The words you say to the person who steals your heart are more important than you realize. While you can show them how you feel, they will still want to hear you say it sometimes.

If you don’t know where to start, many phrases can help you reveal your love to the one who steals your heart.

It doesn’t matter how you share these phrases. You can send them in a text message, write them in a note, or tell them face-to-face. While the face-to-face option is best, all of them will convey what you want to express.

Twenty Phrases to Reveal Your Love to the One Who Steals Your Heart

These phrases will not only reveal your feelings, but they will also get the one who steals your heart thinking of you, too. Try these phrases out and see how it helps you build a stronger relationship.

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1. You are on my mind all the time.

Tell the person who stole your heart that they are always on your mind. It is a subtle way to reveal your love, and they will be happy to know that you think of them. Plus, it will help show how serious you are about the relationship.

2. I am proud of you and proud to be with you.

Telling your loved ones that you are proud of them will help them feel the love. Especially in hard times, make sure they know you are proud of them and proud to be with them. Plus, it’ll boost their confidence and happiness.

3. I don’t want to think about how my life would be if you weren’t in it anymore.

This revealing statement makes your intentions clear to your partner. When you can’t envision your life without them in it, then it is a clear sign that things are serious. By communicating it to the person who stole your heart, you will be taking a big step in your relationship.

4. What can I do to help?

When your loved one is busy or overwhelmed, ask how you can help them. Even if they don’t seem stressed out, it will be a nice gesture to ask what you can do. By doing things without making the other person ask, they will see how thoughtful and loving you are.

5. I miss you when you aren’t with me.

Letting your loved one know when you miss them is never a bad thing. They want to feel wanted, too, so make sure you tell them.

6. I want to be a better person because of you.

When someone makes you want to be better, make sure they know it. Feeling this way because of someone in your life is a sure sign that you are in love.

This phrase will let your partner know that they are important to you. Plus, it shows them that they bring value to your life which will make them happy, too.

7. I appreciate you and all of the things you do for me.

Everyone wants to know when they are appreciated, and this is especially true for your significant other. Not only will it make them happy and help them see their importance, but it can benefit you, too. If they know that you enjoy the things they do, they will be more likely to keep doing those things.

8. Our relationship is important to me, and I can’t wait to see where it leads us.

Knowing that the relationship is important to you will get them thinking about the importance, too. When you explain that you can’t wait to see where it goes, you are making your intentions clear. This phrase shows that you are thinking of spending the future with them and are excited about it.

9. You make me feel safe and protected.

While this may seem like a phrase for women to use with men, it could go either way. There are more ways to make someone feel safe and protected than just in a physical way.

Feeling safe and protected could be emotional, as well. Whether you feel physically or emotionally protected, make sure you tell your loved one if they are the reason. Making them feel like a protector will help them feel good, and they will know that you trust them.

10. Spending time with you always makes me feel good.

This compliment is too great not to use with your loved one. Let them know how good you feel when they are around and that no one else makes you feel that way. It will let them know how special they are to you and is the perfect way to reveal your love.

11. I will support anything you want to do in life.

Let your loved one know that you will always support them in their goals and dreams. Encouraging and supporting them will make your bond grow stronger.

This is the key to a lasting relationship, but you have to make sure that they know you are supportive. Don’t miss out on a chance to tell your partner that you’ll support them. Plus, even more importantly, always show them how supportive you are of them, even with the small things in life.

12. You understand me so well, and I feel like I never have to hold back.

A strong relationship requires open communication and understanding. You have to feel like you can be yourself and voice your opinions or thoughts without judgment. Saying this phrase will reveal your love to the one who steals your heart will make them feel great.

13. I feel like I have known you for a long time.

When you feel like you have known someone longer than you have is a sign of a deep connection. It shows that the two of you have the potential for a strong bond. Use this phrase to let them know how connected you feel to them.

14. I can’t wait to spend time with you.

Everyone wants to know that their significant other wants to see them and spend time together. When you aren’t with your partner, please send them this in a message or call them to let them know.

This phrase will make them think of you (if they weren’t already). Plus, it will make them look forward to spending time together, too. This phrase expresses a true desire to further the relationship and get to know one another on a deeper level.

15. I’m not going anywhere, and I plan to stick around as long as you will let me.

When your loved one knows you aren’t going anywhere, they will feel more secure and open with you. It will help them see how much they mean to you and that you are serious about your relationship. This phrase is the perfect way to reveal your feelings.

16. I smile so much because of you.

Let your partner know that they make you smile. It will show love, care, and security in your relationship. They will also love to know that they are one of the reasons for your happiness.

17. I want to share every detail of my life with you.

When someone has your heart, you will find yourself wishing they were sharing every moment with you. As you experience things without them, you will find yourself wishing they were there. Plus, you will find that you can’t wait to tell them all about your day.

If you are in a relationship that sounds like this, then you know they have stolen your heart. Let your loved one know that you want to share the details of your life with them. This phrase will help them understand how much you mean to them and how often you think about them.

18. Tell me what I can do to make you smile.

Your partner wants to make you smile, but they also want to know that you want to see them smile. When you see that they are having a rough day, ask for a way to cheer them up.

It could be something simple like making them a cup of coffee, but you won’t know unless you ask. Even if they don’t offer any suggestions for cheering them up, the thought will still be meaningful.

19. I will spend my life making sure you are happy and loved.

There is no hidden meaning in this phrase, and it makes your feelings very clear. If they know you want to make them feel happy and loved, they will be more open to furthering the relationship.

20. I would rather spend my time with you than with anyone else.

This phrase will make your loved one feel special and reveal that they are the most important person to you. When someone has stolen your heart, be sure to share these feelings with them.

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Final Thoughts on Phrases to Reveal Your Love to the One Who Steals Your Heart

Communication is important in any relationship. When you want to reveal your love to the one who steals your heart, it is even more essential. Don’t miss an opportunity to tell your loved one how you feel about them and how they make you feel.

If expressing yourself this way is hard for you, rest assured that it will get easier. The more often you say things like this to your loved ones, the more natural it will become. Use them to help your relationship grow stronger.