Do you ever feel an emotional slump during the day as if you’re running on empty? Maybe you can’t focus or feel drained of all your energy. Life is no fun when you feel negative and downtrodden all the time, but there is a better way to live. All it takes is learning how to recharge your positivity when you feel depleted.

Have you ever seen someone so down and depressed that it seemed to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders? Negativity doesn’t make for a great look on you. Thankfully, walking through life with a positive outlook is like stepping from the darkness into the sunshine. It changes everything.

These Twenty Behaviors Can Help Recharge Your Positivity Batteries

If you’re tired of the slumps, and you want to have a more positive life that’s full of joy and happiness, then it’s a choice you must make. Here are 20 easy ways to recharge your batteries and get back on course.

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1. Reconsider Your Eating Habits

You can’t expect to put soda pop in your car’s gas tank and get very far. In fact, not using the correct fuel could cause irreparable damage to the engine. The same thing can happen when you don’t refill your body with the healthy foods it needs to survive and thrive.

One of the best ways to recharge your batteries is to maintain healthy eating habits and avoid junky processed food. According to an article published by Harvard Medical School, a nutritious diet keeps your brain working at optimal levels.

2. Try to Exercise Each Day

Have you ever noticed how pumped you’re physically and mentally after a good workout? It’s because exercise stimulates your brain to produce endorphins and other “feel good” hormones. Even taking a brisk walk, 15 to 20 minutes a day, can strengthen your body and help recharge your batteries.

3. Recharge Your Positivity by Performing Stretches

Pet parents can learn many lessons from their fur babies about relaxing and recharging their batteries. You’ve probably seen your dog or cat do a few stretches from head to toe when they awaken. They also like to stretch after running and playing with the family.

When you get out of bed each morning, consider doing some stretches to get your body limber and ready for the day. Yoga and other traditional gentle stretches are ideal for adding to your daily routine. A body that’s fit and relaxed is less vulnerable to injury.

4. Get Enough Sleep

Sleeping is a natural state of relaxation that allows you to recharge your batteries physically, mentally, and spiritually. Unfortunately, many people are sleep-deprived and go through an overwhelming brain fog throughout their day. If this condition is chronic, you can develop severe health conditions.

Like most people, you probably feel your best with at least six to eight hours per night. Keep your bedroom as dark as possible and maintain a comfortable temperature. Your bedroom should be a serene oasis reserved only for sleep and romance.

5. Take a Power Nap to Recharge Your Positivity

When you listen to your body, it will tell you what you need. Sometimes, you need to recharge your batteries mid-day or early in the evenings. Maybe you’ve had an incredibly stressful day and need a little siesta.

A quick power nap for 15 to 20 minutes can energize you and clear your mind. Be careful that you don’t nap for too long. When you oversleep during your power nap, you’ll be wide-awake in the middle of the night. Sadly, you’ll be frazzled the following day.

6. Enjoy a Warm Bath

Pamper yourself and wash your stress away in bubbles by enjoying a warm bath. There’s something about water that relieves muscle tension while it soothes and calms your nerves. Lock the bathroom door, light a few candles, and enjoy a rejuvenating soak.

7. Recharge Your Positivity Batteries with Aromatherapy

Are there certain smells that evoke pleasant memories and boost your spirits? An article published by Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience explains that your sense of smell links to emotions and past experiences. The next time you need to recharge your batteries, use some of your favorite essential oils as aromatherapy, such as rose, orange, or ylang-ylang.

8. Tap into Your Creativity

It’s easy for your brain to get bored, and you feel like you’re on autopilot. Nix the boredom and give your brain a creative challenge. Schedule time for doing hobbies or learning something new.

9. Take Regular Technology Breaks

How did humans survive without smartphones, computers, and other modern technology? These are inventions that are supposed to make your life easier. However, these same gadgets can rob you of precious energy and quality time with family and friends.

Try to give yourself well-deserved technology breaks, especially during family dinners. Put away your phone and mobile devices, turn off the TV, and forget social media for a while. Not only will your eyes get some rest, but so will your brain and the rest of your body.

10. Reconnect with Family and Friends

While you’ve determined to take regular technology breaks, use the time you save for reconnecting with those in your circle. Of course, that doesn’t include social media. Make a date, go out to lunch with your besties, and recharge your batteries.

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11. Avoid Negative People and Emotional Triggers

The best way to keep a positive attitude is to avoid negativity as much as possible. While you’ll always have some grump in your extended family or at work, they needn’t monopolize your time. Also, try to avoid emotional triggers that damper your spirits.

12. Meditate to Recharge Your Positivity Batteries

You can recharge your positivity batteries by spending fifteen or twenty minutes a day in meditation. Designate a quiet space at home or work, close your eyes, and be mindful of breathing. Meditation provides respite for your mind and energy for your body and spirit.

Don’t worry about the intrusive thoughts. Acknowledge them and let them float away like fading clouds. If it helps, you can meditate with music or other calming sounds.

13. Reduce Your Multitasking

At some point, multitasking became the buzzword for everyone’s resume. It’s a badge of honor that proves you can exhaust yourself doing a dozen things at once. Not only do you quickly deplete mental and physical energy, but the quality of your work will suffer.

Although you must juggle various duties, try to keep them at a minimum. You will have more creative stamina, and each project will be your best. Even when you have pressing deadlines, you can pace yourself and not be in a nervous tizzy.

14. Write in a Journal to Recharge Your Positivity Batteries

Sometimes, it recharges your battery to be alone with your thoughts. What better way to do that than a personal journal? It’s an ideal tool for recording your innermost thoughts, dreams, and ideas.

Plus, reviewing your accomplishments ever so often boosts confidence and positive energy. Your journal can be as straightforward or as creative as you like. You can write in it as often as you like, and nobody has to read it.

15. Have Some Fun

The most obvious way to catch a break and reboot your system is to do something fun. Whether it’s doing something artistic, traveling, or participating in a sport, it’s a break from routine. Why not do it with your family and make some beautiful memories.

16. Make a List of Your Goals

How do you know when you’ve arrived at your destination if you don’t know where you’re going? That’s why it’s essential to list your goals and how you plan to achieve them. This list will also inspire you to create more aspirations as you reach each level of success.

17. Let Go of the Past

Adverse events in your past can drain your present energy if you meditate on them. At some point, you acknowledge past failures, hurts, disappointments, and toxic people and decide to forgive. Or you may be the person who needs to apologize and make amends.

Either way, you have to free yourself from these massive weights so you can go on with your life. When you’re no longer shackled by bitterness and love undone, you feel lighter and more positive. You will revitalize your mind for today and whatever lies ahead for you.

18. Tune in to Music to Recharge Your Positivity Batteries

Few could deny music’s emotional and spiritual impact on every living thing. Another way to reboot your energy is to listen to some of your favorite songs, no matter what genre. Get your body grooving to the beat, sing, laugh, and get lost in harmony.

19. Show Gratitude Each Day

How do you feel when you give someone a gift and express their sincere gratitude? You’ll often find that the giver is just as blessed as the recipient. Make a habit of showing your appreciation to others and the Universe, and notice how your positive energy grows exponentially.

20. Spend Some Time Outdoors

The Universe is an ever-expanding source of energy that resonates in all things, including every cell in your body. So, it stands to reason that spending time in nature is a superb way to recharge your batteries. You wonder what secrets the breeze whispers through the trees as your heart rejoices in the chorus of birds overhead.

Make it a point to spend a few minutes outdoors every day. Instead of sitting at your desk during lunch break, go outside and commune with nature. You can’t help but feel more positive about your connection to everyone and everything.

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Final Thoughts on Recharging Your Positivity Batteries So You Can Shine On

Your body isn’t meant to be in perpetual motion, and you need a chance to rest and revitalize yourself. When you combine these suggestions with a healthy dose of positive thinking, you’re on the right track. Remember to be kind to yourself and get the rest you need to kickstart another day…and SHINE ON!