Do you consider yourself a hopeless romantic guy? Maybe you’ve been dreaming of ways to show your girlfriend your love language. Whether you’ve only been dating for a while or are in a committed relationship, you’re never beyond expressing your feelings with romantic gestures.

Perhaps the term hopeless romantic is a misnomer because it infers that romantically inclined people are inferior and beyond hope. Or maybe the label was created to explain that even in the pitfalls of any relationship, negativity has no hope, and romantic people will always cling to each other, no matter what.

Romance is love put into action, and it is vital for any loving relationship. While having a healthy sex life is also a core ingredient, passion goes beyond biological urges and unites the lovers’ souls. Romance makes your intimacy even sweeter and is the mark in the sand between true love and a meaningless fling.

In general, women and men show and receive affection differently. Men are more visual and are more apt to be enticed with something tangible. On the other hand, women often long for genuine words of love and little gestures that show their lover’s care. Infatuation and sexual urges may be what kindles a relationship, but it takes romance to keep the fire burning for many years.

When was the last time you did something romantic for your girlfriend? Has she ever had a frank conversation with you and told you that the magic is dwindling, and she doesn’t feel special anymore? Fortunately, there are ways that you can shower your sweetheart with the romance she craves and deserves.

NOTE: If you want ideas for revealing your affection to your boyfriend, we cover that topic separately.

Fifteen Ways to Show Your Love for Your Girlfriend

Contrary to what the advertisement world would have you believe, you don’t need to drop a fortune to be romantic. Yes, tokens of your affection are part of a relationship, but materialism doesn’t compare to true love. Consider these 15 hopelessly romantic ways to show your girlfriend how much you love her.

1. Treat Her to Breakfast in Bed

If you want to start your lover’s morning out correctly, why not serve her breakfast in bed? No, a quick bowl of cereal or a cold toaster pastry doesn’t count. You don’t have to be a gourmet cook to prepare a delicious breakfast that will delight your sweetheart. Plan the evening, and be sure that you have a menu, recipes, and all your ingredients together.

A simple meal of eggs, bacon, and toast would be ideal. Arrange the food attractively on a pretty plate, and always put it on a tray with napkins and silverware. Don’t forget a rose in a bud vase for the romantic effect. Sit beside her as she enjoys her breakfast, and be sure to tell her how much you love her.


2. Write Her a Poem

Remember all the sweet nothings you used to whisper in her ear in the beginning? Why should those cherished words cease just because your relationship matured? Try your hand at putting your feelings in a sincere love poem, and put it in a place that will be easy for her to find.

3. Serenade Your Lover

Since the beginning, men have been wooing women with songs of romance. Does your girlfriend have a favorite song you could sing to her? Maybe you could write an original ballad about your love story.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a Hollywood voice or you can’t play a musical instrument. A soundtrack or A cappella will do just as well. She will be touched by the words of a song you wrote especially for her.

4. Write an Old-Fashion Love Letter

Unfortunately, technology has all but phased out traditional letter writing. Think of how excited your girlfriend would be if she found a handwritten love letter written by you in the mailbox. Be genuine and tell her all the things that make her special to you.

5. Leave Creative Love Notes

For a relationship to flourish, partners need daily reminders of how much they are loved. Be creative and leave your girlfriend notes throughout the house that will make her day. For example, you could write “I Love You” in soap on the bathroom mirror, or you could cover her vanity or car window with sappy, sweet, sticky notes.

6. Take an Impromptu Trip

Spontaneity fans the flames of love and keeps the relationship exciting. A few days ahead of time, make reservations for a weekend away, and don’t tell your sweetheart. Have everything packed and ready to go when she comes home and tell her it’s time for a little getaway.

7. Give Her a Massage

For thousands of years, therapeutic massage has been practiced all over the world. It relaxes your whole body and soothes tired muscles and frazzled nerves. If your girlfriend has been a little tense lately, try giving her a gentle massage.

Create ambiance with candles, subtle incense, and soft music. Consider using essential oils like lavender or rose in a carrier oil to massage her sore muscles. If she is on her feet a lot, a deep foot massage would be much appreciated.

massage therapy
Researchers explain why moms should get massages regularly.

8. Create a Love Journal

Journaling is a fun and effective way to record your emotions and events throughout the years. While most journals are personal, you can create your girlfriend a separate book to detail your love journey. It can be as simple or elaborate as you wish, and both of you can write in it as you please.

How about making your journal the chronicles of your relationship? Detail how you first met and added pictures, funny notes, and other mementos. From time to time, sit down together to reminisce about what created your love and kept it perpetually strong.

9. Give Her Flowers

This iconic gesture is as old as the tales of the knights and their lovely ladies. In many European cultures, they say if you see a beautiful lady, give her flowers. When was the last time you surprised your beautiful lady with a fragrant bouquet?

While the florist bouquets are grand on a special occasion, you can also pick a stunning bouquet of wildflowers to give her. She would feel so loved and pampered to awaken in the morning to a colorful bouquet you hand-picked just for her.

10. Let Her Choose the Adventure

Ok, so you don’t like musicals and a day of shopping will never top your list of fun things to do. However, you can win a stack of love points when you take her to see or do something that she enjoys. Be a sport and take her to that musical that just opened or be a willing assistant as she browses through racks of clothes at the mall.

11. Learn a New Hobby Together

Maintaining your individuality in a relationship is just as important to the relationship as it is to you. Yes, you both probably have hobbies and interests that don’t include each other. As a gesture of romance, why not find a hobby you both enjoy and do it together?

It could be taking a class at the local art center or learning how to hang glide from a professional teacher. Wouldn’t it be fun to take a cooking class together or go exploring caves with a guide? You are only limited by your imagination.

12. Handcraft Something for Her

Store-bought gifts have their place, but nothing says love and sentimentality more than a gift you made with your hands. You don’t need to be a talented artist to make something attractive that she would enjoy. Check out websites like Pinterest to find inspiration for easy DIY projects that she will always cherish.

If a building is your thing, why not build her a special nook in the house or arrange a little outbuilding for her, also called a “she-shed?” It doesn’t require a lot of money, and your love will be apparent each time she visits her lovely space. She can use her space however she likes, and as a bonus, it will make her think of you.

13. Have a Star Named for Her

Our galaxy is abundant with billions of stars, and yet just a handful have been named. Did you know that you can name a real star for your sweetheart? You can receive an official gift pack that shows where her star is in the heavens, and it will be officially registered.

14. Do a Photo Shoot

Every time your girlfriend looks at your picture, she thinks of you with loving thoughts. Consider having a professional photoshoot so she will have an assortment of attractive photos. Buy some decorative frames or a nice photo album to put them in as a gift to her.

15. Read to Her

Children learn to read aloud as a fundamental way to learn vocabulary, pronunciation, and literature appreciation. It’s a skill that you never outgrow and would be a lovely gesture to share with your special girl. Choose a romantic classic and spend time each evening reading together.

Final Thoughts on Harnessing Your Inner Hopeless Romantic and Declaring Your Love for Your Girlfriend

Romance may be a natural way for humans to show affection, but it must be cultivated carefully and lovingly for a relationship to survive. Don’t just tell your girl that you love her. Show her in ways that are creative, romantic, and eternal.