weak in the knees. The chemistry between you and Mr. Right is undeniable; he makes you feel things you never thought possible.

4. He Likes Your Family and Friends

Getting along with family and friends is among couples’ most significant issues. You’ve found a treasure when you’ve met a man who accepts the people in your life. If he realizes that your circle of influence is vital to you, he will do whatever possible to accept and love them as he does you.

5. He Values Your Opinion

Some men prefer to take leadership roles and dominate the house. However, he knows you have an opinion and is open to hearing what you say. When making decisions for the household, he wants to listen to what you want.

Having a dictatorship is not a marriage; your dream man may be a keeper if he values your thoughts and opinions.

6. Your Dream Man Doesn’t Try to Change You

To love someone is to accept them for who they are, not what they can be. He won’t try to change you, but you will feel yourself changing to be a better person for him. He’s never cruel or puts you down, as he’s your biggest cheerleader. He sees past all your annoying habits and loves you regardless.

7. You Feel Safe in Your Relationship With Him

You love feeling safe and secure when he is by your side. Something is reassuring about looking into his eyes and knowing he will protect you with everything in him. Your dream man would give his life for his lady, and the security he brings makes you feel protected.


8. They Make You Laugh

Life would be boring if you didn’t laugh. There have been numerous studies about laughter being good for the soul, but did you know it’s also good for relationships? The University of North Carolina researched the health of couples who laughed together.

Laura E. Kurtz oversaw this study. The research concluded that shared laughter is a valuable objective for gauging the relationship’s well-being. A couple that laughs and has a good time together is in a better place than one who lacks levity. So, find the person who makes you laugh, and you will find someone you can spend forever with by your side.

9. Too Much Time Apart From Your Dream Man Is Dreadful

It’s a dreadful time when you must spend time apart from one another. You count down the days, minutes, and hours until you can see one another again. You know he has business meetings, trips, and other engagements, but being apart is unbearable for both of you. Carleton University’s Robert Coplan has some strong beliefs about time spent apart.

While it might seem unbearable to be away from one another, it’s healthy. According to Carleton Newsroom, you need time alone like you need sunlight. However, the key is that you don’t want too much of it, as it can be unhealthy.

10. A Dream Man Communicates Well

You don’t have to sit by the phone waiting for a call or text, as you’re the first person he thinks about. He wakes up and texts you good morning if he’s not by your side. You don’t have to guess about the things going on in his life, as he’s very open and communicates well with you.

11. He’s There Whenever You Need Him

If you call your dream man at two am, he will come running to be there for you. You can count on him whether you’re in danger or just having a bad day. He’s protective of you and wants to ensure he is there for all the essential things in your life.

He wouldn’t dream of you getting an award at work and not being there in the room to clap and cheer for your accomplishments. You’re one of the most precious things to you, and he will be there when you call.

12. He Brags About You and Your Relationship

You know the hurt if you’ve ever been with someone who tried to hide you from his friends and family. However, this guy seems proud of you. He loves having you on his arm and wants the world to see you’re his girlfriend.

You’re not stuck in the friend zone, as he eagerly changed his social media status to “in a relationship.” When anyone asks about his love interest, he can’t stop gushing about how wonderful you are and all your outstanding attributes. Yes, a sign you’ve found your dream man is when he is proud of you and brags about you to his friends.

13. He Tells You Everything

You have no secrets; he wants to share his heart and soul. He wouldn’t dare leave you out on any happenings in his life. Your dream man knows that you’re his present and future, so he wants to keep you filled in on everything about him.

You like his transparency because even when he makes a mistake, he’s quick to own it. A more profound connection comes with someone who lets you in and ensures you know everything.

14. He Makes Sacrifices for You

A man who loves you wholeheartedly will sacrifice to ensure your happiness and safety. If there’s one piece of apple pie left, he will save it for you. He will eliminate social media accounts because he knows they make you uncomfortable.

Additionally, he will make coffee at home instead of grabbing that six-dollar gourmet latte. He knows all that extra money can be saved to get you the home of your dreams or the ring you deserve.

15. You Spend A Lot of Time Together

Spending time together is very important for any relationship. You can be curled up on a couch, watching a movie, eating pizza, or dancing the night away. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you’re together.

He goes out of his way to plan things to put a smile on your face, even if it’s something simple like a picnic. He cares about you and likes spending his time with you.

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Final Thoughts on Your Dream Man

As the old saying goes, you must kiss many toads before you find your prince. The good news is that if your man checks off many things on this list, chances are you’ve found your dream man. Moreover, checking a list can never tell you what you already know in your heart.

Listening to your gut instincts can give you proper direction. When you’ve found Mr. Right, you don’t see the red flags and feel those aching doubts in your stomach like in toxic relationships. The sun shines brighter, and everything seems right in your world.