What could be more divinely inspired than to find your soul mate? When you’re with the one you love, the world seems like a brighter place. Although the best of relationships will have their rocky moments, you still have reason to fight for yours.

It takes two people to make a loving relationship work. Since nobody’s perfect, it’s reasonable to assume that there’s no such thing as an ideal relationship. You may have found yourself “happily ever after,” but you and your person will occasionally be conflicted.

Do you feel like your relationship is inferior just because you have the occasional argument? According to an article by Study Finds, even couples married for decades can get into arguments. It’s a way to learn and grow as a couple if it’s done fairly.

Nine Reasons To Fight For Relationships

When a couple has no disagreements, one partner isn’t true to themselves. The underlying complacency and invalidated opinions can be more damaging to a relationship than an argument. It’s easier to agree when couples argue their points in the right way.

fight for your relationship
1. Most Problems Can be Worked Out

As long as two people are in the relationship, you’ll always have a different opinion. The way you were raised and your point of view may not always be consistent with your partner’s beliefs and vice versa. Some of these differences are bound to cause occasional disagreements.

However, you needn’t let these minor differences fester into more significant issues and tear you apart. You can fight for your relationship by being willing to work out your problems. While they may never be solved entirely, you can both find ways to agree and disagree kindly.

Learn to be an active listener and listen to what your person says. Try to mirror their emotions and be empathetic to their viewpoint. Most relationship problems can be solved when you listen to one another and make compromises where necessary.

2. You’re Each Other’s Soulmate

Do you believe that you’ve found your soulmate? Then you must fight for your relationship because it was meant to be. Just because they are your one-and-only doesn’t mean your life together will always be a bed of roses.

How do you know if this person is the one? While intimacy is vital in a healthy relationship, it goes beyond the physical aspects. You realize that not only are you fulfilled with them, but you don’t want to be without them. If your spiritual bond is this close, why would you not do everything to keep your love alive?

If you can’t fight for your relationship, you may be dishonest with yourself. Maybe you don’t love each other enough to make it work. In this case, take a hint from the Universe and go your separate ways.

Do you have enough love to do anything to save your relationship? Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should stay in a relationship that’s toxic or abusive. It’s just the urge to know that you both have created a beautiful thing you want to keep.

Are you at a crossroads with your partner and considering whether to stay or leave? This is the most challenging decision. However, your love and commitment can help you weather the storms.

Anything worth keeping, like your relationship, is also worth defending. Is your mate your one, and you want it to stay that way? Here are nine reasons you should take a stand and fight for your relationship:

3. How Will They Know?

Maybe you are part of a budding romance and haven’t fully expressed your feelings for one another. This is common, especially if you’re unsure of yourself due to past broken relationships. One of the best ways to show your person that you mean business is if you’re willing to stand up for your relationship.

Remember the poetic lines of Alfred Lord Tennyson that it’s better if you have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. Determine that you will put your heart on the line for love. Your love interest will never know how you feel until you show how meaningful your relationship is to you.

Show them that your heart means business and share your feelings. You’ll probably discover that they were nervous about approaching you, too. Don’t keep your emotions buried.

4. Relationships Require Hard Work

Who’s ever succeeded without investing time, resources, and energy? Sometimes couples forget that love is more of choice rather than an emotion. In the beginning, the butterflies and giddiness you both had were infatuations, not true love.

Even if you believe it was love at first sight for you both, your love must be tenderly cultivated. Just as a gardener puts time and effort into raising a bountiful harvest, a relationship also requires hard work. You must fight for your relationship to keep your love going strong.

Relationships are about spending quality time with each other and making the right sacrifices when necessary. It’s about seeking to know each other’s hearts and souls and what brings them joy. Although cultivating a lifelong relationship is tough, you’ll be glad you did.

fight for your relationship
5. Your Relationship is In Your Hands

Remember the old saying that it isn’t over until it’s over? You may be a couple, but you are still individuals who have the power to stay in the relationship or call it quits. In the heat of the moment, you may think everything is over when it isn’t.

If you and your partner love each other, don’t let a disagreement destroy what you have. When you fight for your relationship, you both maintain that loving decision to mend what’s broken. It’s a power that should never be taken lightly.

6. Don’t Let it Be a Regret

Everyone has a few past regrets in the back of their mind. While you may have some, don’t let missing a beautiful relationship be one of them. Some of the most challenging words to echo in your memory are “if only” or “what if.”

Even if a potential relationship doesn’t come to fruition, you have the satisfaction you tried. You’ll not lie on your pillow at night and wonder why you didn’t fight for your relationship. Refuse to let words go unsaid and leave love undone.

7. They Still Fight For You

Of course, sometimes you’re in love but can’t stand each other for the moment. It’s normal for couples, and it will pass. One of the most substantial encouragements to fight for your relationship is when your mate is fighting for you.

You wouldn’t feel significant in their life if you weren’t important enough to fight to keep. When those occasional spats hit the fan, does your person try to work out things rather than walk away? If they are committed to you, you owe it to them and yourself to be equally determined.

8. You’re Still Best Friends

Nobody in a potential relationship wants to be called a “friend.” It carries the connotation that the relationship won’t be any more than casual and platonic. However, most long-time couples will admit that their relationship was based on a deep friendship.

Being each other’s best friends can cultivate a loving relationship for years. Friendship doesn’t imply a lack of intimacy. Instead, it shows that you’re linked together emotionally and spiritually also.

Consider that this is the person with whom you can share your dreams, fears, and vulnerability. You see each other at your best and worst. As individuals, you know your flaws but love each other anyway.

You may need space for a while after a nasty argument. If you can still say you’re best friends at the end of the day, you know you have something special. Fighting for your relationship is worth it for you and your mate.

9. Getting Beyond the Past

You’re willing to overlook some simple faults and failures whenever you’re in love. Everyone makes mistakes and needs to ask for forgiveness. However, there may be some transgressions in your relationship that can’t be fixed.

Words said in the heat of an argument can’t be forgotten. When you forgive each other, you’re not offering an excuse.

You give each other the freedom to get past the wrong and promote healing as a couple. Perhaps you’ve had your share of tumultuous seasons with your partner. Maybe it’s too much to mend. However, if you’re both determined and are love bound, your relationship is worth saving.

fight for your relationship
Final Thoughts About Fighting for Your Love

You’ve invested too much in your relationship to let it go to pieces. It’s okay to disagree and have moments of doubt. However, when you truly are meant to be together, you will find a way to fight and preserve the precious gift you have been given.