To receive love, it takes work on your part. You must give it if you want to receive it, even if the love doesn’t come from that individual. Every time you show love to someone, you get it back in return, even if you don’t notice it right away.

You don’t have to take this statement at face value, though, because there is proof that you must give love to receive love. The proof lies in the way you handle love and continue to give it despite anything that happens. It also lies in the self-love you experience when you show it to those around you.

Even when it’s hard, showing love is essential if you want to experience it in your life. Give it freely and look for ways to bring joy to other people’s lives. When you do, you will receive the love you desire and deserve.

Ten Things That Prove You Must Give Love to Receive Love

Keep in mind that you won’t always receive the love from the person you give it to. You might get it from other people and yourself, instead. Either way, you will experience an abundance of love as long as you continually give it.

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1. You Feel the Most Loved When You Are Showing Love

Think about the times that you have felt the most loved. In many instances, you were likely showing love to someone when you felt that extreme emotion. By showing love, you will see that you must give it to receive love.

If you feel like you lack physical love, try giving it first. Kiss your partner, hold hands, cuddle, or give long hugs. You can’t expect reciprocation right away, but keep up the acts of life, and it can bring about a change.

Another way that you can show love is by expressing gratitude. When you want to say something negative to your partner, try changing your mindset and say something that you appreciate about them instead. If your partner knows that you are grateful for them, they will show more love than if you criticized them instead.

Telling someone how much you love them is a great way to feel love, too. You can say it out loud, write it, or text it to them, so long as you get the message across. Everyone wants to hear that they are loved, so never hesitate to say it to those closest to you.

Listening is another way to give love to the people in your life. When your partner tells you about their work-life, talks about the kids, expresses worries or stress, make sure that you are listening. If they can see that you are paying attention and are available, they will give you love, too.

Finally, another way to show love when you want to receive it is to surprise your partner. Give your loved ones a small gift that makes them smile or take them on a romantic date. Find ways to bring joy and excitement back to the relationship.

2. You Find That You Love Yourself More When You are Showing Love to Others

Some people tend to keep their love to themselves, but they still don’t fully love themselves. When they give love away, though, they get much more in return, helping them love themselves more.

If you have experienced this situation, then you have personal proof that you must give love to receive it. Sharing love is always better than keeping it to yourself, and it will help you experience more self-love, too. Plus, you will receive it back from others.

3. Asking for Love Doesn’t Work

When you aren’t feeling the love from those closest to you, asking for it doesn’t always work. If you have tried asking your partner for more love, you likely noticed that you didn’t get it. Even when you fully share your feelings, you still don’t feel loved.

Since asking for love doesn’t help you receive it, then you must show it instead. By showing love, you are more likely to receive it in return.

Sometimes, asking for love will have the opposite effect. The person you are requesting it from will become defensive because they think you are implying that they don’t do enough. Then, your partner is angry, and you still aren’t receiving the love that you desire.

Instead of taking the approach of asking for love, remember to give it if you want to receive it. Do it with no expectations, either, and it will be more genuine.

4. You Keep Trying

It might be tempting to give up when you aren’t receiving love, but you don’t do it. The fact that you keep trying shows that when you give love, you receive it in return. Otherwise, you would have given up. You might not receive it from the person you are giving love to, but you will experience more self-love.

With that self-love, you stay hopeful that you will find someone that truly loves you in the future. You continue making plans with people and moving forward despite any pain that you experienced.

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5. You Keep Giving

No matter what has happened, you will keep giving what you wish to receive. If you aren’t giving love, then you feel like you aren’t receiving it, either, which is true. As you focus on giving love, you will notice an abundance in your life.

6. Despite Everything, You Have Renewed Hope

Even though frustrating and emotionally painful situations, you remain hopeful. You might have been the one let down, but that doesn’t mean you will lose hope. As you move through your life, this renewed hope makes it clear that you must give love to receive it.

Plus, when you’ve been let down in the past, your hope renews because you know something better is out there. You have hope for those that will come into your life later, and you stay open to opportunities to show your feelings.

7. You Feel a Natural Abundance in Your Life

If you are a person that freely gives to those around you, you will experience natural abundance. By giving, you are allowing yourself to attract love in excess.

On the other hand, if you hold back and don’t give, you will attract the opposite feeling. You will experience a lack of trust and appreciation with feeling a lack of love in your life. When this situation occurs, your quality of life suffers.

8. No Matter What Has Happened, You Don’t Hesitate to Love Again

Since you must give love to receive it, you don’t hesitate to give it in your relationships. Even when you know that you could get hurt, you understand that you can’t hold back. Giving love all of the time means that you won’t overlook the right person that will love you back.

Your ideas on love don’t change through it all because you know that it will all be worth it. If you chose to stop giving instead, however, you wouldn’t have the opportunity to receive it, either.

9. You Receive More When You Give More

Giving more love doesn’t require physical contact. Instead, it could simply be sending positive energy or saying a kind word. As long as you intend to create happiness and joy in someone’s life, you will get love in return. The more love you put out there, the more you will get back.

Even if it doesn’t happen right away, you can find solace in the fact that it will find you. The positivity will make its way back to you. When that happens, you will see that all the love you gave was well worth it.

10. You Find Joy in Giving Love

When you give love and experience joy, it is a form of receiving love. The happiness you give to yourself by generously loving someone else comes back to you as self-love. As long as you are giving love as a way to bring joy to someone else, know that it will come full circle.

When you experience joy from giving love, you won’t ever feel the need to hold back. You don’t wait for people to earn your love before you show it because loving others is a way of loving yourself.

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Final Thoughts on Things That Prove You Must Give Love to Receive Love

Keep giving love no matter what happens in your relationships. By giving, you will be open to receive love, too. Continue staying true to yourself by loving in the way that you desire in return.

As these examples prove, you must give it to receive love. You might not get it back from the source you gave it to, but you will get it back one way or another. Most of the time, you will get back more than you gave, too.

Even when things get hard, keep being the loving person that you are. Continue loving everyone around you without reservation and see what it can do for your wellbeing.