The idea of spending forever with someone in contentment seems daunting to some folks, especially when you consider there are more than 7.5 billion people on planet earth.

Is contentment possible?

You can find plenty of fish in the sea. So how do you know if you’ve found the one meant just for you? One sign that you’ve found your soulmate is by the contentment you feel in your relationship.

If you’ve played the dating field any, you know that there are good relationships and troubled ones, and sometimes no matter what you do, it just doesn’t feel right.

However, finding your person, the one who completes you and makes you feel whole, is not something that everyone encounters.

According to a study published by the Washington Post, around 55 percent of the population hasn’t found true love. These folks give up on the hunt and consider themselves forever single. One indication that you’ve struck gold is by the contentment you feel inside when you’re with this individual.

Ten Signs of Contentment in a Relationship

Perhaps you question if the person you are with is the one meant for you. Things are going well, even fantastically, and you’re afraid to take the next step. Here are ten signs of contentment in a relationship that you should observe.

If you find that you have these feelings and do these things, then you, my friend, have found a rare treasure in your partner.

1. You Reveal Contentment by Putting Their Needs Above Yours

When you love someone on a deep level, you automatically put their needs above yours.

For instance, one piece of their favorite vanilla cake is left from dinner. So, rather than eating this sweet treat, you save it for them.

Sure, the cake isn’t a need, but you’re putting their wants and needs above your desires. You don’t get the dream home in suburbia because it makes their commute a bit too long, and you spend an extra bit at the grocery store so they can have the foods they need for their specific diet.

You have their best interests at heart and want to do right by them, even if it means it’s a sacrifice for you.

2. Arguments Are Few and Far Between

While a little bit of arguing and having disagreements can be healthy, those tiffs are few and far between your partner. You two go together like a sock and shoe, and even if there are things that you disagree on, you find a way to work through it without theatrics. You are so in sync that you think alike, leaving little room for spats.

3. Your Safe Place Is in Their Arms

There are places in this life where everyone feels safe, and these are the spaces you hold dear. You feel secure from the world around you when you’re in their arms.

No matter how bad your day has been or how unkind life was to you, you find security and renewal when you feel their arms wrapped around you. Isn’t this what love is all about feeling safe and secure from someone who cares so much about you?

4. You Cannot Wait To Get Home to Them

Even Shakespeare noted that parting was sweet sorrow when you’re away from your loved one. However, all day long, you daydream about being home and spending time together. You count down the hours and minutes until you see them again.

You plan out dinner in your mind and find something great for you to watch on TV. You know the day will feel complete, and you’re at peace once you’re back together. Your home and the place you have built together are the best spot in the world for you.

5. You Display Contentment by Relishing Every Moment Spent Together

You look forward to those times when you get to make the world go away and focus on your relationship. You make date night a priority, and you always look for new adventures and things for you to do. Since you have a lot of similar interests, you can’t wait to explore the world with your favorite person.

6. You Smile and Laugh a Lot

They say that a merry heart is like good medicine, and you know that it is true, as you smile and laugh a lot. You can always find something that makes you happy and allows you to chuckle.

You have found the person that can make a simple trip to the grocery store seem like a fun adventure. You can’t imagine what you did before they came into your life, but now you have a permanent smile.

7. You Show Contentment When Your Communication Is Good

You have no secrets and learned the fine art of communication. You will text each other throughout the day to let others know how you are doing. Your lunch and breaks are always spent conversing, and you can’t wait to get home and share the details of your day and job with them.

You run to the first when good or bad things occur in your life. They’re the individual you want to tell all your secrets too, and they’re the person that will come to your defense when the whole world is against you. Most importantly, you dream with one another about what the future will be like.

You see growing old and sitting on a porch watching the sunsets as one of the most beautiful daydreams of all, as it means that you will be together forever.

8. You Trust Your Partner A Hundred Percent

What contentment means for you is that you can trust your partner one hundred percent. You know that if they tell you something, it is the truth. You have no doubts about what they say or do, as you’ve reached complete security with one another.

They would cross a raging river to save you, and you would do the same. It is a feeling unlike anything you’ve had before, but when you trust someone so deeply, you know you will be okay no matter what comes your way.

9. You Enjoy Intimacy With One Another

Intimate matters will wax and wane throughout your relationship. However, you keep things fresh both inside and outside the bedroom. When you go out to eat, you find yourself sitting on the same side of the booth together, as you don’t want to be too far apart.

There are constant public displays of affection, and they will grab and kiss you anytime or anywhere. You know how to act in front of people, but they want your hand and heart regardless of your journey. They want to shout to the world that you belong to them, and you’ve found their love to be something of storybooks.

Being with them gives you peace in your soul that you can’t explain, but they make you happier and feel better about yourself.

10. You Use Terms of Endearment

Terms of endearment can be cheesy if you overuse them, but you find them a sign of your relationship having a deeper connection.

According to Better Help, using terms of endearment, help to remove walls that people put around their heart for protection. They allow you to communicate with one another in a unique and intimate way. Some people use these terms as cheap shop talk, but when you call each other by these pet names, it’s because you genuinely mean every word you say.

These little words are a way to bond, play with one another, and show you care. While they shouldn’t be overdone, calling your partner honey, sweetie, baby, or some other cute name is perfectly acceptable. Just don’t forget to use their real name occasionally.

Poem: Love’s Eternal Commitment

“Your love came quietly and softly,

And it encompassed all my heart.

The old ways and bad things inside myself,

Drifted as your faith in me cleansed every part.

I see in your eyes my future,

And in your arms, my safety lies.

For you, dear are my contentment,

And I will always be by your side.”

Final Thoughts on Contentment in a Relationship

Love is a beautiful feeling, but it’s a choice. You wake up each day and choose to be with someone you desire. You chose them because they complete you in ways you never thought possible.

True love makes you a better person and helps you tear down the walls and unpack baggage you carry from previous relationships. When you find contentment and peace in your life, it radiates from the inside out. The signs that you are at ease do not require any grand announcements, as anyone who comes in contact with you knows you’ve found a gem whose love saved you.

You have found contentment if you have the love written about in storybooks. Hold on to this person, treasure them, and prioritize them.